Downtown Orangeburg Market Pavlion

The downtown Orangeburg Market Pavlion is scheduled for completion in mid-January. The pavilion's estimated total cost is $900,000. About $150,000 has come from the city, $100,000 from the county, $250,000 from the state and $25,000 from grants. Other sources have included private donations and foundations. Additional grants will be sought.

DORA sticker shock

It was good to see the article in the newspaper on the completion of the Market Pavilion. The Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association has done a great job in supporting and improving the downtown area of Orangeburg. I support DORA’s work and the goals set in place. I have seen the completed pavilion and it is a nice addition for our downtown.

Downtown pavilion nearing completion; building ‘much more than a farmers market’

After reading the article in The T&D, I was shocked that the 6,000-square-foot facility cost $900,000. Hopefully, that is a misprint!

Within the last several years, I have built two buildings in Orangeburg. One building was 3,200 square feet, totally enclosed, insulated and 35% with climate control at a cost under $35,000.

The second building was 8,640 square feet totally enclosed and insulated at a cost of $90,000. What am I missing in the cost of the open pavilion with a small office and storage area?

Public funds, whether taxes, donations or grants, must be held to a higher standard of cost control and accountability.

Ozzie Fogle, Orangeburg

Duped on recycling

I utilize the Orangeburg County Convenience Site at 490 Glover St. When I take my items there, I have them all separated by type of material for recycling.

I notice, though, that the hard plastic container has cardboard, yard debris, furniture, etc. The only containers that seem to be true to their labels are the cardboard, newspaper and metal containers.

Of course, the metals go right next door to Sunshine Recycling and the county receives money for that. This leads me to wonder are the items that I'm taking to this convenience site truly being recycled?

I did some investigating and the Orangeburg County website encourages recycling. It even offers facts and statistics about why recycling is good. The practice at the county's convenience sites, however, seems to indicate otherwise.

I understand the state of South Carolina, as a whole, had some issues beginning in 2015 with where to take materials for recycling. I believe those issues have since been resolved.

Has Orangeburg County forgotten that those issues have been resolved? My perceptions could be off. It very well could be that these materials are being separated after the fact, but if this is the case, why label the bins to begin with?

I feel like I'm being duped into believing that I'm doing the noble thing by recycling when in reality all of my carefully separated items are all going to the same landfill.

Jen Prince, Cordova

Honoring teacher’s work

The hard work done in our schools and school districts to educate our children rarely receives the praise it deserves, despite the fact that many teachers and other school employees are worthy of recognition for the work that they do.

Recently, one such educator in our community was nominated for a national award as recognition for her leadership and positive influence. We should take pride in this because, although this is one individual who was nominated, it demonstrates the type of amazing things being done by educators for our students.

I encourage our community to support Valerie Burgess by visiting her profile at www.lifechangeroftheyear.com to leave a positive comment, note of thanks or congratulations.

This nomination is a great honor for Valerie and for our community. It shows how hard the people in our schools work to educate our children.

We often take this for granted; this nomination is an opportunity to recognize that hard work.

Hazel A. Rickenbacker

New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Project C.A.R.E.S. After School

Site Coordinator

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