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A man on a rooftop who said he was looking for a place to sleep was arrested for breaking the window of a building.

Family dispute leads to man's arrest

Officers were dispatched on the night of Aug. 10 in reference to a caller stating he saw a man on the roof of one of the downtown buildings and said the man broke out a window. Upon officers’ arrival, the caller stated that he could see the subject, and he was still on the roof.

Arrested man threatens to kill officer

After the officers shined their flashlights towards the top of and inside the building, a male subject came out of the broken window and came down to speak with the officers. When one officer asked the subject why he broke the window, the subject said he would take care of it.

The officer again asked the subject why he broke the window. The subject said he was trying to go somewhere to sleep. The officer then asked the subject why did he go to that building and break a window when he was able to make entry into another building. The subject told the officers that that building was cool and had air conditioning.

The subject did not appear to show intent to steal anything. The owner of the business was called out to the scene to make sure no damage was done to his property during the incident. The owner checked and found everything to be clear.

The subject was arrested for malicious injury to real property.

Report: Beer run turns into carjacking

In other reports:

• Officers watching traffic noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The radar confirmed the vehicle was traveling at 59 mph. The officers initiated a traffic stop, and one officer asked the female driver for her driver’s license. The subject told the officer that she did not have her driver’s license in her possession, but did have a S.C. ID in her wallet.

When the officer ran her information through dispatch, it came back that her license was suspended. The officer then checked her driving record and found that she had a previous driving under suspension charge that posted last November.

The woman was arrested for second offense driving under suspension and transported to the Bamberg County Detention Center.

Bamberg County

Sheriff’s Office

• On the morning of Aug. 10, a deputy was dispatched to a residence on Heritage Highway in reference to a “side-by-side” recreational vehicle being stolen. The victim told the responding officer that he had left the vehicle in front of his mother’s home. The complainant stated that he left it behind the trailer the night before so he could load it up that morning.

The victim then said that around 3:30 a.m., there had been a bright light outside the front of the house, but the children had not seen anything when they looked out. The victim said that when he got up to get ready to go, he noticed the vehicle was missing, along with the trailer that was attached to his truck. Pictures were taken, information gathered, a report made and an alert was issued.

• On Aug. 14, an Orange Grove Road woman told a responding deputy that she had gone out into her yard and discovered that her golf cart was missing from under the shed at the rear of her property. The victim said that the cart had been under the shed the previous afternoon because she had seen it when she arrived home from a short trip away from home.

The victim told the officer that there was no key in it, but the charger was sitting in the rear of the cart. The victim described the cart as off-white in color with oversized tires, chrome rims, a three-inch lift kit and a Costa logo on the windshield. The cart was entered into the National Crime Information Center database.

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