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BAMBERG – Bamberg County voters on Tuesday narrowly approved extending the capital-projects sales tax for infrastructure projects.

According to, 3,812 Bamberg County citizens voted in the $4.7 million county capital-projects referendum, with 1,962 or 51.47 percent voting in favor of extending the penny tax that has been in effect for seven years. A total of 1,850 or 48.53 percent voted no -- a difference of 112 votes.

Voter approval means the penny tax collected over the next seven years will go to fund 10 projects listed on Tuesday’s ballot. They range from a $3.8 million law enforcement, health and human service complex (Phase 1) to renovation of the old city hall and relocation of the police department in the City of Denmark.

Election results in Bamberg County and some other counties were delayed Tuesday night.

The North Bamberg Precinct, South Bamberg Precinct, Colston Precinct, Hunter’s Chapel Precinct, Kearse Precinct, West Denmark Precinct, Hightowers Mill Precinct, Edisto Precinct, East Denmark Precinct, Ehrhardt Precinct, Little Swamp Precinct, Olar Precinct and Govan Precinct reported their numbers by 9:15 p.m. Tuesday. But there were delays due to the usage of paper ballots. This was attributed to an error by the S.C. State Election Commission, not the local elections office.

Unofficial results were not available as of 1 a.m. Wednesday and were obtained at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

More than 49 percent of the county’s registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday. According to's unofficial results (official results will not be available until Friday), 4,593 of 9,282 voters in 13 districts participated in the election.

The county’s voters again in 2018 remained solidly in favor of Democrats in state and other races.

Governor and Lt. Governor

Democrat James Smith / Mandy Powers Nowell -- 64.23% 2,903

Republican Henry McMaster / Pamela Evette -- 35.73% 1,615

Secretary of State

Democrat Melvin T. Whittenburg -- 62.48% 2,808

Republican Mark Hammond -- 37.47% 1,684

State Treasurer

Democrat Rosalyn L Glenn -- 61.78% 2,784

Working Families Rosalyn Glenn -- 1.18% 53

Republican -- Curtis Loftis -- 36.06% 1,625

American -- Sarah Work -- .95% 43

Attorney General

Democrat Constance Anastopoulo -- 62.30% 2,801

Working Families Constance Anastopoulo -- 1.13% 51

Republican Alan Wilson -- 36.52% 1,642

Comptroller General

Republican Richard Eckstrom -- 97.89% 1,947

State Superintendent of Education

Republican Molly Mitchell Spearman -- 98.79% 1714

Commissioner of Agriculture

United Citizens Chris Nelums -- 16.59% 400

Green David Edmond -- 9.33% 225

Republican Hugh Weathers -- 73.33% 1,768

U.S. House District 6

Democrat James E. "Jim" Clyburn -- 64.75% 2,922

Green Bryan Pugh -- .95% 43

Republican Gerhard R. Gressmann -- 34.23% 1,545

Statewide Constitutional Amendment 1

Yes -- 41.79% 1,716

No -- 58.21% 2,390

State House of Representatives District 90

Democrat Justin Bamberg -- 97.72% 3,514

Unopposed races

There were unopposed seats for Bamberg County Council.

Sharon Hammond filed for re-election as a Democrat for the Bamberg County Council District 2 seat in March. Hammond won the seat in 2016 to fill the unexpired term of Alzena Robinson, who passed away in April of that year. She ran unopposed. She received 98.99 percent of the votes.

Democrat Larry Haynes ran for Bamberg County Council District 3 as a Democrat. He received 93.97 percent of the votes. 6.03 percent of the total votes were write-ins.

Evert Comer Jr. ran unopposed as well for Bamberg County Council District 6 as a Democrat. He received 98.59 percent of the votes.

Bamberg County auditor and treasurer were also on the ballot. Both were unopposed.

Rosa Robinson Verner ran as a Democrat for auditor. She received 89.57 percent of the votes. 10.43 percent of the total votes were write-ins.

Alice P. Johnson ran as a Democrat for treasurer. She received 99.04 percent of the votes.

There were three seats open for the Willow Swamp Conservation District with three candidates running unopposed: Doug Mixson Sr., Wesley Ulmer and Mark Williams.

Mixson received 25 percent of the votes, Ulmer received 25 percent and Williams received 50 percent. There were no write-ins.

The Town of Govan had a special election.

There were two seats open with two people running unopposed: Elizabeth Michelle Banks and Erone Edmonds.

Banks received 47.37 percent of the votes. Erone Edmonds received 52.53 percent of the votes.

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