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Remembering, enjoying at Christmas

LEE HARTER T&D Editor​ ​ ​

Christmas is just about here. The late Thanksgiving made it seem as if there was so little time between the holidays. has been filled with the Christmas spirit this month, with stories about people and the season from 2019 and look-backs at Christmases past.

Photos from the 2019 Orangeburg County Christmas Parade

We have taken you back with photo galleries of parades from yesteryear, even offering a special piece by correspondent Richard Reid on Orangeburg County parades from 50 years ago.

In the coming week, you'll find more of these "evergreen" collections at, including look-backs at Clemson football ahead of the playoff and T&D series including the popular "100 objects." And we'll be looking back at 2019 as the year comes to a close.

IN PHOTOS: Tigers take care of business

Of course, reporting breaking news and the news you need to know in December 2019 will remain a priority, but 'tis the season to remember and enjoy. We hope you as a member do both through our special holiday online offerings.

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Thanksgiving is history and the countdown to Christmas is on. At, one of our gifts to you as a member is memories.

As we cover holiday events, we're looking back in time to bring you photo galleries, stories and video from parades, concerts, lightings and more from past years. For example, it's a lot of fun to revisit Edisto Memorial Gardens' lights.

We'll also be bringing you during December a look back at top stories from 2019 accompanied by links to the live coverage from when the stories unfolded.

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