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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse, July 2-7.

  • William C. Good and Teresa S. Good to Tony G. Chubb, Jr. and Kimberly G. Chubb, TMS 0253-00-01-016 (Portion of), Cow Castle Township, $5 and other consideration.
  • Mary L. Johnson to Richard A. Oliver, TMS 0307-00-05-030, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Mary L. Johnson to Richard A. Oliver, TMS 0307-05-038, Elloree Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Ditech Financial LLC, by its Attorney in Fact, NewRez, LLC d/b/a Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Baldevbhal Patel and Bhagwatl B. Patel, TMS 0142-16-012.000, $103,800.
  • Mary Lou Sawyer and SusannahTraywick Godowns to Dennis Jones, Jr., TMS 0152-16-11-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Tommy W. Hiott, Jr. to Diana Lynn Couch and Kevin Ray Couch, TMN 0045-00-11-023.000, Hebron Township, $40,500.
  • Stephens Land Company, LLC DBA Stephens Land Company to Harshal Patel, TMS 00141-00-03-071.000, $112.000.
  • Bryant Nathaniel Lowery to Clinton D. Lowery, TMN 0120-00-02-008, Limestone Township, $24,500.
  • Louis Whitesides to Shavaka Williams, TMN 0182-12-02-008, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • William M. Connor and Susan K. Connor to Archie A. Felder and Meredith T. Felder, TMN 0142-19-02-010, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Conquest Homes, LLC to Milton Patterson, TMS 0142-06-02-011.000, $179,280.
  • Holly Hill PO, LLC to Lucky Investments LLC, TMS 0332-20-08-003.000, $395,000.
  • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Due by the First, LLC, TMS 0362-00-02-050.000, $35,310.
  • Laurie T. (Boone) Sprouse to Marita Holden and Barney Johnson, TMS 0184-00-02-012.000, $32,900.
  • Jonathan H. Ward and Elizabeth D. Otto, Trustees, or their successors in trust, under the Ward-Otto Living Trust, dated October 30, 2013, to Vera Stonawska, TMN 0324-14-02-016.000 Vance Township, $196,500.
  • Marie Simpson to Eddie C. Williams, Sr., TMN 0182-05-08-006, TMN $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Frances Ann Whetsell to Joseph C. Whetwell, TMN 0275-00-03-009, $5 true consideration.
  • Joseph C. Whetsell to Frances Ann Whetsell, TMN 0275-00-03-004, Cow Castle Township, $5 true consideration.
  • Britton D. Moorer to Ray Rice and Carmen Rice, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $12,704.
  • Britton D. Moorer to Laura Ray Rose and Mitchell Brandon Rose, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $3,000.
  • John Brown aka John T. Brown to Akeisha Goodwin and Keonne Goodwin, TMN 0310-00-04-074, $5,125.
  • J. Robert Bryant, Jr., Renee Renee B. Bosco, and David F. Bryant, Trustees of the Trust B. U/W James Robert Bryant to Bryant, Bryant, Bosco, LLC, TMS 0171-14-21-007.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Archie Alex Felder and Meredith T. Felder to Don Arnold Furr and Christine Lou Doris Furr, TMN 0247-00-03-014, $429,000.
  • Thomas B. Malinder to Rosa Lee Malinder, TMN 0246-18-10-002.000,Town of Bowman, $5, love and affection.
  • Don R. West and the I-26 & 210 Limited Partnership to Rory Fay and Deborah Fay, TMN 0253-00-02-005, Cow Castle Township, $15,000.
  • Billy C. MIlhouse to Regenal Jamison, Portion of TMN 0113-13-13-006.000, Liberty Township, $8,000.

  • Roy Emerson Senn to Patricia Ann Vier, TMN 0324-10-01-002.005, $10 in hand.

  • Barney M. Houser to Shirley Adams, Portion of TMS 0143-12-05-004.000, $12,000.

  • Courtyard Group, LLC to Beverly Parler Rice, TMN 0151-20-04-034, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • William P. Wooten, Trustee of the William P. Wooten Revocable Trust Agreement, dated July 23, 2015 to Jai Lanbajathara, LLC, TMS 0173-13-33-001, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • America IRA, LLC fbo John R. Payne, Traditional IRA to Harold Anthony Oliver and Christina Ann Oliver, Part of TMS 0299-00-02-001.000, $24,000.

  • Steve Melan to Christopher Alan Logsdon, TMS 0330-00-05-018.000,$109,000.

  • Joseph E. Horger and Charles F. Horger to Harry Fanning, TMN 0125-19-04-004.000, $20,000.

  • Thomas Mack to Howard Stokes and Karen Stokes, TMS 0282-11-06-003.000, $5.

  • Dwight L. Varnum and Juliet E. Streaty-Varnum to Cameron B. Proper and Victoria L. Proper, TMS 0142-15-02-016.000, Limestone Township, $286,000.

  • Lesli B. Darwin to Tavarus Kennerly, TMN 0066-00-02-102.000, $1,250.

