Orangeburg native Jaime Harrison, associate chair of the Democratic National Committee, is the co-author of "Climbing the Hill: How to Build a Career in Politics and Make a Difference."

The book is being marketed as an “inspiring, nonpartisan guide that provides secrets and strategies needed to build a career in local politics or Congress while making a difference.”

Harrison, raised by his mother and grandparents in Orangeburg, discovered an unquenchable fascination with politics while watching the news on television every night and reading newspapers daily with his grandfather. At age 12, Harrison became enamored with the political scene while watching Jesse Jackson give a televised speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.

The 1994 graduate of Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School went on to earn degrees from Yale University and Georgetown University Law School. He then climbed the ranks of the Democratic party on Capitol Hill through a series of internships and career-defining moves that ultimately led to his candidacy for chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2017.

While Harrison served as an intern for Democratic Majority Whip Congressman Jim Clyburn, he met and connected with fellow intern Amos Snead, co-author of "Climbing the Hill," who was serving Republican House Majority Whip Roy Blunt.

"Climbing the Hill" details Harrison's and Snead’s climb from internship to leadership on Capitol Hill through anecdotes that tell the stories of two young people on opposite sides of the aisle sharing similar experiences.

“We believe that most people who work in politics regardless of party want to build a career and ultimately want to make a difference," Harrison said. "As public servants, we believe in putting partisanship aside to find ways to work together to address issues that matter most to the American people.”

In a recent interview, Harrison offered some advice to young people about making their mark on the world.

“Work hard and follow your passion. Follow your heart and your mind about what it is you’re doing because when you’re doing what you’re meant to do, you’ll do it well.”

"Climbing the Hill," a guide written to “empower anyone who feels the urge to improve this country with meaningful work,” was published by Ten Speed Press of Penguin Random House and released on Sept. 25.

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