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Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office

On Sept. 23, a Bamberg man and his mother reported harassment/stalking/threats that had been made against them by the man’s ex-girlfriend.

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The relationship between the man and the subject ended in November 2018. The man said he began receiving texts from the subject that she had seen on Facebook regarding his new relationship back in July. The texts included his known whereabouts, various threats and different occasions of her watching him.

Olar woman victim of identity theft

The subject began texting the man’s mother on Sept. 10, stating she got her phone number off the internet. The subject tried to pretend she was someone else, said she was pregnant with the man’s child, she wanted him back and that he owed her money. She also stated to the man’s mother that she was going to come to their house.

All harassment and threats were made through text messaging from nine different numbers. A report has been made, and screenshots of the text conversations were added to the report. Harassment/threats/stalking charges have been filed against the subject.

In other reports:

• A deputy was dispatched to a Starling Court residence in reference to a breaking and entering call on Sept. 17. When the deputy arrived, the victim stated that he believed someone had broken into his house the day before.

He told the deputy that when he got home the previous day, he noticed the tape was messed up around his window unit air conditioner in his bedroom, but he had not thought much about it. Then when he was getting ready for work that morning, he noticed the safe that was under his bed was missing. The contents of the safe included a 9mm pistol and its serial number, marriage license and some other documents.

There were no signs of forced entry into the residence. The victim said that all the doors and windows were locked and secured when he got home, and no other parts of the house were disturbed. A report of burglary/breaking and entering was made, and there is nothing further at this time.

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• On Sept. 16, a woman reported that her camper had been stolen. The victim said she met with a male subject on Sept. 2 to sell him a 1990 Layton Funtime camper. The subject had told the victim that he could not sign the contract due to a cramp in his hand and had a woman he said was his wife sign his name.

The contract was for the subject to pay the victim $500 on Sept. 14, followed by a second payment of $500 on Sept. 20. The subject was then supposed to give the victim a Sonoma pickup truck as a balance of $1,800. If the subject did not deliver the truck within 30 days of the contract, he would owe the victim $1,800. The victim said the camper is white with beige stripes and is 35 feet in length.

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A charge of larceny has been filed against the subject, and the investigation continues.

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