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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse, December 1-28.

  • James S. Ulmer, Jr. to Angeline U. Williams, TMS 0064-00-14-005.000 (a portion of) and 0064-00-0-009.000, Elizabeth Township, Orangeburg Co.; and TMS 0138-00-01-030 and 0138-00-01-045 (a portion of), $10, love and affection.
  • Fred D. Godley to K.A.M.P. LLC, TMS 0172-15-01-002, $200,000.
  • Thomas R. Patterson and Kimberly L. Patterson to Raymond A. Jennings and Evelyn Louisa Jennings, TMS 0142-14-03-008.000, Limestone Township, $281,000.
  • Tamika Butler f/k/a Tamika Buckman to David L. Axson and Britanny N. Axson, TMN 0123-00-11-165.000, Limestone Township, $140,500.
  • Henry Smith to Anthony Wade Johnson, TMN 0173-13-03-004, $4,500.
  • Michael L. Delaney and Amy C. Delaney to Anne Albion Lee, TMN 0142-06-06-003, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Angela R. Farr to Smith Estates Rentals, LLC, TMS 0174-10-03-036, Orange Township, $82,500.
  • Nadia Tryclecky and Vera Tryclecky to Ada Mae Berry and Travarious J. Berry, TMN 0142-161-30-02.000, $225,000.
  • Correction - Copeland SC Farm, LLC to Fish Farm, LLC, TMS 0216-00-05-007, Middle Township, $1,400,000.

  • Joshua T. Nexsen and Kathryn S. Nexsen to Joshua Hanner and Rachel Charlotte Severance, TMN 0152-08-15-008.000, $239,362.50.
  • Graymorr Real Estate, LLC to Heyward Bullard Jeffcoat, Jr. and Savina SD Jeffcoat, TMS 0307-20-05-016.000, Vance Township, $100,000.
  • Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas A. Janezic, TMS 0285-00-01-031.000, Elloree Township, $36,000.
  • Henry Clay Simmons, Jr. to Leonard Douglas Clark, but reserving to himself a life estate, TMS 0183-06-08-010.000 Orange Township, $5 in hand.
  • Rachel C. Barnhill to Kami B. Crook and Richard G. Crook, TMN 0250-00-04-029, 0250-00-04-030 and 0250-00-04-028, Branchville Township, $5, love and affection.
  • Vanessa Sumpter-Springle and Karen Sumpter to Paragon Development of SC, LLC, TMS 0151-20-03-006.000, $92,500.
  • Roy C. Chandler to Bryant R. Stacks, TMN 0173-13-35-007, Orange Township, $17,500.
  • Kelei Thompson Caruso to Dylan Curtis Caruso, TMN 0139-00-15-007, $5 plus love and affection.
  • LendingHomeMarketplace, LLC to Randall Lee Sanders, TMS 0361-18-01-015.000, Eutaw Township, $54,900.
  • Retirement Farm, LLC to Wayne C. Hinson and Shirley H. Hinson, TMS 0358-00-00-005.000 (portion of), $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • David H. Jeffcoat Jr., to Donald Parler, TMS 0174-18-12-002, City of Orangeburg, $63,500.
  • Jimmie F. Edgemon to Homer Ray Edgemon, Jr., Jeffrey Leslie Edgemon, Andrea E. Rodgers and Joy E. Sandifer, TMN 0056-00-03-021, $5, love and affection.
  • Rory Fay and Deborah Fay to Stephen R. Montalbano and Susan R. Montalbano, TMN 0254-00-02-077 & 078, Cow Castle Township, $40,000.
  • Mayer Industries, Inc. to Appian Orangeburg Industrial, LLC, TMN 0180-05-01-006, $1.900,000.
  • Louis Anderson to Arturo Micah Anderson, TMN 0298-00-02-014.000, Providence Township, $5, love and affection.
  • Eva M. Dukes to Stacey Dukes, TMN 0182-19-06-011.000, $5, love and affection.
  • Jonie Lane Bolton, by my Attorney-in-Fact, Mary Christina Freeman, to MW Farms, LLC, TMN0210-00-06-002 (a portion), $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Brenda Washington Middleton to Sandie Janon Washington, TMS 0246-15-02-015, Town of Bowman, $5, love and affection.
  • Samuel Green, Jr. to Polly Greene, Larry Greene and William Greene, TMN 0348-00-02-001.000, Eutaw Township, $5 in hand.
  • Loretta Herrin to Juanita Diaz Rodriguez, TMN 0174-16-04-006.00 and 0174-20-03-001.000, Orange Township, $20,000.
  • Charles M. Easterling and Renae S. Easterling to Hannah Marie Easterling, Portion of TMN 0229-00-02-019, $5.
  • Andy R. Arends to Phillip Ray Cobb, Jr., TMN 0215-00-O5-007, Orange Township, $425,000.
  • David Doromal Mayhew and Giselle Rene Mayhew to Boss Solutions, LLC, TMN 0152-12-01-002.000, $5, subject to existing mortgage.
  • Shirley R. Simmons to Darnell T. Keitt, a portion of TMN 0243-00-02-011.000, Middle Township, $5, love and affection.
  • Joseph R. Douglass to Kinsey Shealy and Rachel Shealy, TMS 0332-11-05-011.000, Holly Hill Township, $228,000.
  • Sarah Coggins to Roslyn Shuler, TMN 0060-08-17-004.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 in hand.
  • Carl Washington to Jeremy Antjuan Washington, TMN 0348-00-02-002.000, Eutaw Township, $5, love and affection.
  • GB Portfolio Owner LLC to Oak Street Investment Grade Net Lease Fund Series 2020-1, LLC, TPN 0324-17-06-012.000 and 0324-17-06-011.000, Town of Santee, $10 and other good and valuable consideration.
  • Anna Bunch Robinson to Eric Douglas Robinson, TMP 0317-00-03-027.000,Holly Hill Township, $5, love and affection.
  • Kevin Micah Brown to Mindy Zhu, TMN 0173-16-15-003 and 0173-16-15-006, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Vernell B. Rivers to Rakin Dinkins, TMN 0209-00-03-006.000, $7,000.
  • George Michael Hughes and Sue Marie Follett Hughes to James B. Berry, Jr. and Mitzi H. Berry, TMS 0191-11-19-003.000, Town of Branchville, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Roy M. Hay to Gwendolyn Brown, TMN 0207-00-03-034.000, Orange Township, $39,000.
  • Pauline W. Chavis to Glenn Travis Dawson, TMN 0154-11-01-019.000, Zion Township, $5, love and affection.
  • Queen Stevens Harvey by Anthony Jenkins, her Atty in Fact, to Arnold Singleton, TMS 0153-13-07-014, Zion Township, $55,000.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to James W. Rickenbacker, TMN 0182-05-15-004.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to Harold Rickenbacker, TMN 0178-00-01-009.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to Harold Rickenbacker, TMN 0178-00-01-008.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to James W. Rickenbacker, TMN 0174-20-12-002.000, $5, love and affection.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to James W. Rickenbacker, TMN 0174-20-12-003.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

