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To those who litter: To the young mother, or father or guardian who threw the fecal-impacted disposable diaper out on the highway in front of my house, I am the guy that picked it up and properly disposed of it.

I also picked up the 14 baby wipes that you used to cleanse the little one’s rear end. I know it is tough raising children, I have raised three. For two of them, we did not have disposable diapers; we washed them and reused them. A novel idea, reusing cotton diapers, but then that is old school.

If your children are yet in diapers, I assume you are young, a lot younger than me. And while as a 25-year veteran of police work, I have seen my share of blood, guts, and dead people both newly dead and what we used to call “ripe” dead bodies, diapers still cause me to gag. Yours was no different.

So please keep those little treasures to yourself and enjoy them for as long as it takes to drive to the nearest receptacle where you can place them for proper disposal and not make this old man pick up your "crap."

If it is of any concern to you, littering is a crime, and I am pretty sure if I catch you, I will get you convicted, especially when I enter the courtroom with the evidence. You get my scent?

-- Peter Forwood, Orangeburg

Trailblazer in education

During Women's History Month, a "trailblazer in education" is due recognition.

The Rev. Joyce Colter has been such a trailblazer for her entire career.

She educated me in the Holly Hill School District. She instilled in all her students that we could become anything in life we wanted to be. She got me hooked on business when she created the Future Business of American Chapter (a national business development agency for young students). This was the only chapter in the county at that time.

-- Ray Prezzy, Vance


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