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Officers arrested a man after a report of a fight at Bamberg Job Corps on March 6.

Upon the officers’ arrival at the area next to the guard shack, staff yelled at the officers to get the person climbing the fence approximately 75 yards away. One of the officers apprehended the male individual and placed him under arrest.

The subject became argumentative and combative towards one of the officers and had even threatened to spit on the officer. Once the subject was placed in the back of the patrol car, the officers completed their questioning of the staff and a student involved in the altercation. One staff member stated that the subject had assaulted her by hitting her with a chair, but she declined outside medical attention.

The subject arrested was charged with third-degree assault and battery, disorderly conduct and breach of peace.

In an unrelated incident officers were dispatched on March 8 to a local business in reference to an intoxicated subject. The officers located the subject lying on the ground between two businesses.

Officers detected an alcoholic beverage odor about the subject who was unable to stand on his own. EMS was called to the scene and cleared the subject, who refused treatment.

Bamberg County Detention Center refused to take the subject because he has a black eye, although they were advised that the injury occurred three days prior from a previous incident that had been reported on March 5. The subject was then taken for medical observation and given clearance to be taken back to jail.

The subject was charged with disorderly conduct.

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