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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse, August 4 to September 8 .

• John Anthony Arends to Johnny H. Way and Linda R. Way, TMN 0154-00-09-004.000, (p), $500.

• Jeffrey C. Axson and Erin W. Axson to Gale R. Stanley, TMN 0152-12-02-003.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Elizabeth Gregg, aka Elizabeth Ballard, to Craig L. Berrier and Heather Marcelle Welsh, TMS 0324-19-01-004.000, Vance Township, $288,000.

• David W. Hunt to Aril L. Reynolds and Jeremy D. Reynolds, TMN 0358-06-03-018, $250,000.

• Joann Howell to Andrew Wright, TMN 0321-00-01-124, $45,000.

• J. John Real Estate Firm, LLC to Tiajuana Edmond, TMS 0181-19-05-008.000, $165,000.

• Kathryn Riggins Phillips to Palmetto Property Buyers, LLC, TMS 0308-00-04-026.000, $6,700.

• Betty Robinson aka Betty R. Robinson to Halbert Sumpter and Sandra G. Sumpter, TMN 0152-11-02-006, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Jimmie Felks to Angela Felks, TMS 0246-18-10-009, Town of Bowman, $5, love and affection.

• Betty Dawkins Stuckey as Personal Representative for the Estate of Edith Hodges Dawkins to Ericka Canteen, TMN 0124-00-02-014.000, $5,500.

• Richard Michael Barrett and Katherine Bridget Barrett to Cynthia M. South-Ott, TMN 0307-20-09-010.000, Vance Township, $125,000.

• Piedmont Companies, Inc. to Conquest Homes, LLC, TMS 0181-09-00-004.000, $34,250.

• Margaret L. Poole, f/k/a Margaret L. Fogle-Poole, to Dan Fioramonti, TMS 0183-00-11-010.000 and 0183-00-11-012.000, Orange Township, $160,000.

• Dorothy Z. Elmore to Anderson Novalin, TMS 0173-15-17-024, Orange Township, $21,000.

• Leila S. Jackson to Casey Gantt, TMN 0312-00-01-030, Holly Hill Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Robert E. Mims, III and Mary F. Mims to KMarket Properties, LLC, TMS 0339-17-12-001.000, Town of Holly Hill, $220,000.

• James C. Tindal to Tony J. Tindal, TPN 272-20-01-004, Aiken County; TPN 011800-02-047, Lexington and TPN 0062-00-11-003.000, Elizabeth Township, Orangeburg County; Love and Affection.

• Paul C. Hydrick and Charles F. Still, as Successor Co-Trustees of the Hydrick Family Trust dated April 24, 2002, to Tommy Stone, TMS 276-00-01-004, $485,000.

• Dylan James Uldrick and Emily A. Uldrick to Roger D. Uldrick and Karen R. Uldrick, TMS 0177-00-04-004 (portion), $5.

• Gramling and Gramling, LLC to Drake Michael Smoak, TMS 0217-00-03-006 (portion of), Middle Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Lillie A. Middleton to Lillie A. Middleton and Quewanda A. Middleton, TMN 0171-16-12-020.000, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

• Andrea M. Hooks to Pamela G. Shuler, TMN 0181-17-08-002.000, $10,000.

• Lillie S. Crapse to Donald Davis, TMN 0129-00-04-045.000, Union Township, $5,000.

• Melissa C. Fisk n/k/a Melissa Fisk Cook to Talid Rashee Drake and Ellen Drake-Howard, TMS 0125-09-01-010.000, Liberty Township, $5.

• Gloria E. Clemons and Wanda J. Carter, by her Attorney in Fact, Gloria E. Clemons, to David Miller, TMS 0151-20-05-037.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.

• Mark Irick to Jose Alberto Rivera and Griselda Gomez, TMS 0184-00-02-025.000, Orangeburg Township, $5.

