Bryan K. Pugh


Bryan K. Pugh, the co-chair of the Green Party of South Carolina, has announced his candidacy for the Sixth Congressional District seat.

In a press release, Pugh said, "I vow to not accept corporate or PAC money. I will stand to remove such funding from the political system and bring fairness to elections so that our candidates will not be purchased. Instead, they will represent the people."

He said he is "disgusted by the current state of our government, currently being ruled by and for the corporations. This perpetuates poverty and slowly eliminates the middle class."

"With the elimination of environmental regulations and the complete disregard of science about climate change, we citizens must flip the House. We must replace the corporate-bought representatives with new, progressive leaders that desire to bring some sanity back into our government," Pugh said. "Alongside the several progressive candidates running this year, we can work together and bring massive, positive changes to our great nation, restoring life to our parks, eliminating toxins from our waters and providing superior healthcare to every citizen of America."

Pugh added, "I support single-payer healthcare, which has been proven to work across the world; it is time that America catches up."

He said he also supports "a living wage, and that dollar amount must be calculated depending on the area citizens live in. Anyone who works full time is entitled to make enough money to afford a decent living. Businesses which cannot afford to pay their employees a living wage do not deserve to be in operation."

In addition, Pugh said, "I desire to see our nation run 100 percent on renewable, clean energy. I wish to see our National Parks restored and protected and our beaches safe, not contaminated with oil leaked from the offshore platforms. Coal will never burn cleanly no matter how many times it is washed."

He also said he "will fight for equal rights and equity" for all.

Pugh earned a Bachelor of Science in physics with a focus in astronomy, from South Carolina State University. He currently works at S.C. State as a graduate student researcher and teacher while working to obtain a master's degree in secondary science education.

Pugh was previously employed as a deputy with the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office.

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