Olar woman victim of identity theft

Olar woman victim of identity theft

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Bamberg County

Sheriff’s Office

An Olar woman was a victim of identity theft as a result of a scam phone call.

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On the afternoon of Sept. 2, Bamberg County dispatch received a call in reference to a scam call. Upon a deputy’s arrival, he made contact with the complainant. The complainant said that his mother had been a victim of a scam phone call.

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The deputy then spoke with the victim, who said that she had received a call from a male who said he needed her entire Social Security number or the FBI would be after her. As soon as she gave the caller her Social Security number, he hung up. Once she realized it was a scam, she went to her son’s home to inform him. A report for identity theft was made by the deputy.

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In other reports:

• Deputies arrived at a Spider Road residence on the morning of Sept. 2 in reference to a disturbance. They met with the resident, who stated that a woman came to her house and started beating on her door. She said the woman looked high and her teeth were messed up. The deputies looked around but saw no one, got the caller’s information and left the scene.

Approximately 30-45 minutes later, the complainant called the sheriff’s office and said that the woman was back. The deputies returned to the residence, looked around for a few minutes and a white female came walking out of the bushes. She said that she was just trying to get a ride to her home in Barnwell.

The deputy explained to the subject that once someone tells you to leave their property and you don’t, it is against the law. The subject was then arrested for trespassing after notice. The incident was captured on the deputy’s body camera.

• Deputies responded to a Catawba Court residence in reference to a boat vandalism report. Upon arrival on Sept. 2, deputies met with a male complainant who stated he noticed some holes in his boat when he returned home from an outing the day before.

The victim said that he had been having issues with an ex-girlfriend in the past, but he couldn’t be sure if she was the one who damaged his boat. The boat was dusted for prints, and a report for vandalism was taken.

• On the morning of Aug. 31, a deputy responded to an Olar residence in regarding a possible vehicle break-in. The victim told the responding deputy that when she and her family returned home from being away for the day, she noticed a door handle on her car was broken. The victim said that a similar incident had occurred several weeks prior, but she did not report it because she thought that maybe one of her children had broken it by accident.

However, due to the incident occurring again, she believed someone was trying to get into her vehicle. She also said that during each incident, there were several vehicles in the yard, but her vehicle is the only one that was damaged.

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While examining the door handle, the deputy noticed the appearance of several prints. The deputy dusted the prints and sent them to the S.C. Law Enforcement Division. The victim informed the deputy that she had not touched the door handle and would go into the sheriff’s office to have her fingerprints taken for elimination comparison. The victim also told the deputy that when she had to get the other door handle fixed, it had cost her $350.

Video was taken, a report for damage/destruction/vandalism of property was made and fingerprints were taken for evidence.


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