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A woman was arrested after her sister reported that she had punched her in the face.

Church damaged by weather, not vandals

On June 30, two deputies were dispatched to a residence in reference to an assault call. Upon arrival, the deputies met with the victim, who stated that her sister had come over earlier and started arguing with her and then hitting her. The victim said her sister had punched her in the face.

Woman says suspect cut her with knife

While one deputy interviewed the victim and her brother, who had witnessed part of the incident, the other deputy went to interview the suspect. The brother stated that he had been in his room when he heard the commotion, went into the living room and saw his sisters fighting. He said he saw the suspect assaulting the victim, got in between them and told the suspect to go home. The deputy had both the victim and her brother give written statements about the assault. The victim refused medical treatment but wanted to press charges against her sister.

The other deputy was informed that the victim wanted charges filed against the suspect. The suspect was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery and transported to Bamberg County Detention Center. Bodycam video was attached to the report.

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Woman reports harassment by alleged abuser

Then on July 3, the victim called the responding deputy via phone and said she had made a doctor’s appointment for July 5 due to her jaw hurting, her cheekbone protruding, and she had been suffering with migraines since the incident. She also reported that she has suffered some hearing loss in her left ear.

In other reports:

• A deputy was dispatched to a local church July 2 in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, he spoke with the complainant who stated that someone had broken into the church and stole two musical instrument amplifiers. The complainant also stated that when he arrived at the church, he noticed the rear door slightly ajar. He then said that upon entering the church, he noticed the amplifier by the keyboard was missing. As he checked other areas of the church, he discovered that another amplifier, which was stored inside a locked closet, was also missing. The complainant stated that no one had been in the church since June 25, and both amplifiers were there at that time.

Upon entering the church, the officer observed where both amplifiers had been located. He was also able to lift a fingerprint from the outside of the back door and placed it into evidence for analysis. The officer advised the complainant to contact the sheriff’s office if he was able to obtain the paperwork on the amplifiers and wanted to request property checks for the church.

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• On June 27, a deputy was dispatched to a location in reference to a disorderly male. Upon arrival on the scene, the hospital staff stated the subject was brought into their facility by ambulance for chest pains. After the doctor checked the subject, he was released and told him to exit the building. However, the subject began cursing at the staff, and after leaving, he attempted to re-enter the facility.

The subject was arrested for disorderly conduct, transported to jail and given a court date.

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