• Avant-Moustafa & Brannigan, LLC to PFX-Kinard Street De, LLC, TMN 0180-18-02-007.000, $10 and other good and valuable consideration.

• David Trenton Still and Roxanne Morgan Still to Ivy Noel Davis and Johnathan Davis, TMS 0012-14-07-007.000, Town of Springfield, $5 actual consideration.

• Linda D. Moore aka Linda D. McGehee to Richard C. Kasprak and Carol A. Skipper, TMS 343-10-02-017, $350,000.

• Thomas Chow to Thomas Chow and Calla Chow, TMN 0151-08-05-005, $5.

• Franklin D. Hart, Sr. to George Steven Ayres, TMN 0054-05-11-007, Town of Norway, $23,500.

• Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Jamie C. Haines, TMS 0361-19-01-003.000, $92,900.

• Mary Robinson and John Robinson to Cecelia D. Profit, TMN 0123-00-04-030.00, Limestone Township, $142,000.

• Dynamic Home Buyer, LLC to Tiffani Joseph, TMS 0184-00-01-028.000, $45,000.

• Penelope June Brown Myers and Sharon Lynn Sellers to Johanna Curtiss and Alan Curtiss, TMN 0324-15-01-006.000, Vance Township, $217,000.

• Connor Smith to JG LLC, TMN 0112-00-01-075, Liberty Township, $5.

• JG LLC to Cornelius J. Furtick, TMN 0112-00-01-075, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Patricia Gene Clements to John Tyler Clements, TMN 00152-08-02-013, $5.

• John Thomas Felkel to Danielle H. Felkel, TMN 0264-00-02-022 (a portion), Elloree Township, $5, love and affection.

• Ashok K. Singh to Smith Estates Rentals, LLC, TMN 0153-10-01-046, 0153-10-01- 026, 0153-10-01-045, 0153-10-01-025 and 0153-10-01-024, $150,000.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Jessica Lewis, TMS 0174-08-03-001.000, $177,900.

• William H. Thomas III as Custodian for Alexis E. Thomas and William H. Thomas, III as Custodian for Katelynn A. Thomas to Allen W. Croft and E. Gwen Croft, TMS 0333-00-004-004, Holly Hill Township, $25,000.

• Eunice Rush-Reese to Alicia Wright Philpott, TMN 0357-13-01-026.000, $1,500.

• GVG Trinity Properties, LLC to Barbara Hilliard, TMN a portion of 0265-00-02-008.000, Elloree Township, $13,000.

• Johnnie Ann Gentry Carroll to Douglas Ponte, TMS 0345-13-02-004.000, $299,900.

• Elisha E. Dupree aka Elizabeth Dupree, by her Attorney-in-Fact/Agent Yolanda E. Dupree to Nathan D. Dupree, Clarence Dupree, Yolanda E. Dupree and Annette Johnson, TMN 0343-00-01-018.000 and 0343-00-01-018.000, Vance Township, $5, love and affection.

• Richard H. Byerly and Carolyn J. Byerly to Rickey Small a nd Margaret A. Small, TPN 0343-11-03-011.000, Vance Township, $420,000.

• Eleatta Corbett Diver to Mehulkumar Ghanshy Ambhai Patel, TMN 0174-13-04-004.000 (P), Orange Township, $102,001.

• Patrick K. Fischer aka Patrick Kelly Fischer and Shauna Marie Fischer to John Andrew Myers, TMN 0138-00-03-028.000, $170,000.

• Norma Baxley Fort to Cletis W. Fort, TMS 0073-00-05-009.000 and 0073-00-04-023.000, Willow Township, $5.

• Norma Baxley Fort to Pamela F. Ridgway, TMS 0073-00-05-001.000, Willow Township, $5.

• MC Rentals, LLC to Allison Brunson, TMS 0246-15-02-010.000, Bowman Township, $5.

• Adell W. Wagner to Eaddy and Sons Properties, LLC, TMN 0317-00-06-043.000, $4,000.

