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A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after a disagreement with his sister.

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Deputies were dispatched on May 27 to a residence in reference to a male being drunk and harassing his sister. Upon a deputy’s arrival, another officer was explaining to both parties that they could not make someone leave their own property. The male subject stated that when he returned home, he could not get inside due to the doors being locked, so he began banging on the doors and windows. The victim stated she would not open the door due to him being intoxicated and yelling.

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While deputies were explaining that they both had the right to be inside, the subject stated he was going inside to sleep and walked away. When he entered the residence, he stated that he was going to lock his sister out and proceeded to open and close the door several times, Deputies walked onto the porch in an attempt to prevent the subject from locking the door. The subject attempted to close the door again, and a deputy prevented that action.

The subject began yelling and then lunged at the deputy. The subject was then arrested for disorderly conduct.

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In other reports:

• A deputy was dispatched on May 13 in reference to some stolen tires and rims. Upon the deputy’s arrival, the victim stated that earlier that same weekm she had been having an issue with her tires and had them and the rims taken off her car. She then stated that on this date and time, she went to retrieve her tires and rims to get the issues fixed and they were gone. She also stated that she has no idea who could have taken them. Information was gathered and a report was taken.

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• On May 25, a deputy spoke to a woman who said her digital camera had been stolen and told him who she believed had stolen it. She also told the deputy that a female told her that the male suspect was down at her place trying to sell a camera.

The deputy then went to a residence where the victim stated the subject would be. The subject stated that he had not been to the victim’s residence in days, so that he could not have stolen it. The deputy then went to the address of the female reported to have said the subject had tried to sell a camera. This female denied making those statements. The deputy then called the victim back and relayed the statement made by that female. The deputy gathered all information and filed a report.

• Units responded on May 26 to a location in response to an argument. On arrival, a male stated that his ex-girlfriend had dropped their children off at his uncle’s house, and he was returning them to her at her mother’s house. He then stated that he and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument, and she took his keys out of his car and gave them to her brother, who then threw the keys into the woods. Multiple people had attempted to find the keys but were not successful.

The female denied being present when the incident occurred. The female’s brother did not admit to throwing the keys. However, someone pointed in the direction the keys were thrown. The keys were not found, but after a long while, the victim was able to get a spare key from the party from whom he purchased his vehicle. A charge of all other larceny/petit larceny was filed. Also, the victim had a no trespassing notice placed on him by the home owner.

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