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Dr. Shawn Foster tidbits

Dr. Shawn Foster tidbits


A morning or night person?

"I am a night owl. I sent an email to my senior staff and it was a late email. Someone responded and I said just because I am a vampire that does not mean you have to be a vampire. I send late emails all the time. I get my best work done when everything is quiet."

Favorite food

"Ironically, it is strange potato salad. It has to be the right kind of potato salad. My grandmother's potato salad particularly."

Favorite TV show

"I am not ashamed. I watch HGTV all day, every day. 'Love it or List it,' 'Property Brothers,' it doesn't matter."

Favorite movie

"My family likes Marvel. Any of the 'Avenger' movies would be something we enjoy."

Favorite song

"There are ton of songs I enjoy. It is hard to narrow it down to one.

"That is a tough question to narrow it down to one. I can listen to rap, to country. It is about the beat, to be honest with you. I listen more to R&B and jazz."

Favorite sports team

"There is only one real NFL team and that is the Dallas Cowboys. Some people choose to watch other stuff."

Favorite book

"'What is Worth While' by Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay, the first woman to earn a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

"It is about life. It is about what is worthwhile and how do you see things. It was a speech delivered to other aspiring women in education back in 1853. It was very, very insightful."

The book talks about the importance of time and the importance of not taking time for granted.

"I enjoy leadership books. That is my favorite genre of book because it challenges you to reflect on yourself but also how you can engage to others."

Also, "'Monday Morning Leadership' by David Cottrell. I have always used that book when I went to a new school in an administrative role.

"I had my administrators read that in a book study. It has key components as to how I believe leadership and leaders should be."

Favorite place to visit

The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

"I have lived in North Carolina my whole entire life and I never went to the Outer Banks until last year. Just being there and having the calmness and seeing the value of time and nature. Seeing the wild horses brought over here. They still run the beaches. The lighthouse. It was something I never thought it would be."

Favorite person in ancient history

Jesus because he is Lord and savior.

Role model growing up

Grandfather Alexander.

"That man has done and been everything I hope to be. He is the reason why I am who I am alongside my mom and grandmother."

Where would you like to go to if you could travel back in time?


"As difficult as it was, it was good times. Now I have bills. I have responsibilities."

"Knowing what I know now, some of the things you worry about as child you don't worry about now. I would have taken the opportunity to live in that moment a little longer."

Biggest fear

"My biggest fear is that I am not able to help everybody that needs help. That someone falls between the cracks."

"My fear is that I am going to miss a child and that the child will live a life that they won't be able to maximize. You want to make sure everybody has that opportunity."

Biggest annoyance

Losing car keys.

"The symbol of your car keys is that it is access to a vehicle that can take you places. When you don't have that access, you can't go anywhere. It does symbolize that opportunity that here is the one thing that can get me to my next destination and I can't find it."

Favorite hobby

"I once thought my favorite hobby was work but now it is golf and watching sports: football."

Person who I would most like to meet

Oprah Winfrey and President Barack Obama.

"I think they can see things for what they really are and people for who they really are and keep a focus on a vision."

"I like people who are able to keep a vision on things, where the entire organization needs to go; that despite beliefs, religion and race that this is what can help everybody. When we help the least of us, then everybody is successful."


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