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To raise funds for scholarships for the Princess and Queen of Roses Pageant, Orangeburg Parks and Recreation held a Most Adorable Children Photogenic Contest this year.

Each of the winners will be presented with trophies for each age group and categories of the photogenic contest during Saturday’s pageant.

Each age group consists of three categories — most beautiful, messiest and funniest.

Photos were submitted and judged. Orangeburg Parks and Recreation raised about $500 from the Adorable Children Photogenic Contest.

The winners in are as follows:

Orangeburg’s Most Beautiful Child — Anthony Carl Norton, 4-month-old son of Eric and Rebecca Norton of North. Anthony’s favorite food is apples. His talking monkey is his favorite toy.

Orangeburg’s Messiest Child (6-11 months) —Rylie Mayumi Davis, 6-month-old daughter of Ashley Ann Hoover of Orangeburg. Rylie enjoys chicken and rice baby food, playing with her dance and move Beat Bo, rolling over and grabbing her feet.

Orangeburg’s Most Beautiful Child (12-17 months) —Allie Elizabeth McDaniel, 17-month-old daughter of Brian and Meg McDaniel of Orangeburg. Her favorite foods are mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Her favorite toys are her ladybug pillow set and computer. Allie enjoys playing outside and reading books.

Orangeburg’s Messiest Child (18-23 months) — Grady William Dempsey, 20-month-old son of Alex and Misty Dempsey of North. Grady loves eating pizza, chicken pot pie and spaghetti. He loves playing with his Mickey Mouse toys.

Orangeburg’s Most Beautiful Child (18-23 months) —Huntley Grace Cope, 19-month-old daughter of Hali Murray of Orangeburg. Huntley enjoys eating bananas and reading lots of books.

Orangeburg’s Funniest Child (18-23 months) —Mckeldon West Herring, 20-month-old son of Ken and Megan Herring of Orangeburg. His favorite foods are chicken, fish and potatoes. Keldon’s favorite toys are his mommy and daddy’s phones, Legos and his playhouse. He loves laughing, playing and being outside.

Orangeburg’s Most Beautiful Child (24-35 months) —Madelyn Keller Walling, 30-month-old daughter of Jason and Marie Walling of North. Madelyn’s favorite foods are cheese grits, pizza and hamburgers. She loves anything from the movie “Frozen” and her blanket. Madelyn enjoys playing outside with her sister and cousins.

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