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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg County Courthouse, November 12 to December 1.

• Carla Von Jefferson to The Geraldson Company, TMN 0181-12-05-006.000, $20,000.

• Annie Lee Shephard Winstead to The Geraldson Company, Orange Township, TMN 0181-12-05-005.000, $18,000.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Michael Raysor and Lacole Raysor, TMN 0151-19-02-048.000, $239,000.

• Corrective Title - Bhupendra G. Patel and Rasik G. Patel to Ritaben R. Patel, TMS 0141-09-02-023.000, Limestone Township, $5, love and affection.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Samuel Green, TMN 0142-12-06-032.000, $256,180.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Machell Murph, TMN Portion of 0142-12-06-032.000, $233,500.

• Rozzie E. Ott to Thomas O. Ott, Jr.,TMN 0156-00-03-037.000, Edisto Township, $5, love and affection.

• Samuel Carl Brenn to Quanda Green Jefferson, TMS 0176-00-07-069.000, $5.

• Robert Lee Simmons, and Curtis C. Simmons and Dorothy S. Zimmerman NKA Dorothy Ann Hobson to Richard Hobbs and Lisa Hobbs, TMS 0244-00-04-003.000, Middle Township, $60,000.

• Joseph Allen Rich to Douglas Myers and Stephanie Jackson, TMS 0149-00-01-011.000, $1,625,000.

• The Crawford Investment Group, LLC to Ronika L. Lewis, TMS 0183-06-04-014.000, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Linda Jackson to Steven P. New and Michael Sumpter, TMS 0302-12-006, $5, love and affection.

• Sharon P. Jeffcoat to Frankie A. O’Cain, TMS 0045-00-03-001.000, Hebron Township, $5, love and affection.

• Daniel Ruple to Pamela H. Hughes, TMN 0112-08-05-010.000, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Betty Jean L. Bates to Pamela H. Hughes, TMS 0124-00-05-009.000; 0140-00-12-003.000 and 0140-00-12-003.001; 0112-08-08-002.000; 0155-13-02-003.000; 0155-13-03-002.000;0112-12-02-033.000, Liberty Township; 0112-16-03-008.002 & 0112-12-02-033.000; 0112-12-034.000; 0112-12-02-033.001; 0111-00-13-010.000, 0113-13-09-005.000, $5, love and affection.

• Mortasia Sweat and Tonya Jefferson Sweat to Virgie Whaley and Lamar Whaley, Jr., Vance Township, $10,300.

• A. Dewall Waters, Trustee A. Dewall Waters Revocable Trust to A. Dewall Waters, TMS 0152-08-05-005.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.

• Kenneth S. Riggins to Keith Hart, TMS 0371-00-05-039, $13,500.

• Bluffton Road, LLC to FSC BCBS Orangeburg, SC, LLC, TMS 0174-14-06-007.000, $2,402,664.

• Loxye Thompson aka Loxie Thompson to Loxye Thompson and Charles P. Thompson, Jr.,TMS 0173-05-10-014.000, Orange Township and 0152-12-08-005.000, $5, love and affection.

• B and T of Orangeburg Limited Partnership to Funny Farm, LLC, TMS 099-00-02-042 (portion of) $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Holly Hill Investment, LLC to Hunleytown, LLC, TMS 0339-13-01-004 and 0339-13-01-003, $158,000.

• TLOA of South Carolina, LLC to Frank Bowman, TMN 0152-12-21-010.000, City of Orangeburg, $58,000.

• Eleatta Corbett Diver to Andsco Services LLC, TMN 0174-13-04-004.000, Orange Township, $28,000.

• Bertha Oliver Ritter to Tonya Ritter Jenkins, TMN 0135-00-06-029.000, Town of Eutawville, $5, love and affection.

• KSE Limited Family Partnership, KSE CRP, LLC, TMS 0180-10-02-019.000, $10 in hand.

• BKDE, LLC to Santee-Lawson, LLC, TMS 0308-08-03-011.000, Vance Township, $10 in hand.

• John Cude to Randall C. Harris and Christopher M. Panther, TMN 0155-00-11-030.000, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Kevin Caleb Rider to Terry Kevin Rider, TMS 0343-09-06-004.000, $5, love and affection.

• Tracey Shuler-Stanback to Kelvin Legree and Teresa Legree, TMS 0181-16-01-010.000, Orange Township, $15,000, love and affection.

• Inger C. Williams to Amanda Aracely Cruz Garcia, TMS 0012-13-04-012.000, $16,000.

• Jeremiah Oliver, Sanddera Oliver and Samuel Oliver, Jr to Lorraine Oliver, TMN 0336-08-02-004.000, $5, love and affection.

