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The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg Courthouse for Feb. 22-28:

  • William E. Hall Jr. to Jeffrey A. Stewart, a portion of TMS 0040-00-02-002.000, $10 and other valuable consideration.
  • Dwight William Horton to Teresa Reyes Nieto and Pablo Rivera Gonzalez, TMS 0205-00-02-018, $5 in hand.
  • Preston Steedley to Henry W. Hughes III, TMN 0130-00-05-023.000, Edisto Township, $20,000.
  • Oscar Troy Ott, Pamela O. Kinard and Deborah O. Estes to Johnny E. Fogle and Furman Eugene Antley, TMN 0172-11-05-011.000, Orange Township, $139,050.
  • Oscar Troy Ott, Pamela O. Kinard and Deborah O. Estes to Johnny E. Fogle and Furman Eugene Antley, TMN 0172-11-03-003.000, $72,100.
  • Tommy M. Stillinger to Bridget R. Pough, TMN 0067-05-01-001, Town of North, $7,500.
  • Oscar Troy Ott, Pamela O. Kinard and Deborah O. Estes to Johnny E. Fogle, TMN 0183-00-10-036.000, $28,325.
  • Thomas Washington to Henry Stephens and Latoya Ross, TMS 0270-00-07-038, Cow Castle Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • The Lombard Corporation to James M. Williams and Marie T. Williams, TMN 0207-00-01-001.000, Orange Township, $12,500.
  • Peggy S. Durr to Robin K. Wright, TMN 0174-10-03-021, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Joseph E. Counts to Joseph Zachary Counts and Jennifer Elma Counts, TMS 0012-11-04-009.000, Town of Springfield, $0 love and affection.
  • Kathy P. Conley and Margaret P. Reeves to David W. Lambert and Julia C. Lambert, TMN 0286-05-08-003.000, Elloree Township, $4,000 and other valuable consideration.
  • Lesley A. Bass to Kay E. Robinson, TMN 0183-00-18-003 & 010, $153,500.
  • Brenda W. Sweatman to Donald W. Sweatman, TMS 0212-00-01-008, 0207-00-03-005.000 and 0347-00-02-039.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Timothy P. Boykin and Kathryn C. Boykin to Richard J. Wallace, TMS 0142-11-02-010, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Almetta Hampton, individually and as personal representative of the Estate of Samuel Hampton Jr., to Jose Kler, TMS 0182-09-27-001.000, $9,000.
  • Anthony Blake Bolen to Darryl E. Shivers, TMS 0174-13-03-002.000, $107,000.
  • Peggy Jackson to Tammy D. James, TMN 0006-00-03-015.000, $0 love and affection.
  • South Carolina Public Service Authority to Deborah Lynn Helmly, TMN 0385-11-02-004.000, $22,500.
  • Carolyn C. Overcash to Nikki L. Huggins, TMN 0152-08-01-012.000, $114,900.
  • Nathaniel D. Abraham and Tunisia A. Abraham to Michael E. Hutchins, TMS 0151-10-01-015, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Tamara W. Wood to William Dalton Etheridge, TMS 0245-00-04-032, Middle Township, $200,000.
  • Richard B. Crawford and Mary T. Crawford to Ibidum LLC TMN 0174-10-03-042, Orange Township, $156,500.
  • Rose Ann W. Leiner, nka Rose Ann Leiner, to Edgar L. Culler III and Martha E. Culler, TMS 0060-07-04-004, Town of North, $69,900.
  • C&D Properties LLC to Edisto Breeze of Lexington LLC, TMN 0173-13-09-002.000, $52,500.
  • Donna R. Nowak to Rebecca M. Wallace, TMN 0312-00-01-040, Providence Township, $10 in hand.
  • Stephen Wayne Robinette to William E. Vaden Jr., TMN 0307-00-02-013.000, Santee Township, $19,000.
  • Joe Hilliard, as trustee for Diandra Sondreater Hilliard, to Roscoe Davis, TMN 0308-00-06-037.000, $10 in hand.
  • Brenda D. Jamison to Emanuel Pough III, TMN 0113-13-04-011.000, Liberty Township, $10,000.
  • Jennifer Brooke Rast to Erin Paige Jarrell McGugan, TMS 0151-20-06-009, $5 love and affection.
  • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Cliffton Dekoto Tyler and Carlena D. Isaac, TMS 0053-00-03-010.000 and 0053-00-03-010.001, Willow Township, $53,637.70.
  • Rhemell G. Jones to Life in the Word Holiness Church, TMN 0102-20-07-008.000 and 0102-20-07-009.000, Town of Cope, $25,000.
  • Rose Hart and Richard Harley to Iris Davis, TMS 0066-00-02-064-000, $75,000.
  • Robin L. Kizer and William Lewis Haydt Jr. to Rachel Carpenter Cooper and Seth Daniel Cooper, TMN 0140-00-05-026.000 and 0140-00-05-025.000, Zion Township, $128,900.
  • Carl F. Dawson, as personal representative of the Estate of Robert Dawson Sr.; Robert Dawson Jr., Reginald Dawson, Brandon Dawson and Yolanda Bryan Russell to Dennis R. Stevenson, TMN 0182-10-05-002, Orange Township, $65,000.
  • Robert A. Smith and Stephen C. Smith to Kenneth Wyatt Hay and Natalie Jane Hay, TMS 0207-00-05-003, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • James M. Allen II to Ronald D. Bassett and Tara L. Bassett, TMS 0059-00-04-007.000 and 0059-00-04-006.000, Hebron Township, $4,000.
  • Travis A. Crosby and Ida Marie Crosby to Earl D. Miller, TMN 0111-00-15-071, Zion Township, $200,000.

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