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A woman and her aunt reported that a man accused of domestic violence against the woman was trespassing and harassing the victim.

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Bamberg county units responded on June 3 to an incident of trespassing. Upon arrival, a deputy spoke with the victim’s aunt who stated her niece was staying with her because she is a victim of domestic violence in Barnwell County and that she did not want the offender coming to her residence. When the victim stated her alleged abuser’s name, the deputy knew who he was due to a previous domestic violence case she worked.

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The victim’s aunt stated that the suspect had not trespassed on her property, but he had parked down the road and had his small son walk to her house in the dark. He had his son try to get her niece to go outside to talk with him, but the aunt did not allow that to happen. While talking with the victim, the deputy noticed her having a black eye. The victim told the deputy that the suspect had stomped on her.

The deputy informed the victim and her aunt that they would issue a no trespass against the subject, but it would have to be served on him. A trespass form was completed and is now waiting to see if it will or can be served in Barnwell. The niece was also advised to get a restraining order against the subject.

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In other reports:

• Units were dispatched on June 1 to a residence in reference to stolen money. Upon arrival, the complainant stated that the suspect took her money and walked away and that she had threatened the suspect. A deputy advised the victim that if she continued to threaten the suspect, she would be charged. The suspect was charged with larceny.

• A deputy was dispatched to a county residence on June 1 in reference to a broken car window. The victim told the deputy that his girlfriend’s son told him and his girlfriend that someone had sped out of the yard. When the victim looked outside, he saw that the driver’s window of his vehicle had been broken out.

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When the victim investigated, he discovered that money he had in his cup holder had been taken. He stated that he had no clue who it could have been. Information was gathered and a report was taken.

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