• Conquest Homes, LLC to Ryan Clark, TMS Portion of 0142-12-06-051.000, $234,095.1

• Nancy Wolfe Hudson to Lisa Hudson Boltin and John C. Boltin, reserving to Nancy Wolfe Hudson a life estate, TMS 0142-15-13-005, Limestone Township, $5.

• Henry A. Ridgeway and Joanne W. Ridgeway to Dean R. Lomonaco, Jr. and Emily K. LomonacTMS 0173-15-26-008.000, $10 and other valuable consideration.

• Henrietta R. Dukes to Thomas G. Dukes, TMN 0027-00-01-022, $5, love and affection.n

• Corrective Title - Beverly R. Ulmer, as Trustee of Trust G established under the Last Will and Testament of Jacob S. Ulmer, Jr. to Acro Renovations, LLC, TMN 0286-09-01-005, Town of Elloree, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• William B. Howell and Mary Ellen Howell to Thomas Wolpert, TMN 0347-08-02-020.000,Town of Eutawville, $22,000.

• Corrective - Malinda James to Terence James, TPN 0006-00-04-023.000.

• Rachel Sistrunk to Amber L. Watkins, TMS 0309-00-02-021.000, Vance Township, $63,000.

• Beautyline 6, LLC to Orangeburg County, TMS 0173-14-09-012.000, City of Orangeburg, $300,000.

• A. P. Woodson Company to Superior Plus Energy Services, Inc. 0153-00-04-002.000, Zion Township, $10 and other valuable consideration.

• Tony William Kenan to Stanley Rogers, TMS 0148-00-02.004 and 0148-00-03-031, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Mark F. Baka, Trustee of the MFB Family Trust #1 to Eric T. Washington, TMN 0142-02-07-01-037, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• NYMT Loan Trust I to David Nikolashvili, TMS 0181-18-05-003.000, Orange Township, $74,900.

• Carrie Coulter McClennon to Lamarte Williams, TMN 0173-07-22-023.000, , Orange Township; 0182-05-10-007.000; 0168-08-13-010, New Hope Township, $5, love and affection.

• Manufactured Housing Outlet Inc. to Lemuel Ashley Garvin and Michelle C. Garvin, TMN 0113-13-09-001.000, Liberty Township, $17,000.

• North Farm, LLC to Michael Todd Jeffcoat and Charles B. Smith, TMS 0114-00-02-017, Limestone Township, $60,000.

• T. Dayle Bolen to Troy A. Miller and Meagan J. Wolfhope, TMS 0151-05-09-003.000, $199,000.

• Wehaeuser Company to Thomas L. Lucas, III and Georgia Lucas Barnett as successor Co-Trustees of the Thomas L. Lucas, Jr. Trust, dated April 21, 2008 and Georgia Lucas Barness as Trustee for the Georgia Lucas Barnett Trust dated March 27, 2015, TMS 0291-00-01-006000, Providence Township, $644,784.

• Sandra S. Campbell to Tammy White, TMS 0143-19-09-002, Limestone Township, $3,000.

• A. Dewall Waters to Jesse W. Waters, Sr.,TMS 0152-08-05-005.000, $5.

• Richard James Archer, Jr. and Colleen B. Archers to KARE Investments. LLC, TMN 0282-08-11-006.000, Town of Elloree, $100,000.

• Delores D. Greene to Calvin L. Bell, TMN 0182-18-01-004.000, $6,500.

• Beverly Holden Elliott to Cassandre Appel and Jason Apple, TMS 0148-00-05-003.000, $525,000.

• Henry L. Hughes and Pamela Hewitt Huges to Tran Thien Vu and Ngoc Chau Nguyen, TMS 0256-00-02-039 & 0256-00-02-002 and 0256-00-02-038, $5.

• Louis Randall Melvin to Robert Phillip Melvin, III, TMS 0278-00-01-079.000, $40,000.

• Julie F. Storm to Joseph Johnson, $TMS 0126-00-04-055.000 (portion of), Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• James R. Dennis to Jason William Henderston, TMN 0098-00-02-023.000, Zion Township, $5.

• Donald O. Boyd to Don G. Fogle and Deborah H. Fogle, TMS 0228-00-04-003.000, Branchville Township, $5.

• Sallie A. Kemmerlin nka Sallie A. Connelly to Gwendolyn K. Roberts, TMS 0141-00-03-060.000 (portion of), Zion Township, $5, love and affection.

• Sallie A. Kemmerlin nka Sallie A. Connelly to Edith K. Jackson, TMS 0141-00-03-060.000 (portion of) Zion Township, $5, love and affection.

• Cathy C. Price to Oletha Bookdard, TMS 0143-12-01-042.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Ellen W. Easterlin to Matthew William Way and Aleisa Jackson, TMS 0256-00-05-006, Bowman Township, $5.

