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Sheriff’s Office

A North man says he and an unknown woman went to the Budget Motel at 1333 Five Chop Road on Tuesday. When he woke up, his cellphone, clothes and vehicle were gone, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

He called deputies at 1:26 a.m. Wednesday, telling them how he picked up the female in North and agreed to take her home.

He said that once they reached Orangeburg, they went to the place where the female said she lived.

They waited on the female’s son to bring keys to the residence, but he didn’t show up.

The man rented a room at the motel at 7 p.m. for him and the unknown female.

He told deputies that the female used his cellphone all night, talking to someone he believed was her son.

Eventually, the man fell asleep with the unknown female still in the room with him.

When he woke up at 1:20 a.m., he discovered the unknown female was gone along with his phone, 1995 gray Ford Escort and blue pants.

The man told deputies that the vehicle belongs to his brother.

A deputy noted that the man wasn’t able to provide any information about the unknown female other than, “dark skin, stout, big breast and gold hair that looked like a wig.”

Deputies attempted to locate the female at the address where the man said she supposedly lived.

The value of the vehicle is $2,080.

In other reports:

  • A worker at a vehicle dealership on St. Matthews Road reported Friday that a customer’s 2005 blue Infinity G35 coupe was missing.

The worker told deputies that the customer purchased the vehicle last month. The customer brought the vehicle back to the car lot for repairs.

It is valued at $4,500.

  • A Eutawville man called deputies to his Hickory Spring Road home on Sunday afternoon to report that he saw a black and white pit bull coming out of his hog pen.

He ran the dog off and noticed that two of his hogs were bleeding.

He located the dog’s owner and told him he wanted to be compensated for his injured livestock.

  • A man reported he was threatened as he was painting a Five Chop Road house on Sunday morning, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

The man said that a subject armed with a shotgun and wearing a black mask approached him.

He said the subject pointed the gun in his face and demanded money.

After telling the subject he didn’t have any money, he heard the voice of another person saying, “Let’s get him!”

The man told deputies that the voice sounded like that of a juvenile.

“He had plenty of time to pull the trigger if he wanted to,” the man told deputies.

The criminal investigations division is looking into the matter.

  • A Windmill Way woman called deputies at 3 a.m. Sunday to report that her Apple iPad and gold Dell laptop computer were missing from her office room.

The items were last known to be secured on Feb. 20.

She told deputies that she didn’t notice any forced entry.

The value of the missing items is $1,000.


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