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A St. Matthews woman was charged with shoplifting after she allegedly stole candy and treats valued at $18.

Mail taken in Elloree

On Jan. 3, the manager of the St. Matthews Dollar General store reported that a St. Matthews woman had taken several items without paying for them.

Rash of break-ins reported in Calhoun County

The items were M&M Sharing Size with caramel, a straw for a child, Lucky Charms Treats, Reese’s Puffs Treats and two bags of Hershey Kisses with almonds.

The woman was charged with shoplifting and placed on trespass notice.

In other reports:

• On Jan. 5, a St. Matthews woman reported that her son had taken a bicycle without permission. The man was contacted and advised to return the bicycle.

Police told the woman that if her son didn’t return the bicycle, he would be charged with larceny.

Strong arm robbery in St. Matthews nets $5

Calhoun County

Sheriff’s Office

• On Jan. 1, an Elloree man reported that someone had entered his home while he was in his shop and had taken debit and credit cards from his wallet. He said he had canceled the cards.

• On Jan. 4, a Cameron woman reported that the back door of her home had been kicked in and her black Onn television was taken from the wall.

The television was valued at $400.

• On Dec. 26, a St. Matthews man reported that someone had kicked in his front door and had taken two black flatscreen televisions and a jewelry box with unknown contents. The loss was valued at $1,225.

• On Dec. 24, a Lexington man reported that his Polaris Ranger was stolen from a hunt club in Swansea.

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The vehicle was valued at $17,000.

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