Woman allegedly bit Job Corps staffer

Woman allegedly bit Job Corps staffer

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A woman allegedly bit a Bamberg Job Corps staff member who was trying to calm her after an altercation with the woman’s boyfriend.

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On the evening of Sept. 15, units were dispatched to Bamberg Job Corps regarding to a male and female fighting on campus. Upon arrival, an officer observed a Job Corps staff member holding and trying to calm down a female student who was screaming and trying to get loose, along with an unknown male holding her also.

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The staff members informed the officers that the female student acting out of control was the female portion of the call. The officers removed the student from the area in an attempt to calm her down. They walked her over to a bench to take her out of view of the other students watching the commotion. Once she sat and calmed down, she stated that she and her boyfriend had got into a verbal altercation, and she had thrown her phone during the incident. The officer in charge asked her partner to sit with the female subject while she went to speak with staff members to inquire about the male student’s location.

While the officer spoke with three staff members, they confirmed the statement the subject gave the officers about the altercation. The staff members had also advised the officer that the young man that had been holding her arm when they arrived was the male subject. The staff members also said that when they tried to calm her down, she began to act belligerent and out of control, cursing at them. At one point during the incident, the female subject bit one of the female staff members on her arm. The staff member showed the officer the bite mark. However, the skin was not broken. A male staff member stated that the female subject had kicked him in his groin twice and was slapping him during the incident.

Due to the female subject being 19 years of age and assaulting two staff members, she was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery. The officer contacted a deputy who has a cage in his vehicle to come out and transport the subject to jail. The subject did begin to scream and try to pull away when she was told she was under arrest and the handcuffs were placed on her. However, she was transported to jail without any further incident.

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In other reports:

• In an unrelated incident on Sept. 15, an officer was dispatched to the 3-Way Food Mart regarding a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the subject inside the store using profanity and being loud and boisterous. The officer attempted to calm her down due to the fact she had her daughter with her, but she continued to scream and shout at store personnel using profanity.

The subject stated that the store clerks appeared to be accusing her daughter of stealing, and she was upset. After numerous attempts to calm the subject down, she made an aggressive move toward clerks and patrons. She was then placed under arrest for public disorderly conduct. Some of the subject’s friends took custody of her daughter, and she was then transported to jail.

• Bamberg units were dispatched to an apartment complex on the afternoon of Sept. 15. Upon arrival on the scene, the complainant pointed toward the breezeway of the apartments. When officers entered the breezeway, a black male was sitting outside an apartment in a chair, rolling a blunt. One officer took the blunt and found it had .4 grams of marijuana in it. The subject was placed under arrest. A bag containing 4.8 grams marijuana was next to the chair the subject had been sitting on. The other officer collected the bag. There was also a metal cup with some beer in it. The subject was placed in the rear of the patrol car.

The officers went back to the apartment to find out if the subject had permission to be there. A male subject answered the door with a DVD case in his hand, which had .5 grams marijuana in it. That subject was issued a ticket for simple possession of marijuana. The first subject was then transported to Bamberg County Detention Center and issued a ticket for simple possession of marijuana. Both subjects have an October court date.

• Bamberg units were dispatched to the 3-Way Food Mart for a possible fight on the morning of Sept. 16. An officer spoke with a male victim who stated a male subject had slapped him in the back of the head when he was trying to enter the store.

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Confirmation of the subject slapping the victim in the back of the head was made when the officers viewed the store’s security footage. The subject was arrested for third-degree assault and battery and transported to jail.


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