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An upstate driver was charged with loitering and driving under suspension, and his passenger was arrested on multiple drug charges.

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Bamberg city and county units were at a local convenience store on June 3 in reference to two men loitering inside and outside the business. A city officer ran the vehicle’s tag information, which came back belonging to a woman in the upstate. Another city officer ran the driver’s information, which came back with a suspended license.

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When the officers made contact with the vehicle’s passenger, he appeared to be trying to hide something. A deputy asked the passenger to step outside of the vehicle since he was observed reaching towards an unknown area of the vehicle. The subject reportedly became argumentative and did not comply when asked to stand next to the vehicle. Three officers had to subdue the subject to handcuff him. Once cuffed a body search found a bag containing various narcotics, a knife and other items.

Once the two subjects were securely cuffed, searched and placed in the rear of patrol cars, the officers conducted a search of the vehicle. They had the vehicle picked up, cleared the scene and transported both subjects to Bamberg County Detention Center. The driver was charged with loitering and driving under suspension, first offense. The passenger was charged and a hold placed on him for the various narcotics found on his person.

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In other reports:

• An officer on patrol on June 2 noticed a vehicle traveling with its high-beam headlights on as it approached the main intersection. The officer gave a courtesy flash of his high beams to see if the driver would notice, which he did not. The officer turned around and initiated a traffic stop. The officer informed the driver and passenger the reason for the stop, and asked the driver for his license and vehicle information.

Once the assisting officer approached the passenger side of the vehicle, the initiating officer asked if anyone had smoked anything inside the vehicle due to him being able to smell the odor of marijuana. The driver admitted to having a piece of a blunt and consented to a vehicle search. During the search of the driver’s person, the initiating officer noticed the assisting officer handcuffing the passenger. When both subjects were secured, a vehicle search was then conducted while the assisting officer called in the serial number on the firearm he had found on the passenger’s person.

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An on-scene test was performed on the piece of blunt found on the driver. The marijuana content in the blunt was minute, so the driver was issued a warning for failure to dim and released. The firearm results came back clear. However, the passenger was taken to the detention center and booked. He was charged with unlawful carry of a handgun.

• On May 30, an officer on patrol noticed a vehicle displaying an altered temporary tag. The officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the driver for his license and vehicle information. The driver was not able to produce any of the requested information.

The officer called dispatch with the driver’s name and date of birth the driver provided, and it was discovered his license was suspended. Once the driver was cuffed and secured in the back of the patrol car, the officer made contact with the vehicle’s passenger. The passenger admitted the tag was one he had had in the trunk of the vehicle. However, the VIN number on the vehicle was registered to someone other than the two subjects. Dispatch advised the officer of the registered vehicle’s true tag number.

The driver was transported to the detention center and charged with driving under suspension, second offense

• An officer patrolling on May 29 noticed a vehicle that failed to dim its headlights. The officer turned around and ran the Texas tag through dispatch and initiated a traffic stop. The passenger lit a cigarette at the beginning of the traffic stop. The driver was only able to produce a vehicle registration when the officer asked for his license and vehicle information.

When the officer and assisting officers ran both the driver and passenger’s information, they both came back clear. When the passenger put his cigarette out, the assisting deputy detected the smell of marijuana. The officers advised both occupants to step outside of the vehicle in order to perform a vehicle search. The passenger advised the assisting officer of a handgun in his backpack. When the handgun was located, it was discovered the serial number had been filed off. The passenger stated that a friend of his had given it to him, and that he had intended to toss it in the river.

The passenger was then handcuffed and placed inside the back of a patrol car. At this point, the passenger informed the officers that he wanted a lawyer. An officer advised the subject that he was under arrest for unlawful carry, possession of a firearm with an altered serial number and possession of a stolen firearm.

During the search of the vehicle, a green leafy substance and drug paraphernalia were discovered. The driver was arrested for the green leafy substance and drug paraphernalia. Both subjects were transported to the detention center and booked.

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• An officer was dispatched on May 29 to Job Corps in reference to a fight. Upon the arrival, the complainant told the officer that he had both the suspect and victim in his office due to a fight over a cellphone that the suspect had broken earlier that day. It was reported that the suspect had swung at and hit the victim and her sister with a chair, which the complainant had witnessed.

The subject was arrested, transported to the detention center without incident and charged with two counts of third-degree assault and battery.

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