Elloree Town Hall (copy)

Elloree Town Hall

ELLOREE – The recurring problem of dog droppings on sidewalks, walking trails and other inappropriate locations was a major topic of discussion at Elloree Town Council’s August meeting.

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John Rutter told council of his concerns that “dog droppings in front of my business and all along the business area” could put off potential customers.

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He said that people who allow their pets “to urinate on our flower beds” worsen the problem because other animals are naturally attracted to the smell and make their own contributions.

Councilwoman Sarah Ann Parler said the problem exists along the walking trail in Joe Miller Park.

“Personally, it’s very offensive to me,” Councilman Bill Brandenburg said. “It demonstrates a complete lack of responsibility by the dog owner.”

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Town officials are looking at a “carrot-and-stick” approach to the recurring problem.

The carrot: To encourage dog owners to “be a little more responsible” and voluntarily clean up after their pets. Mayor Mike Fanning announced that the town has paid $600 to purchase two collection facilities for dog droppings. They even dispense gloves and trash bags. One will be installed on each end of the downtown district.

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The stick: Brandenburg commented that it might be time for council to adopt an ordinance establishing penalties for dog owners who do not pick up their pet’s waste.

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