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A man stopped with a half-empty liquor bottle in his vehicle was arrested for reckless driving and open container.

On Aug. 15, units were dispatched for a possible drunk driver coming into Bamberg from Denmark on Highway 78. Dispatch advised officers that the caller stated the vehicle had run off the road twice and had gone into oncoming traffic, almost causing a collision. The caller then advised dispatch that the vehicle pulled into the first gas station entering Bamberg and had gone into the store.

One officer parked his patrol car on the side of the gas station where he could visibly see the vehicle. A white male exited the store, tripping on his way out and then got into the driver’s seat of the pickup truck. The officer turned on his in-car camera, got behind the vehicle and ran the vehicle’s tag number.

The driver turned on his turn signal to possibly turn onto Highway 301 S. The vehicle slowly moved to the sidewalk, and the driver jerked the wheel right before hitting the curb. The officer then initiated a traffic stop. The officer ran the driver’s information through dispatch. The officer could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver. The subject was slurring his words and having trouble finding his registration.

The officer observed a half empty bottle of liquor in the center of the dash right under the radio. The subject admitted to “having a few” when the officer asked if he had been drinking. The officer then asked the subject to exit his vehicle in order to run field sobriety tests, and he complied. The officer read the subject his rights, and he wanted to continue. After failing the field sobriety tests, the subject was placed under arrest, handcuffed, transported and booked into jail without incident.

The subject was charged with reckless driving and open container, and the half-empty bottle of liquor was placed into evidence.

In other reports:

• Officers were dispatched to the Bamberg Villa Apartments on the night of Aug. 17 in response to a call of shots fired. Dispatch advised that the caller, the resident manager for the apartments, stated that he heard a gunshot come from what sounded like the back side of the apartment complex.

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Upon officers’ arrival on the scene, an officer observed a young black male wearing a gray jacket and gray shorts, whom she recognized, come out of the wooded area behind the apartment complex and go into the back corner apartment. The officer checked one area and did not see anyone. As she was turning to check another area, another officer came into the apartment complex and asked her about a subject wearing a gray jacket and a gray shorts. She advised him that she had seen that subject come from behind the complex, and to go check with him if he had any knowledge in reference to the shots fired call.

While standing out with the subject, the identity of the subject was verified. As the other officer checked him for weapons, the resident manager went over to them and advised them that the subject was on his list as a person who is trespassing and not allowed in the apartment complex. The officer checking the subject found what appeared to be a green leafy substance in a little clear plastic baggy on his person.

The subject was placed under arrest for simple possession of marijuana and trespassing after notice, and then transported to jail.

• On Aug. 17 right before midnight, an officer noticed a pickup truck with one tag light hanging and the other not working. The officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the male driver for his information. After running the subject’s information through dispatch, the subject’s driver’s license came back as suspended. The subject was then arrested, transported to jail, charged with driving under suspension and given a warning for the tag light.

• While officers were out at a crime scene on Aug. 16, officers noticed a subject appearing to try to enter the crime scene. Officers told the subject to back away, and he began cursing and saying he could look at the crime scene. This incident occurred in the presence of numerous residents and small children.

Officers went to place the subject under arrest and he started cursing more, and this was captured on the arresting officer’s body camera. The subject was arrested for disorderly conduct, sections A and B, handcuffed and transported to jail.

• An officer was patrolling the Ness Park area on the night of Aug. 14 and noticed a car turn into the park to use the road as a pass through. The officer then initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle to make contact with and advise the driver that the road is closed to through traffic and that the park had closed at 11 p.m.

The driver did not have her driver’s license nor the vehicle registration. The subject’s license came back as being suspended when run through dispatch. A DMV check confirmed that she had a prior driving under suspension charge in May of 2015.

The officer then placed the subject under arrest. The subject’s son was allowed to take possession of the vehicle once the validity of his license was confirmed. The subject was then transported to jail, given a written warning for driving through the park and charged with driving under suspension.

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