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of Public Safety

An Orangeburg woman is facing a felony drug charge after she allegedly overdosed in a bathroom.

Keisha Lynn Howell, 37, of 131 Odell Drive is charged with third-offense possession of a controlled substance.

According to an arrest warrant, Howell “had overdosed and was unconscious in the bathroom” of Henry’s truck stop at 1935 Old Edisto Drive on March 30, 2017.

Officers “observed a spoon with burn marks with a clear liquid substance and a syringe on top of the toilet,” the warrant states.

Orangeburg County EMS transported Howell to the Regional Medical Center.

“Forensic lab results found the substance was fentanyl,” the warrant states.

The warrant alleges, “The defendant did go into a public place and risked exposing many people to the deadly drug without due regards for anyone else’s life or safety. The defendant has two prior controlled substance convictions from 2016.”

Howell is currently serving probation for her 2016 convictions.

On July 27, 2016, she pleaded guilty to first-offense possession of narcotics and first-offense possession of a controlled substance.

She’s currently serving a two-year probation term set to end on July 26, 2018.

Howell appeared before a municipal judge on Wednesday who set her bond at $2,000 cash or surety.

If convicted of third-offense possession of a controlled substance, Howell faces a mandatory five-year prison term. The maximum penalty possible is 20 years and a fine of $20,000.



Sheriff’s Office

A Holly Hill woman claimed her husband bound her with rope and forced her to drink wine coolers, according to an incident report.

Deputies met the woman at the intersection of Toney Bay Road and Seton Street at 9:33 a.m. Tuesday.

She said her husband tied her up on Friday and that she wasn’t able to get away until Monday night because he didn’t tie her up then, the report said.

The deputy noted in his report that she “appeared to be intoxicated.”

Next to her was a white grocery bag with three six packs of wine coolers. Three to four of them were empty, the report states.

She told the deputy that the bottles were empty because her husband forced her to drink them.

A deputy took the woman back to her residence.

She initially told deputies that her husband tied her up in a shed, however, when deputies checked the outbuildings on the property, they didn’t notice any evidence where anyone would’ve been tied up.

She then told deputies that her husband tied her by her feet, but that her hands were left unbound, inside the residence, the report said.

Deputies searched the bedroom for any signs of rope around the bed and under the bed, but weren’t able to find any.

Deputies also checked the woman’s ankles for any bruises or red marks, but did not notice any.

The woman had some bruises on her toes and the soles of her feet, the report states.

She told deputies that she’d been walking the railroad tracks all night after she escaped.

When another deputy questioned her about why she didn’t untie her feet when she was bound, she became defensive, the report states.

She demanded deputies leave her property and to return her wine coolers, the report said.

Deputies asked the woman if she wanted them to continue their investigation. She declined, but refused to sign a waiver of prosecution.

At the time the report was submitted, deputies weren’t able to make contact with the woman’s husband to get his side of the story.

In other reports:

  • On Tuesday morning, an employee of the Family Dollar at 2429 Russell Street reported that a man entered the business, opened several beverages, drank them and left the empty containers throughout the store before exiting.

The employee said the man, who was wearing blue pajamas, entered the store and consumed the following: four Ensure shakes, one Coca-Cola and one strawberry Fanta soft drink.

  • A Second Avenue woman called deputies on Tuesday night to report that her daughter attempted to run over her with a vehicle, according to an incident report.
  • A Cordova woman reported Tuesday that someone stole her red and black Yard Machine lawnmower valued at $3,000 from her Battlefield Road home.

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