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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg County Courthouse for Sept. 21-Oct. 10:

  • Christine B. Murrelle to Joseph S. Olliff and Christine Olliff, TMS 0375-17-06-003.000, Eutaw Township, $5 plus other valuable consideration.
  • James Beard to Phillip Wright and April Wright, TMS 0183-00-10-094.000, $160,000.
  • Catherine Richardson to Harrell T. Richardson, TMS 0349-00-01-006 and 0349-00-01-007, $5.
  • Carolyn M. Martin, as trustee of the Carolyn M. Martin Living Trust, to Nancy M. Fanning, TMN 0068-00-00-042, $5 love and affection.
  • Five Rivers Food Hub I LLC to Moustafa A. Moustafa, TMS 0174-18-05-002.000, Orange Township, $80,000.
  • Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Maria Isabell Gonzalez, TMN 0320-00-04-020.000, Providence Township, $24,500.
  • Barbara B. Brown, Christopher G. Silcox and Evy D. Silcox, TMS 0329-00-02-079, $32,500.
  • The South Carolina District Council of the Assemblies of God, aka Trustees of the First Assembly of God, to Unity Fellowship Community Church, TMN 0151-19-07-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $330,000.
  • Robert Fagan and Joy P. Fagan to Steven Motyka, TMN 0324-15-05-024.000, $145,000.
  • Vikki Rodena Wright to Hakim Stokes, TMS 0155-07-04-011.000 Zion Township, $5.
  • John Elliott and Reginald D. Elliott to Roosevelt Johnson and Mary Louise Johnson, TMS 0174-20-03-034.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • David A. Jackson to Sandra R. Melton, Mary K. Rich and Guy M. Rich, TMS 0057-00-03-014.000, Hebron Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Anne M. Brown to Horace L. Jordan and Betty M. Jordan, TMN 0328-00-10-016, Vance Township, $20,000.
  • Regina B. Keller to Dana Marie Harrell and Tanya Marie Lee, TMN 0112-16-01-001, $60,000.
  • Richard Smith and Jeffery Smith to Donald Ricky Bolin, TMN 049-00-04-004, Willow Township, $5,000.
  • Larry Gene Myers Jr. to Larry G. Myers and Barbara M. Myers, TMN 0153-13-04-002, Zion Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Larry A. Turner, Kristan Humphreys and Kimberly A. Stout to Rachael H. Woods, TMS 0324-15-03-064, Vance Township, $192,000.
  • Thomas H. Gibson to Bragg M. Williams and Salley W. Williams, TMS 054-05-06-006, 054-05-06-005 and a portion of 054-05-06-004, Town of Norway, $5.
  • Audie Raye Mixon and Alva J. Leviner to John A. Wertz and Jeffrey R. Vazquez, TMN 0131-00-01-007.000, $59,500.
  • Jason D. Quay to Rachel T. Rodgers and Joshua R. Himes, TMS 0174-10-03-047, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • George Lewis Argoe III to Brent P. Bearden, TMN 0038-00-06-003, Rocky Grove Township, $46,620.
  • Houser Properties LLC to Loretta Hayes Davis, TMS 0233-00-04-002.000, Cow Castle Township, $11,000.
  • Miriam S. Spires, David L. Ott and Mark B. Ott to Allan C. Ott, TMS 0199-00-02-012.000, $5.
  • Alma B. El, aka Alma S. El, to Neva H. Newman, TMN 0231-00-01-013 and TMN 0231-00-01-023, Branchville Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Martha B. Kennedy to Neva H. Newman, TMM 0231-00-01-022 and 0231-00-01-025, Branchville Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Clary B. Robinson to Neva H. Newman, TMN 0231-00-01-016, Branchville Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Christopher L. Williams to Janice Wells, TMN 0307-00-13-003, $54,000.
  • Stephen E. Gaston and Jacqueline Gaston to Timothy L. Jennings, TMS 0083-00-06-045.00 and TMS 0083-00-06-046.000, Liberty Township, $309,900.
  • Robert G. Beckett, as trustee of the Estate of Dorothy Louise Beckett Revocable Trust Agreement, to Mark Ross and Merledene Ross, TMS 0151-12-08-002.000, City of Orangeburg, $185,000.
  • First Citizens Bank and Trust Company to Judith Mwakalonge and Saidi Siuhl, TMS 0173-06-19-020.000, Orange Township, $10 and other valuable consideration.
  • Idella R. Crawford, fka Idella R. Dash, to Debra Yvonette Jackson, TMS 0173-19-11-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.
  • Harry Lewis to Krystal D. Lewis, TMN 0209-00-07-029.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Mitchum Holcumb Jr. to Betty Ann Miller, TMS 0349-00-04-109.000 (portion of), Holly Hill Township, $6,500.
  • Stephen A. Dempsey and Melinda D. Fischer to Jill A. Welch, TMS 0152-07-07-005, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Albert W. Pendarvis, Diane D. Pendarvis and Joseph Sydney Pendarvis to Georg R. Shuler and Gayle Shuler, TMS 0256-00-03-003, $108,780.
  • Jimmie G. Riley III to Jimmie G. Riley Jr. TMS 0213-00-06-001, Orange Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Ronald Bethea and Patricia Bethea to Trena Bethea, TMN 0191-10-17-004.000, Branchville Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Martha E. Hilton to Barbara Ann Steadman, TMN 0184-00-05-007, $84,900.
  • Josephine Cain, Joseph Pepper, Shirley Parker and Leah Levern Haynes to James M. Guthrie III, TMS 0173-15-25-002.000, City of Orangeburg, $6,000.
  • Silvia Ann Stokes to Tiffany Cable and Terrance Cadle, TMN 0173-09-05-002, Limestone Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Silvia Ann Stokes to Delphine Stokes, TMN 0152-16-15-008, City of Orangeburg, $5 love and affection.
  • First Citizens Bank & Trust Company to Betty A. Henderson, TMS 0152-07-05.009, Orange Township, $10 and other valuable consideration.
  • Roy Walker Inc. to Daisy Rush Farris, aka Daisy M. Farris, TMN 0319-00-01-032, $9,000.

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