Recently, at Lyman, S.C., a shooter firing into a crowd outside a nightclub was stopped by a good guy with a gun before more people were hurt. The good guy was not charged, as his actions were lawful. This incident lays bare concerns about matters that deserve urgent consideration.

• People with no regard for others are dangerous and likely to strike at any time at unforeseen locations.

• Police and other entities are unable to defend us at all times and places.

• A good guy with a gun may be able to stop a bad guy with a gun before the bad guy accomplishes his objective.

• A good guy with a gun is not subjected to criminal charges when he does his duty in certain areas.

Now, here’s the kicker. Had that good guy with the gun done the same thing inside that nightclub, he would have been charged with several crimes, lost his concealed carry license, perhaps been made unable to own a firearm, and found himself generally miserable for a long time … All because well-intentioned lawmakers (given considerable benefit of doubt) passed unconstitutional laws that infringe our God-given right to self-defense.

The unforeseen consequences of this body of unconstitutional laws have produced horrible results nationwide.

• Free-kill zones have been established in schools, health care facilities, government facilities, airports, bars, etc.

• Bad guys have taken full advantage of the unconscionable condition of being unable to defend one’s self in free kill zones. Every one of the mass shootings we hear about is a direct consequence of these laws.

• These laws do nothing to reduce gun-related violence because bad guys don’t care about such laws.

• Shootings and bombings in free-kill zones will get worse as terrorists wise up to their widespread availability.

• Good guys have been prosecuted and left defenseless for violating said unconstitutional laws.

• No-fly lists, domestic violence lists, etc. are sometimes secret and a person on one or more of those lists is subject to mistreatment as well as having no knowledge or defense against being placed on them or having an avenue of appeal to be removed.

• People who have been denied gun possession are sometimes permanently and wrongfully denied it even though they have lawfully paid for their transgressions, and should have the right to defend themselves restored.

• Self-defense is a God-given right. Governments do not possess it to give to anyone.

• Lawmakers at any level who allow such laws within their jurisdiction to persist are personally responsible for the devastation and grief their laws cause because they have the authority to correct this situation immediately.

Laws outlawing or restricting gun ownership have proven ineffectual in preventing gun violence.

• Bad guys unremittingly hurt defenseless people where self-defense is restricted by such laws, e.g. Chicago, IL.

• Total gun restriction in Paris did not stop bad guys from using guns (some of them supplied by the U.S. government to Mexican criminals) to murder about 150 people.

• Gun bans in England and Australia produced immediate and significant increases in gun-related crime.

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Locations with an armed populace have superior safety from gun violence.

• Switzerland’s government requires arms in most homes. Their crime rate is miniscule.

• Kennesaw, Georgia, permitted open carry. Its crime rate dropped immediately and has remained down.

• The Japanese rejected invading the USA during World War II because “there is a gun behind every blade of grass.”

Governments that arm themselves and disarm citizens eventually slaughter them.

• Mass citizen executions took place in Russia, Germany, and other countries where government ran amok.

• England tried it in its North American colonies, but it didn’t work out too well because the people fought back.

• Our government agencies and police are armed to the teeth and are capable of mass executions at this moment.

So what’s the point in stating the obvious? We could be next. The stage is set for a massive, coldblooded disaster.

Now is the time to repeal every existing gun law and replace them with a constitutionally adherent body of laws that eliminates existing and potential problems without infringing our God-given right to self protection. This needs to be implemented uniformly across all levels of government, but local and state governments can get started now.

--Sam Brice, Saint Matthews

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