Children across The T&D Region are thankful for everything from burgers and baby brothers to teachers and television this Thanksgiving.

The national holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. It’s also a time when many children are thanking God for the simple things in life.

Skyi Thomas, 3

Thomas is thankful for some of the basic staples of a Thanksgiving feast.

“Turkey and mashed potatoes,” she said. But that wasn’t all.

She also enjoys those who come over to share the meal with her.

“You eat with your family,” Thomas said.

Logan Mack, 4

Mack is a bit of a history buff when it comes to Thanksgiving, explaining how the Pilgrims sailed across the sea in a “big, big boat” called the Mayflower and enjoyed a feast once they got to America.

“I’m thankful for Indians,” along with friends and teachers, he said. Logan said it is not hard to figure out what you do at Thanksgiving time.

“You eat with your family. I like cereal and pancakes,” he said.

Sadie Smoak, 3

Smoak is thankful for an array of things during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I’m thankful for chicken and mashed potatoes and Indians,” she said.

Outside of eating, she said she enjoys playing during the holiday and spending time with her family.


“I love them,” she said.

Amari Davis, 5

Davis said he is thankful for the chance to “play with my games” during the holiday, but he’s also grateful for Indians.

He didn’t leave out his family and friends, though.

“I love them. They do their jobs,” which include caring for him, Davis said.

What would he like to see on his plate at Thanksgiving?

“Spaghetti and pizza,” Davis said.

Ethan Cain, 4

Cain immediately thought about his grandparents when expressing what he was thankful for.

“I am thankful for my family. I like my nanny and my granddaddy,” he said.

Come dinnertime, Cain plans on mixing his Thanksgiving dinner up a bit.

“I like chicken, rice, broccoli, carrots and fish,” he said.

Rhylen Douglas, 3

Douglas appreciates the education she receives year-round, including at Thanksgiving time. What is she thankful for during the holiday?

“I am thankful for my teachers,” she said.

Douglas is looking forward to dining on her favorite dinner items. What are they?

“Bread and cake,” she said.

Corey Raines, 3

Raines is grateful for the protection his mother provides him.

“I’m thankful for my mother because she takes care of me, and I don’t get lost from her,” he said.

Raines said he hopes his Thanksgiving meal will be an eclectic mix of his favorite items.

“Chicken, rice and hamburgers,” he said.

Paris Lambright, 3

Lambright is grateful for all the amenities provided in her home.

“I am thankful for my house. I watch TV,” she said, adding that she likes eating cereal at the dinner table about as much as she likes television.

Lambright said she plans on changing up her eating habits a bit to enjoy “broccoli and turkey” during Thanksgiving, though.

Raven Thompson

Thompson is a pet lover who said she is thankful “for my kitten.”

She didn’t stop there.

“I’m thankful for my mom and dad because I love them. I also have a brother, too. My daddy is silly, and my mommy is silly sometimes, and they have a cat named Hurricane,” Thompson said.

She is also grateful for the food she plans to eat on Thanksgiving. What does she like?

“Turkey and apples. Apples are yummy, yummy!” Thompson said.

Jordan Staten, 5

Staten says he likes doing the right thing, and he’s very grateful for that alone at Thanksgiving.

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“I am thankful for being kind. I’m kind by cleaning up. I am thankful for everything I do. I like doing things I’m supposed to do, like cleaning up for my mom. I’m grateful for doing good things,” he said.

His favorite Thanksgiving meal is pretty simple and straightforward.

“I like rice, bread and peas,” Staten said.

Kristen Saxon, 5

Saxon appreciates the warmth and love her loved ones bring. 

“I’m thankful for my cousins, friends and family that eat turkey with me. Sometimes they cook rice,” she said.

Saxon said she likes the familiar holiday staple of chicken, but added that she would also like to have some “pizza and gummi bears.”

Kayden Tyler, 5

Tyler is grateful for family and food during the holiday.

“I’m thankful for my family, my food and my friends. I like to play with my mommy and daddy,” he said, noting that he also likes to eat his favorite foods with them.

“I like to eat turkey and some cake and beans,” Tyler said.

Jillian West, 5

West is looking forward to spending time with a host of loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

“I’m thankful that I get to be with my family, friends and cousins,” she said.

What do they do together during the holiday?

“We eat turkey and sometimes we eat mashed potatoes and some strawberries, carrots and grapes,” West said.

Keller Dantzler, 6

Friends and family mean a lot to Dantzler, especially at Thanksgiving time.

“I’m thankful for my whole family and all of my friends. I like to play with them, tell stories with them and jump on my trampoline with them,” he said.

What else does Keller like to do?

“I like to eat. My dad cooks turkey. My nana cooks some good ‘ole brown rice,” he said.

Carson Gue, 5

Gue loves both her family and animals. She is thankful for all of them, including her pet.

“I’m thankful for my family and my dog, Sage,” she said.

Gue said she and her family are “going to the lake” for the holiday, where she plans to eat “pie, bread and turkey.”

Walker Kuck, 5

Kuck said his eyeglasses and his “whole family”are two things he is grateful for at Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for all kinds of things,” he said, including the somewhat healthy meal he plans to create on Thanksgiving Day. What does he want on his plate?

“Turkey, strawberries, cornbread and grapes,” Kuck said.

Abby Brown, 6

Brown said she is looking forward to “eating with my family” on Thanksgiving Day.

She said she enjoys spending time with them and likes to eat “chicken, steak and cupcakes.”

Brown also enjoys the conversations she has with her grandparents.

“I like going to the house and spending time talking to my granny and poppy,” she said.

Cloe Edgemon, 5

Her parents are what Edgemon is most thankful for at Thanksgiving. Why?

“When I play a game with them, they play with me. We also go to the park. My daddy pushes me very high on the swing,” she said.

Edgemon also put some thought into what she plans to eat during the holiday.

“Turkey and ham. I used to eat some sweet things like lollipops,” she said.

Luke Fanning, 5

Fanning is thankful for his baby brother, Jacob, and the rest of his loved ones.

“We just get all the people together to make one big family,” he said.

What will he be eating on Thanksgiving Day?

“Mashed potatoes, chicken, green beans, and that’s all. I can also watch TV. I like Garfield and Scooby Doo,” Fanning said, noting that his mother will also be cleaning the house to prepare for the holiday.

“My mom pretty much cleans the house to get ready for it. My baby brother and I play while she does it,” he said.

Jaylen McCauley, 6

McCauley said God was definitely going to be included in the list of things he’s grateful for at Thanksgiving time.

“I’m thankful for my family and God,” he said.

“God made the world so we can live in houses, and he made all the stuff that we like to eat," McCauley said. "He forgave us for our sins. God also made people and the grass you can walk and play on."

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