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Are there angels among us? Yes! Do they have two legs or four legs? I think they have BOTH!

If I had to define an angel, it would be someone looking after mankind and protecting us from harm. It takes a gentle, compassionate soul to lead the blind, to search for and rescue the lost, to be the help a special-needs child depends on to lead a happy life. And it takes the brave soul of a warrior to protect and serve as a police officer, or fight side by side with our soldiers. Yes, these angels have four legs.

Along the same lines, it takes a loving, caring soul to stop and help a starving pet and it takes the soul of a fierce warrior to fight for the lives of homeless pets. It takes great courage to battle those who do not understand that every life matters.

If I had to define an angel, it would be someone willing to face tremendous pain and suffering to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. These angels have two legs and their job is never done. These angels also go by several other names — animal rescuer and animal lover are just two.

Most animal rescuers don’t choose to rescue. It’s a hard life filled with horrific stories of pain and suffering. Most rescuers spend endless hours crying for the souls lost to cruelty and neglect. They rescue because they know the life of a homeless pet matters. They rescue because they don’t think a healthy treatable homeless pet should die just because they are homeless. They rescue because it is the right thing to do.

Animal rescue is not always just pain and suffering, there are also those moments of great joy when a starving dog rescued at the brink of death plays with a toy for the first time. There is a happiness you cannot help but feel when a homeless pet finds a forever home and you see the love shining in their eyes. Then there is the sheer elation when a rescued abused pet begins to trust again. For an animal rescuer, it somehow makes all the pain and suffering they endure to rescue worthwhile.

Many of you reading this have probably said to yourselves “Someday I’m going to help” or “Someday I’m going to do something about this problem.” I would like to share with you that today is SOMEDAY! For all the “somedays” that go by, another puppy or another kitten dies.

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition needs you now, because homeless pets need you now.

Maybe you have only two hours of your time to give but in that two hours you can help us build a fence so that a chained dog can be set free of his chains and run and play.

Maybe you don’t have $25 to give but you have some fencing and posts you are not using that you could donate.

Maybe all you have to offer is your voice. Remember, homeless pets are voiceless. We have to speak for them. You can tell your church congregation that everyone who owns a pet needs to spay and neuter those pets. Maybe you could tell your civic club about the importance of micro-chipping your pet. There are so many great ways your voice can make a difference in the life of a neglected or abused pet.

The most important way to use your voice is to report any abuse or neglect you see. So many people see the abuse and neglect and do nothing.

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition is looking for Angels among us. Whether you have time, money or your voice we need you to help us end the pain and suffering of homeless pets.

We ask for a chance to turn your caring and compassion into the action needed so no homeless pet dies from abuse, neglect or apathy. Please check out our website at and complete the volunteer application. You can also apply to become a foster parent or adopt a homeless pet and you can donate to their care. (We also need a webmaster that can keep this site up to date.) If you have any questions, we can be reached at or by mail at Second Chance of Orangeburg, P.O. Box 1446, Orangeburg SC 29116.

-- Cindy B. Smith, Orangeburg


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