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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse, August 27 to Sept. 4.

• Roland Stamps to Keneke Bell and Sabrina Bell-Coleman, TMN 0152-18-04-003.000, Zion Township, $7,250.

• Betty Johnson aka Betty Beck to Clarence Johnson, TMS 0308-00-05-006, Vance Township, $5, love and affection.

• Luther J. Battiste, III to Anitra Randolph, TMN 0173-15-07-008, Orange Township, $89,000.

• The Estate of Elizabeth C. Osborne, 2014-ES-38-421, by Robert C. Osborne as Personal Representative to Coffield Mintz, TMN 0150-18-03-003.000, $11,250.

• Cape Blanco, LLC to Richard R. Barakat, Jr., TMS 0174-15-02-012.000, $60,500.

• Waymond Wilson, Stanley Wilson and Arnold Wilson to Raymond Wilson, TMN 0339-09-03-004.000, Holly Hill Township, $5, love and affection.

• Gail McMichael Whetstone aka Gail M. Whetstone aka Linda Gail McMichael to Kala W. Frye, TMN 0154-11-01-001, $5.

• James R. Byrd to Tiffany P. Rickenbaker, TMN 0138-00-03-025.000, Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Harold C. Worden to Mark G. Munkittrick, TMN 0324-13-03-013.000, $110,500.

• Sandra Dale Eslinger Whetsell to Gregg W. Riser, TMS 0269-00-05-004.000, $5 and valuable consideration.

• Gregg W. Riser to Gregg W. Riser and Kena W. Riser, TMS 0269-00-05-004.000, 02269-00-05-001.000, 0269-00-05-005.000 and 0269-00-01-004.0000, $5, love and affection.

• Erin Caitlin Altekruse and Jane H. Bennett aka Jane Hutto Bennett as Personal Representative of the Estate of Francis L. Hutto, Sr. to Joshua Jennings, TMS 0127-00-07-006, $37,500.

• Ronald Lavern Bates and Doris M. Bates to Justin Burleson, TMN 0112-00-07-224.00, Liberty Township, $8,000.

• Randy Lee Garrett, III to Daniel J. Carus, TMN 0339-00-01-001.000, $180,000.

• William Robert Salmons to Jon F. Tejan and Rebecca Tehan, a portion of 0129-00-05-025.000, Edisto Township, $114,000.

• William Bloss and Martha Bloss to James H.Goldin, TMS 0189-00-007-012.000, $158,000.

• Tabitha Felder to Kenneth Wayne Felder, Jr., TMS 0098-00-01-093, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lawrence Gibson, Tax ID 0155-07-03-014.000, Zion Township, $24,500.

• James S. Clifton, III to Demetri Lockhart, Sr., TMN 0174-19-05-023, $28,500.

• Valerie B. Crane f/k/a Valerie A. Bostrom to Harriet Huffstetler, TMN 0151-20-06-001, City of Orangeburg, $82,900.

• William H. Jamison to Paul E. Jackson and Dorothy S. Jackson, TMS 0041-00-01-042.000 (Orangeburg) and 014100-02-079 (Lexington), $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Robert Richard Baldwin to Leobardo Becerra Diaz and Santa Velazquez, TMN 0138-00-05-002, Zion Township, $105,000.

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• Re-Record to Correct legal descriptions – David Adams to Clara Torres VazquLz and Josefa Velazquez Cruz, TMS 0330-00-02-013.000, $73,650.

• David W. McCormick, Ginger M. Shealy, Patti M. Williams and Lindsey Shealy Price to Mark M. Williams and Patti M. Williams, TMS 0094-00-10-001.000, $5.

• Michael Gipe, Martin Gipe, III and Amy Gipe Stanfield to Murray Gipe, TMS 0332-12-01-003.000, Holly Hill Township, $63,000.

• Molly Smith to James R. Dennis, Portion of TMS 0237-02-012.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

• Lucien V. Bruno, Jr., Elizabeth B. Eaton and Eleanor B. Wilson, to ELE, LLC, TMS 0070-00-01-014.000, 0070-00-01-021.000 and 0043-00-01-012.000, $10 and no other consideration.

• Cynthia B. Rickards, Timothy W. Boyleston and Sylvia Kuck to Charles A. Busby, TMS 0142-12-04-003, Limestone Township, $147,000.

• Nicole Gene Tolson to Sang Van Trinh and Sam Thi Trinh, TMS 0174-15-02-006, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Crystal Vaughn nka Murphy and Dale Murphy to Kristen J. Davis, Elizabeth Township, TMS 0086-00-02-044.000, $102,700.

• Phyllis H. Waters, Trustee, Phyllis H. Waters Revocable Trust to Alexander Felsher and Deanna Felsher, TMN 0152-08-05-007, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable.

• Barbara L. Welch to Tania Kelly, TMS 0122-00-07-024.000, Limestone Township, $5.

• William H. Gill to Joseph Kenney, TMN 0059-00-06-039, Hebron Township, $1,000.

• James F. West, Jr. to Barry I. Berry and Julius C. Berry, TMS 0245-00-06-003 and TMS 0245-00-06-008, $295,000.

• Jerry L. Cooper to William J. McDonald and Donna N. McDonald, TMN 0372-00-04-004.000, Eutaw Township, $120,000.

• Guthrie Holdings, LP to Bamberg Legal, LLC, TMN 0172-18-01-002, $115,000.

• Khushi Investments, LLC to Henry Burbage and Jenny Burbage, TMS 0332-16-05-002, Town of Holly Hill, $55,000.

• Corrective Title – Dwight L. Corley to BLW Properties, LLC, TMS 0224-00-02-002 (Branchville Township), 0224-00-02-006 (Branchville Township), 0134-00-01-003 (Edisto Township), and 0198-00-02-009, Branchville Township, $5.

• Michael Neal to Ray B. Kornahrens, TMN 0357-07-01-007.000, $15,000.

• James Brown, Jr. to Dorothy F. Brown, Shantaye Brown, Leterell Brown and Julei Worthy, TMN 0255-00-02-012.000, $5, love and affection.

• McCall –Thomas Engineering Co. Inc., to Broughton Real Estate, LLC, TMN 0172-06-05-006.000, City of Orangeburg, $70,000.

• Tim Brown to Kenneth Prezzy, TMN 0153-06-05-005.000, Zion Township, $500.

• Gilbert L. Fogle, Jr. by his Attorneys-in-Fact, Robin Fogle Kurz and Jason L. Fogle to Jason L. Fogle, TMN 0109-00-02-005.000, Union Township, $5, love and affection.

• Christian Calderon to Joshua Torres-Santiago, Portion of TMS 0067-05-01-001.000 Town of North, $6,100.

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