• Jesse Jamison and Margaret C. Jamison to Kendall Jamison, TMN 0331-00-03-063.000 and 0331-00-03-027.000, $144,100.

• Elizabeth J. Gadson to Angela Gadson-Floyd and Demetrice Geneva Gadson, TMS 0347-00-01-016, $5, love and affection.

• Travis W. Fulmer to Joseph K. Bonnette and Rebecca A. Bonnette, TMN 0346-06-03-002.000, $156,895.

• Zelma E. Foreman to John Damon Goodwin, TMS 0099-00-06-010.000, $5, love and affection.

• Michelle A. Stack to Eugene T. Stack, TMS 0218-00-05-014.000, $5, love and affection.

• Donna B. Hendrix to Rachel Danford, TMS 0060-06-04-00000003.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Conquest Builders, LLC to Constance McMichael, TMS Portion of 0174-008-03-001.000, $190,000.

• U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Katrina M. Currin and Kimberly Dawn Whelpley, TMS 0358-16-07-002.000, Eutaw Township, $107,000.

• Ted McGill to John Anderson, TMS-0343-05-001.000, 0343-05-01-004.000 and 0343-05-01-003.000, Vance Township, $80,000.

• Edwina Scarborough Stone, formerly Hagwood to Raegan Scarborough Kennedy, while reserving to herself a life estate, TMN 0041-00-01-002, 0060-00-06-001 and 0060-08-10-001$5, love and affection.

• Sherill L. Jones to Mark L. Jones, TMS 087-00-01-014.000, Elizabeth Township, $5, love and affection.

• Sherill L. Jones to Mark L. Jones, TMS 0065-00-03-003.000, Elizabeth Township, $5, love and affection.

• Sherill L. Jones to Mark L. Jones, TMS 0126-00-03-006.000, Zion Township, $5, love and affection.

• Sherill L. Jones to Mark L. Jones, TMS 0126-00-03-007.000, Zion Township, $5, love and affection.

• Maurice Charbonneau as Successor Trustee of the Rene Charbonneau Living Trust dated Jan. 6, 2015, to Alice M. LeBlanc, TMS 0324-17-06-020, Town of Santee, $148,500.

• T. Dayle Bolen to Farlow-Moyd Law Firm, LLC, TMS 0173-14-10-021, City of Orangeburg, $110,000.

• Amy M. Hobby and John D. Hobby to Shannon M. Rush, TMN 0074-00-06-012.000, Willow Township, $185,000.

• Gramling & Gramling, LLC to Kerchia Calloway, TMN 0182-18-01-011 (a portion), Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Wesley Hanson and Madge G. Hanson to Nathaniel A. Hanson, TMS 0173-13-20-014.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Walker Land Sales, Inc. to Ronald E. Ramos and Ivan O. Cortez, TMN 0318-00-02-032, Holly Hill Township, $8,000.

• Ronald E. Ramos and Ivan O. Cortez to Jose Mauricio Garcia, TMN 0318-00-02-032, Holly Hill Township, $18,000.

• Jason M. Still and Janette B. Still to Clifford L. Odom, III, TMS 0133-00-00-014, Edisto Township, $151,300.

• Robert E. Mims, III and Rose H. Bozard and Jean H. Harris and Mary F. Mims to William G. Underwood and Kaitlyn Underwood, TMS 0349-00-04-032.000 (portion of), Holly Hill Township, $105,000.

• Christian S. Warley as PR for Estate of Sinkler Warley Jr. to Omar Thomas Flores and Juan Flores Flores and Daniel Flores Flores, TMS 0184-00-01-025.000 & 26, Orange Township, $171,000.

• Mary Hightower to J&H Farms, LLC, Portion of TMS 0339-11-01-001, Holly Hill Township, $1,500.

• William H. Young, III and Sheryle B. Young to Joyce Maria Branch, TMS 0324-10-03-002.000, Vance Township, $278,000.

• JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Ashley L. Reynolds & Michael P. Baltezegar, TMN 0021-00-02-015.000, Rocky Grove Township,$59,400.

• Sally H. Miller to Cynthia M. Bell, TPM 0036-00-08-012.000, Goodland Township, $35,000.

• Pauline W. Chavis to Glenn Travis Dawson, TMN 0154-00-02-141.000, Zion Township, $5, love and affection.

• Sandra Ruth Hackley to Dylan Stitely and Kayla Stitely, TMS P/O 0023-00-01-004.000, $21,500.

• James Brown, Jr. and Carolyn Brown to Bertha Lee Howe, TMN portion of 0255-00-02-011.000, $5, love and affection.

• Dag C. Gartman and Kelly G. Gartman to Omari Richards, TMN 0152-11-13-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $205,300.

• C. Harris Steppe, III to Elwin C. Harrison, Jr. and Yong Q. Harrison, TMN 0324-20-06-023.000, 0324-20-06-024.000, 0324-20-06-023.025 and 0324-20-06-026.000, Vance Township, $18,000.

• Freddie Lee Johnson, Jr. to Michael Sumpter, TMS 0301-00-03-125, Vance Township, $17,000.

• Brenda Inabinette to Lavern Casteal, TMS 0057-05-06-001, $65,000.

• Betty Peterson Chaplin by William P. Chaplin, her Attorney in Fact, to Tammy Reynolds and Larry Reynolds, TMS 0045-00-14-037, Hebron Township, $6,000.

• Angela Suzette R. Farr to David R. Tussey and Candace K. Tussey, TMN 0150-19-03-003 (portion), Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to William A. Blake, TMN 0307-00-02-033.000, $50,000.

• William R. Kirkland, Jr. to Norman Jimmy Elkins, TMN 132-00-02-046, $5 in hand.

• Nichole B. Garris and William Scott Garris to Valerie Louise Kubicki, TMS 0343-10-02-015, Town of Vance, $460,000.

• Lesly E. Thompson to Wayne H. Reeves, TMS 0332-16-06-003.000, Town of Holly Hill, $28,000.

• Thomas J. Palma and Anita C. Palma to Cameron A. Phillips, TMS 0358-09-02-006, $155,000.

• Joseph Yurkin to Reinard A. Linder, TMN 0183-00-12-005.000, Orange Township, $75,000.

• Frankie W. Fitts to Berthan Oliver Ritter, TMN 0135-00-06-029.000, $7,000.

• WG Venture Group, LLC to Wei Guo, TMS 0151-15-01-041.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Henry A. Akers and Margaret J. Akers to Todd Chance and Lauren Chance, TMN 0358-18-01-014.000, Eutaw Township, $25,000.

• Hidden Lake, LLC to John F. Bihlear, Jr. and Barbara J. Bihlear, TMS 0358-00-00-004 (portion of) and TMS 0358-11-01-020, Eutaw Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Bruce Owens and Kenneth B. Murray to Kyle Patrick Johnson, Jr., TMS 0332-20-13-006.000, Holly Hill Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Lula Mae Goodley to Velvet A. Padgett, TMN 0057-10-09-004.000, Hebron Township, $35,000.

• Paul Brown and Debbie Brown to Jerry L. Middleton, TMN 0151-19-05-001, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Holborn Village, L.L.C. to Community Bank of Raymore, Agent for the Trustees of the William L. Abernathy Testamentary Charitable Lead Trust, TMS 0332-20-04-011.000, Town of Holly Hill, $901,302.

• Gramling and Gramling, LLC to Yancy Z. McPherson, Sr., TMS Portion of 0181-16-01-006.000, $160,360.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Jason Ngo, TMS 0181-09-00-007.000, $181,000.

• Danny Z. Hodson to Joe Hilliard, TMS 0173-14-18-001.000 and 0173-14-18-007.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and valuable consideration.

