Carolina Towing distributed boxes of frozen veggies on Nov. 18 and 19, following a truck accident.

Cameron's Carolina Towing has pulled people out of some difficult situations. The company was able to provide a different type of help recently.

During the weekend of Nov. 18, the towing company distributed 41,000 pounds of frozen vegetables.

"We fed a lot of families," Carolina Towing owner Lauren Coleman said.

On Nov. 16, the company responded to a tractor-trailer that turned over on its way to the Food Lion distribution center.

Because the boxes were damaged in the accident, Food Lion said Carolina Towing should dispose of the food products as it wished.

"I could not take all that food to the dump knowing there are families out there who need food, especially during Thanksgiving time," Coleman said.

Coleman said Carolina Towing rented a freezer for the weekend to store the food and decided to distribute the goods to churches and soup kitchens.

It did not take long before word of the food truck spread on social media. Pretty soon, it seemed like the entire town of Cameron was visiting Carolina Towing.

"We had over 300 cars come through here," Coleman said. Cars were backed up for miles on S.C. Highway 33.

"We got in a truck and handed out boxes of vegetables,” Coleman said. They included corn, green beans, peas, lima beans, mixed vegetables and carrots.

Coleman said her truck drivers also volunteered to help distribute food over the weekend.

Within two days, every single box of frozen vegetables was gone.

"We had this truck full of boxes from the front to the back," she said.

It is not the first time the company has helped feed the community.

"We had a spaghetti sauce truck flip over in the past," she said. "That went to Harvest Hope and churches around here."

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