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Compassion ... it’s just a word on a piece of paper unless it’s followed by action. We see a stray dog roaming the streets starving to death and we think “poor creature someone should do something.” We hear about a beautiful, healthy dog or cat being put to death in local shelters and we think, “what a shame, someone should do something”. Next comes the excuses as to why you can’t be that somebody:

* “I already have a dog/cat.”

* “I don’t have time; I’m too busy to help.”

* “I can’t foster, I’ll get too attached to the dog/cat.”

* “I don’t have room.”

What are we teaching our children about the value of life, when they know that we allow the killing of healthy, loving companion animals? We teach them that those lives don’t matter. We teach them that they are disposable and no different than the trash we throw in the trash bin. We teach them it’s acceptable to kill a companion animal; we are killing because we can’t be bothered to be the somebody that does something.

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition is asking you to please stop making excuses, please stop sending the wrong message to our children and please be the somebody who does something to put an end to the suffering and pain that these beautiful animals suffer at our hands.

Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition is new to the animal rescue world as we are only about a year-and-half old. We are a grassroots effort saving one dog at a time. For each and every dog rescued, life has become something wonderful. They now know love and eat every day, and they get the medical care they need. Our dream, our goal, our mission is to save all healthy, treatable companion animals. We believe their lives matter, we know their lives matter. We need you to believe their lives matter.

There is so much work ahead to make our mission a reality. So many programs that must be put in place to see Orangeburg County become a NO KILL county and join a national movement to stop the killing of innocent lives.

One of the programs that needs to be developed is a low-cost spay and neutering clinic. If everyone would just spay and neuter companion animals, soon the homeless shelters would be empty.

Another program is the Trap, Neuter and Release program for feral cats. Cats may be a nuisance, but they are not a danger and if we stop the females from having more kittens, then eventually we stop the problem of feral cats. This is a humane solution to the problem of feral cats.

We also need to build a program where anyone who sees an act of cruelty or dog fighting can report the problem and have action taken to resolve the issue. If everyone who sees a companion animal in an abusive situation reported it, there is a possibility we could stop the abuse.

Of course we also need to work on stronger laws so that the abuser is punished for such a heinous crime. This can happen if public opinion insists that the lives of companion animals matter.

What we need most are foster families and families willing to adopt a homeless dog or cat. Fostering is taking a dog or cat out of a shelter and into your home temporarily while a forever home is found for that pet. Adopting gives the pet a forever home, but please remember they are not disposable. If you make a commitment to a dog or cat, it needs to be for the life of that pet. If you choose to adopt or foster, please be prepared to complete an application, allow us to talk to your vet and get references and allow us to come to your home. I know it’s a lot to ask but once we take a pet into our sanctuary, we owe it to that pet to protect them. We hope you agree.

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We also need financial assistance. Vet care is very expensive when you have 18 to 20 dogs to care for. You can help by sponsoring one particular dog that touches your heart or by making a general donation for the care and rescue of companion animals. Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition is a 501 C 3 non profit registered with the IRS and the State of SC. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of all donations are used for the care of the pets at our sanctuary or to rescue a pet.

Until we can save them all, we are saving one pet at a time and we are not doing this alone. We are blessed to have several animal rescue groups in Orangeburg County. The SPCA, Healing Species, New Beginnings German Shepherd Rescue in Holly Hill, Little Paws Rescue all have the same goal and the same mission and we know how important it is to work together to make our dream and mission a reality. Whether you support Second Chance or any of these other animal rescue groups in our area, you will be making a difference and helping us all reach our goal of a NO KILL county.

At this time of year especially it would be wonderful to see all our dogs in loving homes. Please let’s all of us be the SOMEBODY that does something. Starting today make no more excuses and take action today. We can’t say it enough that their lives matter, their deaths matter and we have it in our power to make the changes.

If the dogs at our sanctuary could write to Santa, they would write:

“Dear Santa Paws, All I want for Christmas is a forever home. I promise to love them and protect them for the rest of my life. Love, Bonnie, Miller, Carol, Chance, Maisey and her pups, Luna, Lily, Dakota, Landry and the rest of the gang.”

If you are thinking about getting a pet this holiday season please adopt from a shelter. Second Chance, the SPCA, and Healing Species, we all have wonderful dogs and cats for you to choose from. Remember you are choosing your pet for the life of the pet so please choose carefully.

To contact Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition to volunteer, to donate, or just to share our stories you can mail us at PO Box 1446 Orangeburg SC 29116 or email to and please like us on Facebook at “Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition.”

* Cindy B. Smith and Julie Fersner are co-founders of the Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition.

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