• Willie Bryant to Willie Williams, TMS 0321-00-05-044.000, Vance Township, $5, love and affection.

• J. J. Detweiler Enterprises, Inc. to Lakisha Pou, TMP 0065-00-04-031.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Marion Cain to Darius Michael, TMS 0192-07-03-002, $5 and other valuable consideration.Southeast Property Group, LLC to Kingstree C. Store, LLC, TMN 0154-00-09-007 (a portion), $150,000.

• Gaither Gene Holley to William H. Young, III and Sheryle G. Young, TMS 0324-20-03-012, Vance Township, $325,000.

• H. Ciremba Amick, Jr. to Unwanted Land Specialists LLC, TMS 0152-07-02-014.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Marion M. Livingston, Jr. to Virginia Sharon Sweatman, TMN 0122-00-01-027.000, Limestone Township, $75,000.

• David Bessinger, Trustee of the Melvin Bessinger Irrevocable Trust, to Skipper Family Properties, LLC, TMS 0126-00-02-005.000, Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• David Bessinger, Trustee of the Melvin Bessinger Irrevocable Trust, to Skipper Family Properties, LLC, TMN 0126-00-02-006.000, Zion Fellowship, $5 in hand.

• Ray H. Burchette and Rita A. Burchett to SAM Ventures, LLC, TMS 0282-12-03-009, 0287-00-02-041, Town of Elloree; 0287-00-02-005, 0287-00-06-021, 0287-00-06-022, 0287-00-06-001, Elloree Township; $235,000.

• T. Dayle Bolen to Fredrick R. Wright, TMN 0151-20-02-010, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Hilbert Derrick Cantley, Jr. and Kerry M. Cantley to Bobby Carroll Fort, Jr., TMN 045-00-11-001 (Pt. of), $63,450.

• Willie M. Bowers and Lois B. Bowers to Kevin Bowers and Louis M. Bowers, TMS 0361-14-03-001.00, $5, love and affection.

• Lesli B. Darwin to Marion Kelly, TMN Portion of 0066-00-02-044.000, $3,100.

• Johnny Whisenhunt and Clyde Whisenhunt to Shawn Hale, TMS 0153-06-04-004.000, $5.

• Willie Goodwin to Bernice Howell, TMN 0301-00-03-015.000, $5, love and affection.

• Herbert Sellers to Sean Gregeory Benn, TMN 0356-00-02-003.000, $5, love and affection.

• Patricia McDonald to Carol D. Oliver, TMS 0152-15-03-013.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.

• David W. Hills as Personal Representative for the Estate of Charles Cross Hills to Victor O. Ortega and Rosa L. Banegas de Ortega, Portion TMS 0319-00-02-006.000, $29,000.

• Reginald B. Furtick to Dave Anderson, TMS 0145-00-04-0145.000, Limestone Township, $125,900.

• Patricia H. Yount and John Wesley Yount to Colleen M. MacCoy, TMS 0358-18-01-019.000, $58,000.

• Samantha Leysath, Thurmond Leysath, Jr. and Michell Leysath to Sohpia Leysath, TMN 0151-05-02-004.000, $5, love and affection.

• J. Randall Brown to Clinton M. Kelly, TMS 0332-20-15-002.000, Holly Hill Township, $48,000.

• Esther F. Dukes to Elizabeth Fogle, TMS 0301-00-07-016.000, Providence Township, $5.

• George S. Chavis to Bobby G. Mack and Pamela B. Mack, TMS 0065-00-02-001.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Estate of Marion Albert Fogle by Personal Representative Mary Elizabeth F. Raptis to Rhonda Jennings, TMS 0126-00-04-093.000, Orangeburg Township, $5.

• South Carolina Federal Credit Union to MDZ Housing, LLC, TMN 358-19-02-017, Town of Eutawville, $146,000.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Edward J. Starkes, TMS 0181-09-00-012, $190,900.


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