Elloree Town Hall (copy)

Elloree Town Hall

The mineral buildup problem in the Town of Elloree water system appears to be abating after the latest efforts in that direction.

Water Commission Chairwoman Jane Singh reported at the March town council meeting about a condition called tuberculation, which is the buildup of various sizes of reddish brown mounds of corrosion products inside iron pipes.

To correct the condition, new pipes will be inserted through existing lines, which is expected to open those line back up and eliminate the brownish color of the water coming out of pipes in the area.

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Also, Mayor Mike Fanning reported that work is being done on the stormwater drainage problem in the downtown area.

He reported that the South Carolina Department of Transportation will fix the collapsed piping, which measures 211 feet. The work is scheduled to be completed this week.

Also during the meeting, the mayor said Police Chief Shawn Murphree saved a woman’s life during the previous month by applying a tourniquet to her bleeding arm using zip ties and shoelaces. Doctors said his steps directly saved her life.

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