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A veteran law enforcement officer is being remembered for his dedication to his work and family following his death on Tuesday.

Santee Police Chief D.C. "Bing" Jones died following a bout with cancer. He was 71.

Santee Mayor Donnie Hilliard said he was saddened at the loss of the town police chief. Jones had been in the position since 2010.

"Chief was a wonderful servant to the town. I said, 'He checked his last door.' He was one of those persons that liked to check doors and make sure that the merchants knew that he was there. He'd always leave a note to some of the merchants sometimes and just say, 'Bing was here.' That old-type law enforcement is no longer, but that was in Bing," Hilliard said.

He also praised Jones’ approach in dealing with others as a law enforcement officer.

"We never had any major crises. He always gave people the benefit of the doubt and tried to stretch it beyond just locking folks up. That wasn't his style. Everybody would say that he was sort of laid back, but he wasn't laid back. He was just wanting to be a peacekeeper, and that was something that really impressed me," Hilliard said.

He added, "That's why he had been with me for the past seven years. ... We were always on the same wavelength at all times. We would sit down and debate and he would end up saying, 'You know, mayor, if that's the way you see it, that's the way I see it, too.' "

Hilliard said Jones did not want to stop working even after he became sick.

"The last time I went to see Bing, he was revving to come back to work. I finally told his wife that I would come tell him that he had permission to stay home," the mayor said.

Town Clerk Willia Wright was hired in 2010 like Jones. She remembers him fondly as a family man and person who was committed to his job.

"I came in September and Chief came in October. He did a great job as police chief for the town. It was more than just policing for him. If he could help someone else, he would do that. It's more about service than policing for him in the community," Wright said.

Sally Beard, who serves as the town's clerk of court, said, "He and I worked hand-in-hand all the time. We butted heads like you would not believe when I first started but over the years, we just bonded."

Beard said Jones was a dedicated family man.

"He was all about family. He loved those grandchildren. I've never seen anything like it. He's got pictures of them all over the office, and he talked about them all of the time. He and his wife have been married a long time, and they just adored each other. It was always apparent because he would always talk about her, too," Beard said. "We will miss him."

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The Rev. Dr. Shane Stutzman, pastor of Northside Baptist Church, said he will also miss Jones, who attended the church.

"He was a very humble man. He was very faithful and faithfully committed to his job and his family. He was my friend. His faith really grew in a little more than a year and, as a pastor, it's very fun when you have a member that wants to grow more in their faith," Stutzman said. "That's where he was, and our friendship was growing at the same time."

The pastor said he will remember Jones' humility and his commitment to his family.

"He didn't want a lot of attention. A lot of times he would sit in the back row, but we would have some discussions afterward. So I knew he was growing from the back row and I'll miss that. I'll miss our talks. He wasn't just a member, he was my friend," Stutzman said.

Jones previously worked with the S.C. Highway Patrol.

He served as Calhoun County sheriff for 10 years, having first been elected in 1990.

Jones also served as police chief of Springfield for five years.

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