  • John H. Rickenbacker to James W. Rickenbacker, TMN 0179-00-07-029.000, $5, love and affection.

  • Gregory Murray and Bobbi C. Murray to Kenya S. Huggins, TMN 0173-05-21-004, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Jatinder (Jind) Kaur Sandhu aka Jatinder K. Sandhu to Walter J. Brown and Lisa L. Brown, TMN 0142-10-06-008, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • James F. Coleman to Donald J. Shivers, TMN 0302-00-14-022.000, $50,000.

  • Brian K. Singletary to Gary N. Maynard, Sr., Trustee under the Kelly Maynard Supplemental Needs Trust dated Aug. 7, 2020, TPN 0362-00-02-074.000, Eutaw Township, $17,000.

  • George K. Lewis and Angela M. Lewis to Laura Washington, TMS 0343-09-02-004, Vance Township, $80,000.

  • Riverside Terrace, Inc. to the County of Orangeburg, TMN 0153-05-10-001.000, $160,000.

  • Sonia J. Disher to Sheera Yates,TMS 0060-16-02-011.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 in hand.

  • Kenneth A. Gunnells and Jennifer K. Gunnells to Murray Stanley and Heather Stanley, TMS 0012-10-15-009.000, Town of Springfield, $114,000.

  • Tunita Doan f/k/a Tuinita Baack to Pagan Barnes, TMN 0362-00-03-076 and 0362-00-03-077.000, $14,565.55.

  • Pagan Barnes to Dan G. Rhoney, TMN 0326-00-03-076 and 0362-00-03-077.000, $28,000.

  • The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ralph Longton and Marianne Longton, Property Tax ID: 0150-18-02-001.000, Limestone Township, $220,300.

  • James Burn and Belinda Cabal-Burn to George T. Davis and Carolyn W. Davis, 0324-10-01-014.000, TMS $229,000.

  • Thomas Gibbs to Thomasena Gibbs, TMS 0358-09-01-009.000, $5, love and affection.

