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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse, Oct. 3-10.

• Emma D. Lovelace to Joseph Andrew Garrick, TMN 0111-00-15-[054], Zion Township, $36,000.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB as trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A to Thomas Mack, TMN 0282-12-07-011.000, $14,000 in hand.

• Emma Brown to Lydia M. Brown, TMS 0350-00-01-014, Holly Hill Township, $5, love and affection.

• Maggie Gibson-Funchess to Eddie Gibson, TMN 0116-00-06-015, Limestone Township, $5, plus love and affection.

• Freddie Leland Phillips and Edith Deal Phillips to Charles Edward Phillips and Dwayne Steven Phillips, reserving unto themselves life estate, TMN 0125-05-03-005, Liberty Township, $5, love and affection.

• Eddie Dean Rawls to Everett Houp, TMS 0039-00-00-023, $9,500.

• James R. Adkins and Ruby J. Adkins to Joshua James Adkins, TMS 0358-17-01-011, Eutaw Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• EsDorn O’Quinn by William E. O’Quinn as Attorney in Fact (Power of Attorney) to Mollie M. Asbell, TMS 0191-07-13-001, Town of Branchville, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Sadie L. Parler to Russell Marion, reserving unto herself a life estate, TMN 0024-00-07-005, $5.

• Shitalkumar P. Patel and Hetalbahen Patel to Ronald S. Bradley, TMN 0332-`6-06-019, Town of Holly Hill, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Lonnell Phaire to Veronica L. Hardy and Minnie L. Adams, TMS 0173-12-18-011, Orange Township, $99,500.

• Glenn A. McCall and Brenda K. McCall to James G. Bragg and Janet E. Bragg, TMS 0358-17-01-006.000, town of Eutawville, $133,000.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, not in its individual capacity, but solely as trustee of RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust 2018-1 to Robert John Ruprecht and Wanda D. Ruprecht, Town of North, $40,000.

• John F. Bunch to Ruben J. Montano Vasquez, TMN 0333-00-03-006.000 & 0333-00-03-008.000, Holly Hill Township, $110,000 in hand.

• Harold C. Gillens to Keith Eadie and Dawn Eadie, Portion of TMN 0343-16-00-025, Vance Township, $40,000.

• Iris L. Powell to Darnell Powell, TMS Parcel A- a portion of 0189-00-03-063.000. $10, love and affection.

• Newton P. Wannamaker III as Trustee of the Newton P. Wannamaker III Revocable Trust to Sandra M. Wannamaker, TMS 0307-16-01-005.000, Town of Santee, $5 and no other consideration.

• Joshua H. Fort to Marcy W. Fort, TMS 0307-16-01-005.000, Town of Santee, $5, love and affection.

• Betty S. Holt to David W. Fulmer and Susan S. Fulmer, TMN 0088-00-05-032 (portion), $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Betty S. Holt to Betty S. Holt and John E. Holt, TMN 0088-00-05-032 (a portion), $5.

• Rosella G. Felder to the S.C. Department of Transportation, TMN 0246-19-24-003.000, $400,000.

• Mary Beth Brown to Mary Alyson Brown, TMS 0054-00-02-001.000, $5, love and affection and other valuable consideration.

• Mary Beth Brown to John Michael Brown and Mary Alyson Brown, TMS 0054-00-02-001.000, Willow Township, $5, love and affection and other valuable consideration.

• Todd E. Salley to Orangeburg County Fire District, TMS 0027-00-04-010 (Portion of), Goodland Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Jonathan Glenn Edgemon to Gary L. Crawley, TMS 0072-00-01-025.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Joy-Ann C. Payne nka Joy-Ann Bullard to Straker Limited Liability Company, TMS 0183-09-03-013.000 and 0183-09-03-002.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Akeef C. Farquharson to Shakera Burden Hayward and Jimmie R. Hayward, TMS 0152-16-009.000, City of Orangeburg, $191,000.

• William Cintron to Wood Homes of SC., LLC, TMN 0320-00-04-033 and 0320-00-04-041, Holly Hill Township, $17,500.

• William Lee Burgmeier, Jr. to Billy G. Waddell, TMN 0318-00-04-005.000, $50,000.

• Paragon Inc. of South Carolina, LLC to Claude E. Backmon and Betty Backmon, Tax ID # 0151-12-04-075.000, $38,800.

• Malcolm L. Jones, Sr. to Malcolm L. Jones, Sr. and Rosemary W. Moore, TMN 0263-00-01-034.000, $5 true consideration.

