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The situation in Charlotte is disgraceful. I am going to say my piece. The reason why Asiatic Americans are being attacked in the manner that we are is because we are a threat.

I have been a victim of racial profiling on certain occasions. I know what it is like to walk into certain neighborhoods where certain looks were given to me by individuals who did not look like me.

I have been in certain restaurants and have been told that my money was no good there.

Moorish Americans are the aboriginal and indigenous people. Moorish Americans are being attacked on their own land. Moorish Americans are the main inventors in America.

Police officers (policy enforcers) have a duty to protect. However, when innocent people are shot down like animals at the hands of those who are to protect, justice needs to be served.

Quite frankly, Americans in general are tired of this judicial system. We are tired of being shot down.

This judicial system has always been unequal. Injustice is prevalent. Discrimination still exists on many levels.

If America doesn't wake up, it will be destroyed from the inside out.

I applaud Colin Kaepernick for what he did. How can one pledge allegiance to a flag in a nation where innocent blood is shed? Francis Scott Key, writer of The Star-Spangled Banner, was a slave owner and white supremacist.

My heart and prayers are with Charlotte. I really hope that America rises up and lives up to its creed, "With liberty and justice for all."

Are we inferior? Are we still considered second-class citizens? Do lives matter? Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

--Alfonso Ross III, Orangeburg

Local schools reach out to help in Louisiana

I had the privilege of delivering almost 2,000 pounds of school supplies to students at Greenbrier Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The students at Greenbrier were severely impacted by the recent floods in Louisiana. They lost homes, furniture, clothing, electronics and their school. The 484 students had to relocate and share space at another school for this school year.

Greenbrier's principal asked for school supplies so that that parents could concentrate on other needs. I was simply amazed at the outpouring of supplies donated by the students at Felton Laboratory Charter School and Whittaker Elementary in Orangeburg. They along with their parents, teachers and administrators are to be commended for their herculean efforts.

This was truly an extra-credit assignment that no grade will ever suffice. Service learning can be credited with compassion, commitment, humanity and caring for one’s neighbors. Although they helped the students in Baton Rouge, they ultimately helped themselves by being involved in such a noteworthy project. On behalf of the students more than 800 miles from Orangeburg, thanks!

Kudos to the Bulldogs and Wildcats!

--Retired Col. Alex Conyers, S.C. State University 1989


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