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Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office

The Sonic restaurant on North Road is missing $1,041. An employee says he transferred it via money card after getting a call from someone claiming to be from the corporate office, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

The store’s manager called deputies on Wednesday morning to report the missing money.

He told deputies that when he checked the store’s security footage, he noticed a specific employee open the safe, pull out a stack of money, place a piece of paper over it and then walk out of the store.

On Wednesday, a deputy spoke with the employee in question.

The employee initially told the deputy that he didn’t know anything about the incident. After the deputy advised him of some of the allegations, the employee said he was familiar with the incident, the report said.

The employee told the deputy that he received a phone call from someone claiming to be “Tom Smith” from Sonic’s corporate office in Oklahoma.

He said “Tom Smith” requested that he count the money in the drawers at the store, take the money out of the safe and then send it to him via a Walgreens/CVS green-dot, pre-paid money card.

He also said that “Tom Smith” told him that sending the money was “extremely urgent” and “job-related.”

He then went to Walmart and purchased the money cards, loaded $1,041 on them and sent the numbers on the money cards to “Tom Smith,” the report said.

He also said that he no longer had the receipt from purchasing the money cards because he threw them away.

A magistrate will review the case.

In an unrelated report, an Elloree man reported that someone stole a 2014 Honda Accord from his Licorice Lane home while he was at a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday morning.

A neighbor said she saw it parked at the home about 10 minutes before his return from the doctor’s office.

The black Accord, with a tan interior and tinted windows, is valued at $12,000.

The front of the vehicle bears a decorative plate that reads “Black Diamond.”

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

A Berry Street man returned home at 12:05 a.m. Wednesday to discover someone kicked open a rear door of his home and stole several items.

The stolen items include: $200 in assorted hats, three 32-inch Emerson TVs, two Sony PlayStation4 gaming consoles, four Sony Playstation4 game controllers, a Dell laptop computer and three pairs of Jordans sneakers.

The value of the stolen items is $1,000.


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