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A woman was arrested by deputies for burglary and breaking and entering after allegedly kicking in a man’s front door.

At 2:20 a.m. on May 12, a deputy responded to a report of breaking and entering call. When the deputy arrived on the scene, she was met by the property owner, who said that a female subject had been to his residence against a no-trespassing order. He also informed the deputy that the subject had kicked his door four times, with the door opening on the fourth kick. The victim stated that he and the woman then struggled, and then she left. The deputy took the man’s statement, and the deputy’s bodycam recorded the investigation.

On May 13, another deputy spoke to a witness who stated that she saw the suspect park her vehicle on a side road and walk into the victim’s yard. The witness also stated that she saw the suspect walk up to the victim’s residence, kick the door in and then go inside. A few minutes later, she saw the suspect leave.

Then on May 14, a deputy observed the suspect entering a local convenience store. Knowing that the suspect was wanted on a warrant stemming from the May 12 incident, the deputy took the suspect into custody with the assistance of two Bamberg city officers.

The suspect was transported without incident to Bamberg County Detention Center and charged with burglary/breaking and entering.

In other business

• At 8:44 p.m. on May 8, a deputy responded to an assault call. When the deputy arrived, the alleged victim said that she had been assaulted by her daughter-in-law. The victim stated that at one point during the assault, the subject had a knife in her hand. The victim told the deputy that her son and daughter-in-law left the premises and went to her parents’ house in Orangeburg. The victim refused medical attention.

The deputy advised the victim that a report would be completed and that her bodycam was on and recording throughout the investigation. A charge of simple assault was filed against the suspect.

• At 10:59 a.m. on May 1, county dispatch received a call about a subject trespassing and causing a disturbance. Multiple deputies and Bamberg city police officers responded due to the knowledge that the subject was wanted in reference to several forgery warrants out of the city in addition to a warrant failure to stop for blue lights.

While deputies were in route, information was received that the subject had left the area and was now parked at a corner location. A few moments later, a deputy located the suspect and said the subject was running. A small perimeter was set up, but the subject was not located.

Bamberg’s police chief then ran the VIN of the vehicle the subject was driving and discovered that the car had been reported stolen out of South Congaree.

Later in the day, all available officers went to several residences in the area looking for the suspect. When an officer was searching one of the locations, the suspect was found hiding in a building at the back of the property.

After a brief struggle, the suspect was taken into custody. During the struggle, the officer suffered a broken bone above an ankle.

In a related incident on May 3, a deputy approached an intersection where another vehicle driven by suspect was reported to have possibly broken down. The officer pulled up next to the vehicle and asked if everything was all well. The suspect reportedly looked up and realized it was law enforcement. The suspect jumped up and took off running. The officer pursued the subject, but to no avail.

Charges of stolen property offenses and resisting arrest have been filed against the suspect.

• At 5:30 p.m. on April 25, county units were dispatched to the location of a woman refusing to leave her son’s residence when asked. As the deputy was arriving to the scene, he saw the woman in the street. She was visibly upset and stated that her son no longer loved her. The woman’s son said that because the woman left, he did not want to press any trespassing charges.

The deputy left the scene, located the woman and informed her to not return to her son’s house any more that night.

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