The following property thefts were reported around The T&D Region:

  • 9/9/19 – Moore Road, Orangeburg: A 16-foot Carry On cargo trailer and the following items were stolen: a GE glass top stainless steel range stove, a wicker patio couch and two chairs, potted plants, two orange outdoor extension cords, an 8-foot aluminum Carry On ladder, a Black and Decker pole saw, a Black and Decker leaf blower, a shovel, a hoe rake, a pitchfork, two rakes, a gray set of electric hedge trimmers and a green set of electric hedge trimmers. The value of the items is $6,550.
  • 9/6/19 – Good Farm Road, Holly Hill: Someone stole 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel valued at $4,013.
  • 9/6/19 – Lake Marion Lane, Vance: a Direct Express disability debit card was stolen. Someone spent $1,088.
  • 9/6/19 – St. Matthews Road, Orangeburg: Sullens Street, Orangeburg: The following items were stolen: $385 in cash, a wallet, driver’s license, pink cell phone with a Dallas Cowboys case and debit card. The value of the items is $1,200.
  • 9/6/19 – Redmond Mill Road, North: Someone stole a 2005 gray Murano valued at $5,300.
  • 9/6/19 – Eaglewood Road, Cope: A 32-inch television, camera, pocketbooks, jewelry stored in baby food jars, a film projector, hand tools, clothes, a wristwatch and sunglasses were stolen. The items are valued at $2,000.
  • 9/6/19 – Ellis Avenue, Orangeburg: Someone stole a 2000 Ford Explorer valued at $5,000.
  • 9/4/19 – Glover Street, Orangeburg: A 1998 dark blue Buick Regal was stolen. It is valued at $1,500.
  • 9/3/19 – Broughton Street, Orangeburg: Someone stole the following firearms: 10 Smith & Wesson, two Sig Sauers, one Mossberg, one Canik and one FNH. The value of the stolen firearms is $5,325.
  • 9/3/19 – Carver School Road, Cordova: The following items were stolen: a 52-inch flatscreen television, two jewelry boxes, a camera, a karaoke machine, a PlayStation and two rifles. The value of the stolen items is $10,360.
  • 9/3/19 – Hilltop Circle, Orangeburg: Someone stole a John Deere riding lawnmower valued at $2,000.
  • 9/3/19 – Bochette Boulevard, Orangeburg: A laptop computer was stolen. It is valued at $1,200

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