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A man was charged with multiple offenses after leading Bamberg police on a chase in a stolen vehicle.

An officer noticed a vehicle on Feb. 22 that fit the description of one that had just been stolen from Denmark. The officer ran the tag through dispatch, and it was confirmed that it was the vehicle in question. When the driver noticed the police officer, he left the gas station, leaving his passenger standing in the parking lot.

Police pursued the vehicle, which finally came to a stop at the old elementary school, and the driver fled on foot. Multiple county and city units were called in to assist. One of the assisting officers searched the vehicle and found a loaded handgun in the front driver’s side floor board. Two officers located an individual who fit the suspect’s description and detained him. However, it was confirmed that individual was not the subject who fled the vehicle and was released.

The suspect was spotted by another officer on the back side of the school building. The suspect was arrested and taken to Bamberg County Detention Center was held while both Bamberg and Denmark police departments obtained arrest warrants.

Charges include failure to stop for blue lights, driving under suspension, possession of a stolen vehicle and a weapons charge.

• An employee of the Bamberg Council on Aging reported on Feb. 11 that there was a vehicle in the agency’s parking lot, and she requested that an officer check it out. When the officer ran a check on the vehicle and tag, the tag information came back to another vehicle. Both the vehicle’s VIN number and tag came back clear, so the officer had the vehicle towed.

• An officer noticed a vehicle traveling with a paper tag on Feb. 17. Due to traffic, the car got away, so the officer called another officer for backup. The second officer noticed the vehicle at a local gas station and spotted the male subject who had been driving the vehicle and another male subject near the vehicle. After noticing the officer, the driver entered the business for an extended period of time. The officer later spoke with an employee of the business and confirmed that the driver had called someone to pick him up. The officer ran the vehicle’s information and noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The officer then called for a K-9 unit to come out and the dog indicated the presence of drugs in the vehicle.

On the following day, an officer notified the reporting officer from the previous day that the vehicle that was left at the gas station was no longer there. Security footage from the business showed that the driver from the previous day brought another subject to retrieve the vehicle at 1:30 p.m. After reviewing the video and running the second subject’s driving record, a warrant for DUS 3rd was obtained.

• While an officer was observing traffic on Feb. 18, he noticed a vehicle with an expired tag. The officer initiated a traffic stop, and the driver was unable to produce a valid driver’s license, registration or proof of insurance. The driver was placed under arrest for no valid driver’s license and transported to Bamberg County Detention Center without incident.

• An officer was dispatched on Feb. 25 to a report of shots fired. When the officer arrived on scene, he found a male subject outside the residence who was shouting at his mother and uncle standing at the doorway of the home. The subject in the yard was shouting profanities at his uncle. According to the officer’s report, the subject was intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.

While the officer was attempting to gather information, the subject continued using profanity and kept interrupting the officer. The officer placed the subject in handcuffs while waiting for backup to arrive. According to the officer’s report, the subject had tried to force his way onto the porch to get at his uncle. As police attempted to place the subject in the police cruiser, both the officer and his backup had to utilize pressure points on the suspect’s arm to get him inside the vehicle. Upon arrival at the jail, the subject had to be escorted inside using joint locks due to his noncompliance.

The subject was charged with breach of peace and failure to comply.

• Bamberg units were sent out to Job Corps on Feb. 25 on a report of a student having marijuana. The Job Corps security officer stated that he had found the suspected marijuana in the suspect’s belongings and the suspect had admitted to possession. The suspect was handcuffed, arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana.

• On Feb. 25, two officers noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed headed on U.S. Highway 301. Both their radar units confirmed the vehicle’s speed. The officers initiated a traffic stop. As an officer approached the vehicle, he noticed a strong odor of marijuana.

When the officer requested the driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance, the subject said he did not have his license on him but did provide the registration and proof of insurance. The subject admitted to possessing a blunt. The subject was asked to step out of the vehicle. An officer frisked him, placed him in handcuffs and placed him in the rear of one of the police cars.

The vehicle’s passenger was asked to step out of the vehicle and was frisked for any possible weapons. After running the driver’s information, police discovered that his license had been suspended and the insurance had been canceled. The officer then ran the passenger’s information and was able to release the vehicle to her and advised her of the driver’s situation. A search of the vehicle found marijuana.

The driver was arrested and charged with driving under suspension and simple possession of marijuana.

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