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A man was arrested for DUI in Bamberg after a concerned citizen reported the suspect driving erratically.

On March 30, two officers were dispatched for a report of a suspected drunk driver heading into town. Dispatch advised the officers that a caller was following a vehicle from Orangeburg County on Highway 301 headed toward Bamberg County. The caller stated that the vehicle wrecked near the Cope vocational center and took out a stop sign.

One of the Bamberg officers advised dispatch to contact S.C. Highway Patrol and Orangeburg County to see if they had an officer in the area. Dispatch said that the caller advised them that the vehicle got back on the road and was still headed toward Bamberg.

The two Bamberg officers then set up near the entrance into Bamberg and watched the vehicle come into the city limits with the caller still following the vehicle. One officer got behind the vehicle that matched the caller’s description, with the other officer right behind him.

Once the officers were behind the suspect’s vehicle, the driver began to slow down and then turned into a restaurant parking lot. At this point, the officer activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop.

When the officer reached the suspect’s vehicle, he immediately smelled a strong odor of alcohol. The officer requested the suspect’s driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The officer also noticed the driver slurring some of his words. The officer then administered multiple field sobriety tests, which the driver complied to.

With the driver failing the tests, the officer arrested him for DUI and reckless driving.

In other reports:

• An officer was dispatched to Bamberg Job Corp on March 27 in reference to a student having marijuana. Upon arrival, the officer saw a student sitting in an office with the person who works in that office. The officer was handed a small zip-lock bag which contained a green leafy substance appearing to be marijuana by the employee.

The officer then asked the suspect some questions, performed a search of his person, and then arrested him for simple possession of marijuana and transported him to Bamberg County Detention Center.

Bamberg units were dispatched on March 30 to a location for a report of larceny from a vehicle. Upon arrival, the officers found a woman in the parking lot. The woman told officers her keys had been in her car, which was unlocked, and she gave them a list of items that had been stolen, which included her work badge and a handgun.

During the investigation of the incident, the officers located a bag that contained all of the victim’s stolen property. A suspect was located and arrested for theft from a vehicle and receiving stolen goods.

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