• Steven Bryant Gray to Misty Gray Dempsey and Benjamin Jacob Gray, TMS 0137-00-04-004.000, $5.

• Marion Shores, LLC to W4 Properties SC, LLC, TMS 0324-10-01-014.014, $175,000.

• Michael Davis and Gabrielle B. Davis to Riverside Investments of SC, LLC, TMS 0125-06-02-010.000, Zion Township, $67,198.22.

• Melvin A. Lamphiear and Teresita B. Lamphiear to Phyllis Eustine Stevens and Kevin Leon Stevens, TMS 0182-05-02-025, $112,111.

• Manufactured Housing Outlet, Inc. to Lemuel Ashley Garvin and Michelle C. Garvin, TMN 0113-13-09-001.000, Liberty Township, $17,000.

• Ginger Properties, LLC to Mixon Land, LLC, TMS 0170-00-03-001 (portion), $85,085.

• Wilmington Savings Fund, Society, FSB to Idlewood Holdings, LLC, TMS 0173-08-09-028.000, $375,000.

• Eddie Chavis and Debra Chavis to Darwin Jon Anderson and Lisa C. Anderson, TMS 0088-00-05-017, Elizabeth Township, $115,000.

• American Advisors Group to David Davey, TMS 0054-06-06-005.000, Town of Norway, $55,000.

• Bobbie H. Dill and James R. Anderson to Johnny Lightforr and Jackie Lightfoot, TMS 0246-14-01-005, Cow Castle Township, $7,500.

• John Lewis Hutto to Clayton Lewis Hutto, Portion of TMS 0338-00-05-006, $5.

• John Lewis Hutto to Christopher Warren Hutto, Portion of 0338-00-05-006, $5.

• Janie P. Burgess to Cassie P. Robinson, TMS 0096-00-01-013.000, Liberty Township, $15,000.

• Charlie F. Carlin and Cheryl Denise Broyles to Daniel Ruple and K.A.M.E. Ruple, Portion of TMN 0154-00-09-007.000, Zion Township, $8,000.

• Willie Williams to Willie Bryant, TMS 0321-00-05-044, Vance Township, $5 with love and affection.

• Frederick M. Rivers to Frederick M. Rivers, Betty Ann Rivers and John M. Rivers, TMS 033-00-07-004.000, $5, love and affection.

• Jimmie Fogle to Mose Caldwell, City of Orangeburg, TMN 0173-19-11-003.000, $34,900.

• Shelley Stump and Willard Stump to Paul J. McCurley, III and Erick M. McCurley, TMS 0087-00-01-002, $25,000.

• Ruth B. Tate to Andrea L. Tate, ½ interest, TMS 0174-15-01-016.000, Orange Township, $5, love and affection.

• Corrective Deed - Robert C. Osborne, Jr., as Personal Representative of the Estate of Elizabeth C. Osborne to Nexsen, Inc. TMN 0151-06-02-018, Limestone Township, $5.

• Wilbo Enterprises, LLC to Kimberly Sprenger O’Cain, TMS 0150-14-01-002, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Atebion Consulting, LLC to 5C Investments, LLC, TMN 0173009-03-011.000, City of Orangeburg, $75,000.

• CMH Homes Inc. to Stephanie Ann Westmoreland and Lance Colby Westmoreland, Sr., TMS Portion of 0319-00-06-001.000, Providence Township, $15,000.

• Renew Rentals, LLC to Samuel Green and Beaulah Green, TMS 0187-05-06-009.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Thomas F. Quick and Juliette Quick aka Juliet M. Quick to William P. Peterson, Jr. and Detra D. Peterson, TMS 0127-00-01-037, Zion Township, $20,000.

• Justin Wade Reynolds and Kelly Reynolds Chavis to Wade H. Reynolds ½ undivided interest, TMS 0110-00-04-016.000, $10, love and affection.

• Justin Wade Reynolds and Kelly Reynolds Chavis to Wade H. Reynolds, ¼ undivided interest, TMS 0110-00-04-017.000 $10, love and affection.

• Michael R. Baltzegar to Minita G. Clark, City of Orangeburg, TMN 0173-06-19-011, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Gloria E. Gantt-Lambright to Gwendolyn Tobin Sweeney, ⅜ undivided interest, TMN 011318-01-003.000, $10 and the division of real estate.

• Gwendolyn Tobin Sweeny f/ka Gwendolyn Tobin to Gloria E. Gantt-Lambright, TMS 0113-18-01-003.000 (Portion), ⅝ undivided interest, $10 and partition of property.

• Lacoste Gattison, Eric McPherson, James K. Rose and Barrington Rose to Samuel L. Sharperson, Sr. and Tina M. Sharperson, TMN 0173-10-17-002 and 0173-10-12-002, City of Orangeburg, $13,000.