• GCSG Investments, Ltd to 3MZ Enterprises, LLC, TMN 0174-14-04-018.000, Orange Township, $15.

• Trevor McNaughton to Megan C. Daughterty and Joshua E. Blewer, TMN 0309-00-02-037, Vance Township, $35,000.

• Ulmer Holdings, LLC to Christopher D. Ellis and Bethany P. Ellis, TMN 0198-00-01-015 $9,000.

• John E. Weaver and Michael W. Weaver to Devon Gilmore, TMN 0154-00-07-072, Zion Township, $78,000.

• Mary Hooker to Daniel Proveaux, TMN 0139-00-11-021, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

• H. Derrick Cantley, Jr. aka Hilbert Derrick Cantley, Jr. to Marguerite S. Shirer, TMN 0058-00-07-002 and 0069-00-02-010, (a portion) Hebron Township, $5, love and affection.

• Marguerite S. Shirer to Kerry M. Cantley, TMN 0045-00-11-001, 0058-00-07-002 (a portion), $5, love and affection.

• Robert R. Barnes and Jill S. Beckham to John Morrill, TMS 0324-10-01-002-015, $153,500.

• Sinkler Warley, Jr. to Claudia Warley, TMS 331-06-00-029, 0184-00-01-026.000 (Orange Township), 0184-00-01-025.000, 190-00-01-021 (Lot A) and 0190-00-01-022 (Lot B) Orange Township, 0172-05-05-001.000 (City of Orangeburg), 0190-00-01-024 and 0190-00-01-023, $5 in hand.

• Venning Long and Frances L. Long to Wanda Jordan, TMN 0363-06-00-010, Vance Township, $5.

• Corteria F. Baxter F/K/A Corteria F. Woodson to Rickey Jerel Purvis, TMS 232-00-05-043, Bowman Township, $98,000.

• Barney M. Houser to Janet Shuler, Portion of TMS 0233-00-04-045.000, $9,189.

• Marion Lewis Fogle to Daniel L. Fogle and Stephen H. Fogle, TMN 0152-11-09-012, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Jitendrakumar C. Patel and Rupalben J. Patel, TMS 0142-16-02-006.000, $183,000.

• Melissa Ann Witt Werner and Tommie Ray Witt, Jr. to Tommie Ray Witt, Sr., TMS 0061-00-06-004, Elizabeth Township, $5, love and affection.

• Melinda R. Merritt n/k/a Melinda Robertson Jackson to Dessi G. Morales, TMS 0173-17-17-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $17,000.

• Barbara L. Seymour, Successor Trustee of the Barbara Y. Seymour Revocable Trust to Robert Morgan, TMS 0182-18-01-014, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• David Rowell aka David Bruce Rowell to Rowell’s Roost, LLC, 0125-00-11-009.000, Zion Township, $5 and no other consideration.

• Tom W. Duffy and Gwendolyn C. Smith to Tracy McClure and Benjamin A. Cecil, II, TMS 0345-13-07-001.000, $175,000.

• Charles T. Cumbee, Sr. to Advanta Holdings, LLC, TMS 0324-10-01-014.002, $115,000.

• Frederick W. Robinson and Rose P. Robinson to Anna Liza M. Dandurand, TMN 0343-11-01-001.000, $195,700.

• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Walker M. Smoak Timber & Land Investments, LLC, TMS 033-00-09-029.000, Holly Hill Township, $28,000.

• Martha Broughton to Johnnie Broughton, Jr. and Harry Broughton, TMS 0370-00-00-025.000, Eutaw Township, $5.

• Scott C. Terry to Scott C. Terry and Connie F. Terry, TMS 0150-10-01-009.000, $5.

• Jonathan B. Irick and Spencer N. Irick to James K. Sanders, TMN 0098-00-01-081.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Jeromy M. Fraser to Erin S. Castellano, TMS 0152-05-05-001.000, $5 and other good and valuable consideration.

• Vivian E. Ross-Bennett and Isaac E. Bennett to Isaac E. Bennett, TMS 0175-09-02-009, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Karen L. Woodland to Ronald A. Woodland , Jr., TMS 0357-09-01-001, in and out of the Town of Eutawville, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Jennifer Green to Ruthie Green, TMN-0057-05-10-004, Hebron Township, $8,800.

• George E. Stroman and Susan M. Stroman to JP Santee Properties LLC, TMN 0307-16-018.000, $250,000.

• PHH Mortgage Corporation to Federal National Mortgage Association, TMS 0131-00-05-017.000 and 0131-00-05-017.001, $10 and no consideration.


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