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A Bamberg man was arrested for attempted murder after he allegedly shot another man, severing the victim’s thumb.

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Officers were dispatched to a Red Raider Drive residence shortly after midnight on Aug. 30 in reference to a female calling stating that her boyfriend had been shot in the finger and needed EMS. Upon an officer’s arrival on the scene, a white male came out and told the officer, “Please help my friend, he’s been shot.”

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When the officer entered the residence, he saw a white female sitting on the couch holding a towel on a male victim’s shoulder. The officer took over holding pressure on the victim’s shoulder, and began talking with him. The victim appeared very weak, pale, and was complaining about the pain. He told the officer that he had been shot in the thumb and upper left part of his left shoulder.

The officer contacted dispatch and asked for a first responder due to the responding EMS unit coming out of Denmark. The first responder was able to see that the victim’s thumb had been completely shot off. The responder wrapped the victim’s hand, and then the EMS unit arrived. While the victim was being moved to the stretcher, a piece of shrapnel fell from under him onto the floor. The officer also noticed a clear glass mason jar that was underneath him that appeared to have a green leafy substance in it. The officer then looked underneath the couch to see if the victim’s blood had seeped down onto the floor, and he saw a glass pipe next to a lighter. Both items were collected and transported to the landing zone at the old hospital to be airlifted to Prisma Health Richland Hospital.

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The officer asked both the male and female what had occurred. They both stated that they were all watching TV and a man came into the residence, shot the victim and took off. They said that it had happened so fast that they did not see who it was or even the color of the person. They said it happened so fast that they didn’t see anything.

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The county units that accompanied the ambulance to the landing pad contacted the officer and said that they needed him at the landing pad immediately. The officer arrived and got into the truck with the victim, who told him that the male subject at the house was the one who shot him. The officer advised the deputies what the victim had told him, and then returned to the scene as quickly as possible.

When the officer arrived back at the residence, he knocked on the door and the male subject answered it. The officer asked him to step outside, handcuffed him, told him he was being detained and had a deputy place him in the rear of the deputy’s vehicle. The female stuck to her story when asked again what happened, but admitted the male subject was the one who shot the victim when the officer told her that the victim had told him what had happened. The deputy transported the subject to jail without incident.

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At this time, another officer was contacted by a male who stated he was a witness to what had occurred. His statement matched the victim’s statement. The witness gave a written statement. Evidence was collected, reports made and statements taken.

The subject was arrested for aggravated assault/attempted murder, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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