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Cats gone wild

Cats gone wild! That’s how I feel with all the stray cats in my neighborhood.

I’ve called animal control at least seven times about the problems. None of the cats belongs to me and I don’t feed them either.

The are destroying the underpinning on my mobile home.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood 10 years and I’ve never seen the cats so bad. I wish any of your readers could suggest something to help me on how to deal with them, or to get rid of them.

I bet if I were abusing the cats, the SCPA would be on my case so fast I wouldn’t know what hit me.

If you ask me what to do about these problems, I’d say that if you aren’t going to take care of animals like you need to, then get rid of them or, better yet, don’t have pets.

-M.L. Garner, Orangeburg

Romney is the fraud

Mitt Romney called Donald Trump a fraud. Trump is not a fraud.

Trump had a fundraiser assisting Romney when he ran for president in 2012. It’s clear now that Romney just doesn’t want Trump to be elected president.

He is the one falsifying by making the negative statement about Trump.

-Helen Davis, Orangeburg


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