  • Henry M. Peele to Cynthia and Kirk J. Williams, TMS 0092-00-04-004, $20,000.

  • Bobbie M. Hodson to Stachy L. Speer-Jeffcoat and Jeremy S. Jeffcoat, TMS 0060-07-08-002, Town of North, $65,000.

  • Corrected Title - Frances B. Graves to Vivan R. Best, TMS 0152-07-02-005, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

  • Corrected Title - Charlotte B. Seignious to Vivan R. Best, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

  • Marquis E. Summers to Atari Rashard Butler and Karin Y. Butler, APN 0209-00-00-03.002, $10,150.\

  • Laura Miles n/k/a Laura D’Amico n/k/a Laurie D’Amico to Utekee T. Johnson and Darrell E. Johnson, TMS 0092-00-02-24 and 0092-00-02-025, $11,000.

  • Correction - Utekee Wise, incorrectly identified as Uteeke Wise, aka Utekee T. Wise and n/k/a Utekee T. Johnson to Utekee to Johnson and Darrell E. Johnson, TMS 0092-00-02-023, $5 and no other consideration.

  • Johannah H. Salley, by her Attorney in Fact, Lawton H. Salley and Lawton H. Salley to Heyward Stackhouse, TMS 0151-19-02-024.000, Orange Township, $5.

  • Hayward Stackhouse to Hayward Stackhouse and Millicent M. Stackhouse, TMS 0151-19-02-024.000, Orange Township, $5.

  • Maurice Sevigny and Elayne Sevigny to Michael Noon, TMS 0303-00-01-043, $5, true consideration.

  • Daniel E. Adkins to Tommy Adkins and Eva Adkins, TMS 0365-00-01-013.000 and 0365-00-01-028.000, Eutaw Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Cecil E. Byrd to Robbie B. Bernardo, TMS 0214-00-01-008.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Sydney R. Janney and Wilton Henry Rhame, III to Ronald Bradshaw, Virginia B. Bryant and Andrew Bradshaw, TMS 0330-00-06-003.000 (portion of), $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Harry Edward Shuler to LIsa Hansen Gramling and John F. Gramling, TMS 0324-19-04-016.000, Vance Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

  • Jessie Boyd Livingston to Audrey L. Simmons, reserving to herself a life estate, TMS 0128-00-07-017.000, Middle Township, $5, love and consideration.

  • Brandon Leroy Weatherford and Laura Lynn Weatherford to Richard Chaz Miller, TMS 0357-05-02-003.000, Town of Eutawville, $255,000.

  • Xavia Danielle Harrington Chate to Pearline Amaker Chate, TMN 0097-00-01-065, Liberty Township, $5, love and affection.

  • Darrieus Rhimeen Lott to Darrieus Rhimeen Lott and Generia Lashera Mayes, TMN 0151-12-09-005, City of Orangeburg, $5 love and affection.

  • Diana Louise Wagoner to Raymond Scott Wagoner as Trustee of the “Diana Louise Wagoner Inter Vivos Trust,” TMS 0097-00-06-082, Liberty Township, $10.

  • Betty Rose Livington Smith as Trustee for the Pauline R. Livingston Family Trust to High Cotton Land Sales, LLC, TMS 0087-00-02-005.000, $5.

  • Hunter Quinn Homes, LLC to A Kentucky Limited Liability Company to Vu Hong Luong, TMS 0307-00-05-039.000, $230,000.

  • Merithus Anne Staley, aka Merithus Anne Seckal to Alyce Faye Benjamin, TMS 0058-13-04-003.0000, Hebron Township, $5, love and affection.

  • Merithus Anne Staley, aka Merithus Anne Seckal to Shaquilya Atlantis Seckal, TMS 0058-17-07-005.000, Town of Neeses, $5, love and affection.

• Virginia S. Hinnant to Joan E. Owen, a life estate and then to John L Hinnant, III and Teresa O. Hinnant, a portion of TMS 0342-00-01-002.000, $10, love and affection.

• William James to Bertha Jamison, Juanita President, Mary Jones, William James, Jr. and Dorothy Clinton, but reserving a life estate it to himself, TMS 0357-06-00-012.000, Eutaw Township, $5, love and affection.

• Bessie K. Clinton to James S. Clinton, III, TMN 0141-00-03-048.000, Zion Township; TMN 0173-09-11-007.000 and 0172-11-07-001.000, City of Orangeburg; $5.

• Rosalyn L. Dalton to Harriett Freeman, TMS 0152-12-35-006.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Till Investment Group, LLC to David Alexander Fields, TMN 0207-00-03-060.000, Orange Township,$3,000.

