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A man was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension after a traffic stop.

On April 4, an officer on patrol observed a vehicle turn east onto the street the officer was traveling west on. The officer noticed that the vehicle did not have any tail lights on at the time and turned around to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle then turned onto another street where the officer followed to conduct a traffic stop.

The officer approached the vehicle after calling in the information into dispatch and informed the driver who he was. The driver stated that he did not have a license and that it was suspended. The officer then asked the passenger if she had a license, and she said yes. Upon completion of running the driver’s information, the driver was placed under arrest for driving under suspension.

While an officer conducted a search of the driver’s person, the officer found scales with marijuana residue in the driver’s right front pocket. When the officer asked the subject if he had anything on him that they needed to know about, the subject stated that he had a bag of marijuana in his sock. The officer located the bag.

The subject was arrested for simple possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and first-offense driving under suspension.

In other reports:

• On April 5, officers were dispatched to a location in reference to a trespasser. Upon arrival, an officer was told by the victim that the subject came into her yard swearing at her and threatening her fiancé. The officer made contact with the subject, who was next door at his mother’s residence and was swearing at her. The subject came onto the sidewalk, and one officer spoke with the victim while the other spoke to the subject.

After confirming the victim’s story with her fiancé, the officer looked at the shoe impressions and was able to match them with the impressions on the victim’s property. The other officer informed him that he had placed the subject on trespass notice on March 30.

The subject was then handcuffed, searched, arrested and transported to Bamberg County Detention Center, where he was charged with trespass after warning. While at the jail, the subject allegedly called the arresting officer an obscenity and threatened him, stating that he knew where the officer lived.

• On April 7, a vehicle traveling east faster than the posted speed limit passed an officer traveling west. The officer’s radar confirmed the subject’s speed was 11 mph over the speed limit. The officer turned around and notified dispatch of his location and the vehicle’s information. The officer conducted a traffic stop, informing the subject who he was and the reason for the traffic stop.

As the officer was talking to the driver, he noticed a faint odor of marijuana. When asked if he had any marijuana in the vehicle, the driver stated that he only had two small roaches and gave the officer permission to search his vehicle, which the vehicle search confirmed. Upon investigation, confirmation was obtained that the driver’s license had been suspended along with the vehicle tag for cancellation of insurance.

The driver was transported to the detention center and charged with first-offense driving under suspension, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and driving with an expired license tag.

• On April 7, officers were dispatched to Job Corps’ security booth in reference to employees there holding a subject in possession of drugs. Upon arrival, the officers spoke with an employee who led them to the security booth.

A security officer identified herself as being the one who recovered the marijuana and showed the officers a green leafy substance on the counter in a small plastic bag as well as a “blunt” rolled with a green leafy substance inside. The security officer said she recovered the marijuana after a room inspection, and it was found in a cup that she always observes the subject drinking from.

The subject was then arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana.

• On April 7, units were dispatched to a residence in reference to a subject breaking windows out of a home and trying to fight people inside the home. The officers arrived to find the subject sitting on the front porch and the other people next door. One officer went next door while the other officer went to talk with the subject.

The subject admitted that he had gotten upset to the point of wanting to kill someone and that he broke out windows located on the left side of the front of the home. He also admitted that he was in a fight with another individual, but officers were unable to locate the alleged victim.

Due to the victim’s unavailability, the subject was only charged with malicious injury to public property and was handcuffed and transported to the detention center.

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