Charleston Highway Resurfacing

About 14 miles of Charleston Highway could be resurfaced as part of the S.C. Department of Transportation's 2020 Pavement Improvement Program.

Robert Waltz has lived on Charleston Highway for the last 21 years.

Every day he has to contend with bumps and potholes during his travels. He says he pretty much knows where they are all located by now.

"I watch for them, the bad places in the road" he said.

He has called the S.C. Department of Transportation several times to request they pave the road.

In fact, in front of his house there is an asphalt patch that the SCDOT continually has to fix, he said.

"There is a drain pipe that drains that ditch over there," Waltz said. "It keeps washing out from under it. They keep putting a Band-Aid over it."

The hole is fixed, and then it reappears.

"Every time a truck or trailer passes by there, "BAMALAM! BAMALAM! BAMALAM!" Waltz said. "They come back again and put up a bigger patch on the thing."

He said in one case, a motorcycle ended up hitting the hole and threw the driver off the bike, killing him.

"There are so many dagum trucks on this road, too, you know," Waltz said. "They have logs trucks."

There’s some good news for Waltz and other residents on Charleston Highway, which is also known as U.S. Highway 178.

About 14 miles -- from Joe Jeffords Highway to Maple Street in Bowman -- are scheduled to be resurfaced as part of the SCDOT's 2020 Pavement Improvement Program.

The project is scheduled to be let out for bid between September 2019 and March 2020.

The SCDOT ranks paving projects according to a number of factors including pavement quality, roughness, traffic volumes and truck traffic in an effort to determine what a road's biggest needs are and the priority of paving projects, said Mike Davidson, SCDOT District 7 contracts manager.

The SCDOT updates the data on a yearly basis with some new roads being added if they’ve deteriorated.

"These are 'living' documents and should not be used to predict specific resurfacing dates of specific roads, since different roads deteriorate at differing rates over time," Davidson said.

Robert Kroptavich has lived on Charleston Highway for about the past three years. He says he is happy they are going to fix the road.

"If they have money and a funding source, I guess they are going to be using money for the right thing," he said. "There are some bumps. I would not put a lot of money in it."

Kroptavich said he is not too sure if a paving job will fix the problems.

"If they are going to dig it up and do it right, then go ahead," he said. "Taxpayers’ money -- it is going out of our pockets. I hope they do pave it."

The stretch of road sees an average daily traffic volume of between 3,000 and 6,000 cars.

In addition to U.S. 178, secondary roads considered in need of resurfacing upgrades in the Orangeburg area include:

• About two-tenths of a mile of Middleton Street

• About a half of a mile of Maple Street

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• About a half mile of Whaley/Robert E. Lee Street

• About two miles of Cordova Road from Cherry Hill Road to Cannon Bridge Road

Other Orangeburg County streets in line to see improvements in 2019-2020 are:

• About 0.05 miles of Buckley Street

• About 0.06 miles of Jennifer Street

• About a tenth of a mile of McClaine Drive

• About 0.11 miles of Atkinson Street

• About 0.24 miles of Washington Street

Calhoun County

Resurfacing projects in Calhoun County include about six miles of Old Belleville Road near St. Matthews from Great Circle Drive to Sikes Pond Road. This is a continuation of previously completed projects beginning at U.S. 176 and running eastward.

Another project of note is the resurfacing of McCords Ferry Road from Old Number Six Highway just west of Elloree to Fort Motte Road.

Other roads scheduled for upgrades, primarily including resurfacing, are:

• Summers Alley in Cameron

• Second Street in Cameron

• Ott Sisters Road in St. Matthews

• Schoolhouse Road near St. Matthews

Bamberg County

In Bamberg County, the most significant road paving project for the coming year will be about six miles of Carolina Highway (U.S. 321) from Parrish Road in Denmark to the Orangeburg County line.

About 3.3 miles on Country Club Road from U.S. 321 in Denmark to the Orangeburg County line is on the resurfacing candidate list with a mid-level priority. It has not been selected for resurfacing at this time.

Based on expected funding levels, the most likely time frame for this project would in the three to five years.

Other roads scheduled to be paved include:

• Beech Avenue in Denmark

• Leda Street in Denmark

• Willow Street in Denmark

• Baruch Street in Denmark

• Dogwood Avenue in Denmark

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