• H. Thomas Ulmer, III, aka Herbert Thomas Ulmer, III to David Alexander Fields, TMN 0207-00-03-060.000, Orange Township, $3,000.

• Times Square REO, LLC to Gary James Whetsel, TMS 0349-00-03-011.000, $23,500.

• Guy M. Cunningham to Melissa Ann Jackson, TMN 0285-00-02-018.000, $60,000.

• Talicia V. Scriven to Louise Conner and Don Conner, TMS 0330-00-06-027.000, Vance Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Louise Hilliard to Carolyn Riley and Eddie C. Riley, TMN 0154-11-03-001.000, Zion Township, $5.

• Jerrell Cleveland, Jr. to Priscilla Nix Cleveland, TMN 0140-00-02-077, Zion Township, $5.

• Toni Fields to Donald Sistrunt, TMN 0182-19-02-026, $10,000.

• Ernest Lee McKelvie to Herman Campbell, Jr. and Florethea Campbell, TMS 0308-00-04-031.000, $7,500.

• Sanford Investments II, LLC to Brenda L. Robinson, TMN 0140-08-10-033.000, Zion Township, $11,500.

• Justin Bond Culler to Son Van Le, TMN 0142-11-01-027 and a portion of 0142-11-0-.017, $30,000.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, solely as a trustee of RMF Buyout Acquisition Trust, 2020-2, to Qi Guan Lin, TMS 0182-13-16-006.000, $24,000.

• Gladys Simpson, Personal Representative of the Estate of Mary Genett Simpson to Nikki Latham, TMS 0174-19-04-011.000, $80,000.

• Gloria J. Washington to C and L Dream Builders, LLC, TMS 0173-14-09-007.000, City of Orangeburg, $61,000.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Jessica Denise Moorer and John Alvin Moorer, II, TMS 0181-09-00-025.000, $233,000.

• Elizabeth Gayle West, Trustee of the Marion Leon West Family Trust to Wilfred Jackson West, TMS 0255-00-02-022, $5.

• Mary Elizabeth F. Raptis, Personal Representative of the Estate of Marion Albert Fogle to Colton Gustines and Marina H. Gustines, TMS 0126-00-02-021, Zion Township, $5.

• Freddie Lee Davis and Barbara Elaine Davis to Elizabeh Webb and James Lindsay Webb, Jr. , TMN 0307-20-05-021.000, Vance Township, $83,500.

• Audie Miles Cooper to Jasmine Floyd, TMN 0151-16-06-015, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Merritt Fogle, Jr. to William J. Steels, TMN 0207-06-00-001, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Okey Landers, Jr. and Walter T. Hayslett to Richard A. Swirtz, TMN 0324-15-03-037, Vance Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Lionel LIzasoain, by Mark W. Weeks, his agent, to Jens Kramolowski, TMS 0332-00-01-2-026.000 and 0332-00-01-026.001, Holly Hill Township, $45,000.

• Dennis J. Reinhard and Suzanne D. Rein hard to Robert A. Haddix and Diane L. Shaw-Haddix,TMN 0324-20-03-003, Vance Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Steven J. Zeigler to Douglas Wiggins, Jr., TMS 0121-00-05-048.000, Limestone Township, $233,000.

• Suzanne Carson-Chasteen and Hugh T. Chasteen to Antonio Flores Rodriguea, TMN 0125-11-03-004.000, Zion Township,$25,000.

• Rosetta L. Gooden to Melvin E. Goodne TMN 0299-00-02-029, Providence Township, $5, love and affection.

• Stephens Land company, LLC to Landco Developers, LLC, TMS 0141-00-03-073, $5.

• Stephens Land Company, LLC to Janice S. Jolly as Trustee of the Janice S. Jolly Trust under the Will Dated Oct. 3, 1996, TMS 0141-00-03-047, $5.

• Alyssa J. Eadie to Keith E. Eadie and Dawn C. Eadie, TMN 0343-16-00-024, $5, true consideration.

• Marcia T. Wood and Todd M. Wood to Aubrey L. Palmer, Jr. and Mary Norma Allen-Palmer, TMN 0174-17-10-006, City of Orangeburg, $160,000.

• Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, solely as trustee for Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisitions Trust 2018-HB1 to Rodney C. Zimmerman and Cathy L. Zimmerman, TMS 0174-05-03-007.000,Orange Township, $104,500.

• Rodney C. Zimmerman and Cathy L. Zimmerman to RCM Trinity Holdings, LLC, TMS 0174-05-03-007.000, Orange Township, $5.