  • Helen P. Griffith to Lewis Joe Welch and Carrie Ann Welch, TMN 0282-00-03-001, Elloree Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Darrell H. Johnson to Cody V. Johnson, TMS 0126-00-05-020.000, Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Hillview Properties, LLC to Opulent-One Group, LLC, TMS 0173-16-10-009, Orange Township, $17,000.

  • Daniel Lingham to Kembalina Duggins, TMS 0253-00-02-018.000 and 0253-00-02-014.000, Cow Castle Township, $5 and division of property.

  • Harve Mobley, III and Julie Mobley to Melissa M. Tiemeyer, TPN 0150-07-00-003.000,

  • Milledge J. Holstein to William D. Bramlett and Brenda Bramlett, Tax ID No: 0100340, Town of North, $126,000. $375,000.

  • Bobby Jamison, Sr. to Sammy Jones and Alison Jones, TMS 0070-00-02-011.000, Liberty Township, $10,000.

  • Don Thomas Lee to Samuel E. Blakely, Sr. and Joey Blakely, TMN 0361-14-04-002.000, $25,000.

  • Lynn W. Sweatman to Aaron Bubba Sweatman, TMS 0357-08-01-015, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Sheryl M. Davis, Robin M. Leitch, Cynthia M. Blakeney and Elizabeth M. Newman to Nettie D. Martin, TMN 0151-12-05-015, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

  • Nettie D. Martin, by Sheryl M. Davis, Attorney in Fact, to Betty Cartrette Smith, TMN 0151-12-05-015.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Betty C. Smith aka Betty Cartrette-Smith to Leon Dykes, TMS 0151-05-03-007.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Rebecca L. Pitman to David W. Hanson and Catherine M. Hanson, Tax Parcel # 0012-11-02-008.000, Town of Springfield, $49,000.

  • Woodrow Chance Holman, III to Russell N. Hewitt, Jr., TMN 0345-20-01-008, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Tommy M. Stillinger to New Life in Christ Church, a portion of TMS 0067-05-01-001.000, Town of North, $14,000.

  • One Oak Holdings, LLC to Adjoy G. Chakrabarti and Sukla Chakrabarti, Portion of TMN 0233-00-02-018.000, Middle Township, $80,000.

  • Helen Stewart to Thomas Bauldrick and Rossie Bauldrick,TMN 0207-07-02-013.000, $2,000.

  • Keneke Bell and Sabrina Bell Coleman to Leila Ann Steadman, TMN 0054-14-01-013.000, $4, love and affection.

  • Corrective Deed – Robert H. Baker and Margaret A. White to Birt Wilson Willis and Rebecca Pait Willis, TMN 0324-13-018.000 and 0324-13-03-047.000, $145,000 and no other valuable consideration.

  • Reality Investments, LLC to FSA REO, LLC, Holly Hill Township, $60,000.

  • Joanne Schneider to Margaret Davis, TMS 0142-12-02-009.000, Limestone Township, $157,000.

  • Josuan Yamil Nieves to Philip A. Rockefeller and Jennifer R. Rockefeller, TMS 0324-16-01-016.000, Vance Township, $256,000.

  • Sammy Brown to Bertha Lee Howze, TMN 0255-00-02-011.000, Cow Castle Township, $5, love and affection.

  • Jean C. Corbett to William, Jason Corbett and Julius Gary Corbett, Tax Parcel # 0308-00-04-001.000, Vance Township, $5, love and affection.

  • Russell Lucas Akin and Ellen M. Akin to Michael Wise and Sandra Yvonne Wise, TMN 0324-15-01-004.000, $240,000.

  • Paragon Development of SC LLC to C. Daniel Development LLC, TMS 0181-12-07-003.000, $15,000.

  • Enock N. Gustave to Solomon Stokes and Gail J. Stokes, TMS 0182-05-12-017 and a portion of 0182-05-12-0015, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Michael Moorer to Randy O. Heywood and Brenda M. Heywood, TMS 0285-00-02-00-306, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Margaret L. Bailey to Richard W. Dial and Christina M. Dial, TMS 0361-13-03-016, $30,000.

  • Margaret Bailey and Lynn Shelton to Richard W. Dial and Christina M. Dial, TMS 0361-13-03-017, $40,000.

  • Connie Jennings to James L. Peeples, Sr. and Deloris Peeples, TMN 0154-15-3-071.000, Zion Township, $4,250.

  • Britton D. Moorer to Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $13,740.

  • Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame to Tiffany D. Domingo, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $5.

  • Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame to Gregory A. Dame, II and Brittany N. Holley, TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $5.

  • HKYO Holdings, LLC to Mark Gilmore and George Wells, TMS 0236-00-07-006, Middle Township, love and affection.

  • Shellie Baxter Kinard aka Shirley B. Kinard to Shastity Harley, TMS 0231-00-02-029.000 Portion of, Branchville Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Maxine E. Williams, Antoine Otis Flood, Loreatha Jenkins, Earnest Peoples, Willie E. Peoples and Ricky O. Flood, Jr. to Lakia P. Hart and Laquinn S. Hart, TMS 0168-00-07-008, Zion Township, $6,500.


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