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Calhoun County Public Schools’ test and assessment results are mixed for 2019.

"It seems we are improving on the South Carolina Accountability Act and the test scores," Calhoun County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Steve Wilson said.

"We have some work to do as most school districts do, but we are pleased where we are heading,” he said.

Both Sandy Run K-8 and St. Matthews K-8 schools scored below average on school report cards while Calhoun County High School scored good, according to S.C. Department of Education data.

School report card ratings are based on a number of indicators such as student achievement, student growth and a school's positive and effective learning environment.

Schools are scored on a 0-100 point system. Schools with English language proficiency are weighted differently.

The higher the total number of points, the higher the rating. Ratings are categorized as excellent, good, average, below average and unsatisfactory. Elementary, middle and high schools have different scoring scales.

Sandy Run K-8 received 41 total points, as did St. Matthews K-8. Calhoun County High School received a total of 63 points for an overall rating of good.

Wilson pointed out the good rating Calhoun County High School received as a positive.

"We need to do some work at the elementary school level," he said. "We are very pleased where we are and we will continue to work for continuous improvement.

“I think we have all bought in and the teachers are working hard to see continuous improvement as we go through the Accountability Act year after year."

Wilson says his main desire is seeing, "results and maintaining continuous improvement."

Here is an overview of how Calhoun County Public School district schools did in various testing.


The South Carolina College and Career Ready Assessments are statewide assessments in English language arts and mathematics.

Sandy Run School students met state standards in third (50 percent), fourth (55.2 percent) and eighth (55.6 percent) grades for ELA. St. Matthews K-8 failed to meet state standards across all grades in ELA.

In math, Sandy Run school students in third (58.1 percent), fourth (51.7 percent), sixth (49.3 percent) and eighth (48.9 percent) grades exceeded the state standards.

St. Matthews K-8 failed to meet state standards across all grades in SC READY math.


The South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards is a statewide science and social studies assessment.

All students in grades 4 and 6, including students with disabilities, must participate in SCPASS testing.

About 63.8 percent of Sandy Run fourth-graders met state standards in science, while 57.8 percent of the school's eighth-graders met the state standard.

All grades at St. Matthew K-8 failed to meet state standards in science.

Neither Sandy Run School nor St. Matthews K-8 grades 5 and 7 met state standards in social studies.


The End-of-Course Examination Program is a statewide assessment program of end-of-course tests English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, according to the SCDOE.

St. Matthews K-8 students met the state standard in algebra test, with about 91.3 percent passing. It was the only school in Calhoun County to meet the state average of 68.6 percent students passing in algebra.

St. Matthews K-8 was also the only school to see its students meet the state average percentage of students passing the English EOCEP in 2018-2019.

About 100 percent of the school's students passed the English EOCEP. The state average percentage of students passing the English EOCEP is 79 percent.

Sandy Run School did not have the needed number of students to test in the exam.

Calhoun County High had 58.5 percent of its students pass the English EOCEP.

For the biology and history portion of the EOCEP, Calhoun County High School failed to meet the state average in either exam.

In biology, 42.5 percent of students passed. The state average is 67.2 percent.

In U.S. history and the Constitution, 61.5 percent of Calhoun County High School students passed. The state average is 66.9 percent.

Graduation rates

Calhoun County High School's graduation rate for 2019 was 90.6 percent, exceeding the state average of 81.1 percent.

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