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An Orangeburg County man and his teen stepson said a dispute over electronics got physical, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

When deputies arrived at the residence on Wednesday, they saw the stepson holding a butcher knife, the report said. He laid the knife aside once officers arrived.

The stepfather said his stepson has refused to return his cellphone.

He said he and the teen’s mother disciplined his stepson by forcing him sleep outside on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday afternoon, he gave his stepson the option to return the cellphone or sleep outside again.

At one point, the stepson allegedly pushed his stepfather to the floor and when he got back on his feet, the pair began struggling.

During the altercation, “bedroom furniture was knocked over and items were broken,” the report states.

The stepson allegedly picked up a wood bokken, which the stepfather described as a Ninja sword used for training, and struck the stepfather with it.

The stepfather showed deputies his swollen left hand which he said was the result of his stepson striking him with the bokken, the report said.

The stepfather said he took the bokken from his stepson. That’s when his stepson allegedly went into the kitchen, retrieved the butcher knife and “came at him with it.”

The stepfather said that’s when he backed off and called law enforcement.

He also noted that his stepson has not been taking medications and “grown more aggressive with family members recently,” the report states.

The stepson said his stepfather accused him of taking a cellphone.

At first, the teen said he didn’t take the cellphone. However, he later admitted to law enforcement that he did take the cellphone so that he could communicate with his friends, the report said.

He accused his stepfather of taking his laptop computer and striking him in his head.

The teen said he picked up the bokken as his stepfather advanced towards him, the report states.

He alleged that his stepfather then retrieved a “power extension pole” and struck him with it, which resulted in small lacerations and bruising on his left forearm.

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He then went to his bedroom where his stepfather followed him, he said.

While in his bedroom, the stepfather allegedly hit his stepson again with his laptop computer.

Then the two began to fight and wrestle on the floor.

The stepson said during that fight, his stepfather struck him with a hairbrush in the back of his head several times, the report said.

The stepson said that he managed to get away and retrieved a butcher knife from the kitchen.

He told deputies that he didn’t attack his stepfather with the butcher knife, but that he only used it for defense to keep his stepfather away until law enforcement arrived, the incident report states.

EMS arrived at the scene to assess the teen’s minor injuries.

The teen’s mother told deputies that her son has some emotional and mental issues “that have been intensifying family conflict in the residence lately,” the report states.

She also told deputies that she and the stepfather gave her son the option to return the cellphone or remain outside for the night.

She alleged that the teen, “constantly steals and lies to them about items in the residence.”

A deputy told her that “making a child sleep outside is not a proper disciplining practice.”

She told deputies it won’t happen again.

EMS transported the teen to the Regional Medical Center where they placed him on a psychiatric hold because of his suicidal statements, the report says.

In an unrelated incident, an Orangeburg man reported being robbed by acquaintances on Wednesday afternoon.

He said the acquaintances drove him to an ATM to retrieve $20 for them.

One of them struck him with an unknown object, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

The man “saw stars” and couldn’t recall what happened next.

The acquaintances returned the man to his home, the report said. He began asking for help and realized he no longer had his wallet, which contained his identification and $300 in cash.

A witness told deputies that she heard loud music and a commotion behind the residence and then the man came to her home asking for help.

She told deputies that a brown vehicle came from behind the residence.

EMS transported the man to the Regional Medical Center.

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