• Mitchell C. Jackson and Crystal Jackson to Michael G. Lucas, TMN 0098-00-04-012, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Angela B. Skinner to Welton Gage Skinner and Kayla M. Skinner,TMN 0072-00-03-016 and 0072-00-03-036, Willow Township, $5, love and affection.

• Limestone Builders, LLC to Steven J. Zeigler and June S. Zeigler, TMN 0123-00-02-004, Limestone Township $5.

• Louise K. Berry to Peggie K. Halter and Teresa Ann Williams, TMN 0150-19-02-008.000, Limestone Township, $5, love and affection.

• Dorothy Z. Elmore to Terrance Lee, TMS 0173-15-17-030.000, Orange Township, $35,000.

• Collins Shuler to Marquis Shuler, TMS 0173-08-19-001.000, $10, love and affection.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Teddy Walden, TMS 0142-12-06-043.000, $206,100.

• James A. Wilsford to Barbara J. Robinson, TMN 0147-18-02-020.000, $81,000.

• Harold M. Griffith to Amanda Jordan, TMS 0304-00-01-041.00 (portion of), $13,000.

• Lee C. Greene to Michael Stewart, TMS 0057-05-13-011.000, $1,600.

• Pamela C. Sharpe to Zachary David Sharpe and Keishara Monique Halsey, TMS 0303-00-01-085.000, Elloree Township, $91,000.

• Jeffrey A. Hallman and Marcia L. Hallman to Christin W. Price, TMN 0345-20-08-008.000, $155,000.

• St. Pierre B. Tibshrany to Covenant Farms, LLC, TMN 0032-00-01-016, $22,235 and other valuable consideration.

• Covenant Farms, LLC to St. Pierre B. Tobshrany, TMN 0032-00-01-002.000, $3,222 and other valuable consideration.

• Cathi R. Murray and Jackie Collier to Scott Woodlands, LLC, TMN 0200-00-01-011.000, $190,000.

• Joseph Carson Davis to Glenn J. Dias and Kieran N. Dias, TMN 0151-12-01-008, $5, love and affection.

• Vivian R. Best to Yvonne S. Ailing and Paul D. Ailing, TMN 0152-07-02-005.000, $178,000.

• A. D. Waters Enterprises, LLC to A. DeWall Waters, TMS 0173-06-13-010, City of Orangeburg, $5.

• A. DeWall Waters to David Way, Jr., TMS 0173-06-13-010, City of Orangeburg, $5 and a gift.

• BOLO Partnership to Veronica C. Scott and Kenneth Froisy, TMN 0307-19-02-002, Town of Santee, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Bruce L. Thrower to Marcus McMichael, TMN 0143-12-05-009.000, $8,000.

• Nikki Lavern McCants to Rommel B. McCants, TMN 0174-06-01-016.000, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

• Andrew Johnson and Lester Marie D. Johnson to Woodrow Amaker, Jr. and Maxine Amaker, TMS 0182-19-04-012 (P/O), Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Ulandia A. Livingston and Kitt Livingston, III to Kelvin S. Amaker, Sr. TMS 0067-09-02-016.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Corrective Deed - Andrea L. Hopson and Myra E. Glover to Mary F. Fulmore, TMS 0144-00-01-048 (portion of), Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Jessica Jones Fairbanks to Shri P. Singh, TMN 0174-16-01-016.000, $3000.

• Agnes Naomi Berry to Patricia Wilder, TMN 0173-15-14-021.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.

• David E. Hite and Natalie S. Hite to James Thomas Faris and Betty Williford Faris, TMN 0324-10-01-012.005, $165,000.

• George Taste to Aaron Taste, TMN 0362-00-02-020.000,Eutaw Township, $5, love and affection.

• Margaret L. Gallagher to Karen Catoe and Cynthia Smilich, TMS 0041-00-03-004.000, $5, love and affection.

• Ronald E. Wolfe and Elizabeth D. Wolfe to Seth Adam Wolfe and Ashley Elizabeth Wolfe, TMS 0115-00-03-007.000, $87,000.

• Bernice R. Dessaure to Mack C. McClam, TMS 0081-07-00-021.000, Orange Township,$5 and other valuable consideration.

• Farmers and Merchants Bank of South Carolina to MIchael L. Holmes and Heather H. Thomas nka Heather H. Holmes, TMS 0332-16-20-006, Town of Holly Hill, $35,000.

Correction - Copeland SC Farm, LLC to Fish Farm, LLC, TMS 0216-00-05-007, Middle Township, $1,400,000.


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