• Larry Walter Myers to Seth E. Berry, TMS 0189-00-06-009, $50,000.

• Natalee Fay Rhodes Summers and Nathaniel Fane Rhodes to Daniel Glover and Jessie Glover, TMS 0233-00-04-017.000 and 0233-00-04-018.000, Bowman Township, $5.

• Gail M. Hefner to Nathaniel A. Krooner, TMN 0347-08-02-001.000, $199.900.

• Rise Funding, LLC to Anthony Catone, Jr. and Kimberly Musa,TMS 0357-13-01-008.000, Eutaw Township, $54,000.

• Jerry V. Lewis and Glenda B. Lewis to Latoya E. Haynes, TMS 0174-13-08-006.000, City of Orangeburg, $106,000.

• Faye S. Williams to Bryan D. Williams, TMN 0036-00-08-008 and 0036-00-08-009.000, $231,000.

• Shelley Baxter Kinard aka Shirley Baxter Kinard to Demarcus R. Pelzer, TMS 0173-16-05-010.000, $5,000.

• Pauline Beady, Rodney Kennedy and Lloyd Bullard to Joe Boneparte and Dorothy Boneparte, TMS 0203-00-03-020, $12,000, love and affection.

• Dantzler Farm Properties, LLC to New Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Portion TMS 0308-00-05-056, $20,000.

• Nancy A. Newton and H. Neal A. Stegner, Successor Trustees of the Luther H. Adden, Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement to Nancy A. Newton and H.Neal A. Stegner, TMS 0152-07-02-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $1.

• Alberetha R. McClellan to Thomas W. McClellan, TMN 0242-00-03-001.000, Union Township, $5, love and affection.

• Pearl B. Sterling to Connie Brooks, TMS 0144-00-02-019.000, $32,100.

• Audrey B. Smith to Audry B. Smith, Trustee of the Audrey B. Smith Trust, TMS 0089-00-02-003.000, $5 and contribution assets to trust.

• Audrey B. Smith to Craig M. Smith, TMS 0089-00-02-037.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 and contribution of assets to trust.

• Gena E. Hegelman to Charles E. Sweatt and Kyra N. Sweatt, TMS 0045-00-05-013.000, Willow Township, $512,500.

• Dawn Joyner to Krystal Sandifer, TMN 0140-00-05-014.000, $500.

• Marlon Smith to Latonya Simmons, TMN 0310-00-04-060.000, Providence Township, $10,000.

• Richard Allen Hall and Lisa Poole Hall to Khadijah Franklin, TMS 0152-11-13-004.000, $205,000.

• William F. Quattlebaum, as Successor Trustee of the Susan D. Webber Revocable Trust Agreement aka the Amended and Restated Susan Dukes Webber Revocable Trust Agreement to Andrew H. Hunter and Jodi A. Hunter, TMN 0142-19-02-001, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Elvis Williams to Ralph Chavis, TMN 0037-00-04-003 (a portion), $1,000.

• Palmetto Property Buyers, LLC to Colonial Impact Fund-II,LLC, TMN 0308-00-04-022.000, $10 and no other consideration.

• Kayla Sanders Jennings aka Kayla Sanders to Kenan Felkel, TMN 0142-10-02-005, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Vernon A. Whitman to Guri S. Sandhu, TMN 0174-17-08-003, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Laquisha Miller to Maressa N. Burgess and MistyTreadway, TMS 0172-08-01-005.000, $42,000.

• Roy C. Walker to Barbara White Elkin, TMN 0343-10-04-002, Vance Township, $132,226.19.

• Priscilla Jarvis to Marcus W. Crawford, TMS 0173-07-22-008, $50,000.

• Athena C. Brown and Clyde L. Calhoun, Jr. to Helen S. Stewart, TMS 0182-13-014.000, City of Orangeburg, $3,000.

• Darin Harding to Gary L. Schurlknight, Sr., TMS 0152-00-00-005.000, $5.

• Clifton Davis McKinney and Sherri Jean Arant nka Sherri A. McKinney to Courtney Thomas,TMS 0142-06-09-015.000, LimestoneTownship, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Andrew H. Hunter and Jodi A. Hunter to Clifton Davis McKinney and Sherri A. McKinney, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Earline Thompson Irick, Terry Lee Irick and Kevin M. Irick to Darryl C. Irick, $5, love and affection.

• Carlean Glover aka Carlean E. Glover to HCK Holdings, LLC, TMS 0173-08-08-002.000, 0173-12-05-010.000 (Zion Township), 0155-07-09-021.000,(Union Township) and 0128-00-01-022.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

• Bruce L. Owens to Hope Burch and Martha Martin, TMS 0362-00-03-067.000, $5.

• Wendy Richardson to James K. Simmons, TMS 0101-00-02-012.000, $5.


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