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A man was arrested after allegedly kicking in his ex-girlfriend’s door.

Smoaks woman arrested on multiple charges

On April 27, an officer was dispatched in reference to someone kicking in a door at an apartment. Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim stated that her ex-boyfriend came to her apartment, kicked her door in, came up the stairs and then left. Photos were taken and evidence was collected.

Report: Intruder hid from cops under bedclothes

Then on May 24, the officer was notified by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office that they had contact with the above suspect and confirmed his warrants. The suspect was then taken into custody and transported to the Orangeburg County Detention Center. The Bamberg officer went and retrieved the suspect on May 25, transported him to the Bamberg County Detention Center and charged him with burglary/breaking and entering and malicious injury to real property.

In other reports:

• On May 23, officers were dispatched to a local business in reference to a male subject shoplifting. When the officers arrived, a store manager had the video surveillance pulled up and ready for the officers to watch. The video confirmed the allegations toward the suspect. The other store manager gave the officers a description of the vehicle the suspect left in.

Bamberg woman charged with assaulting man

A short time later, the suspect went back to the business to make a purchase but was denied due to not having his ID with him. It was at that point that the employees recognized him and called the officers to come back to the store. Although the subject had left again, the manager had gotten the license tag number from the vehicle the suspect left in.

The officers located the suspect parked and inside the vehicle. The stolen item was seen hanging out of his pocket even though he claimed to have not been at that business. The suspect’s uncle was in the vehicle with him, but when asked, he stated that his nephew had been in that business.

The officer then left to go get the manager of the business while his partner stayed with the suspect. The manager made a positive ID.

The suspect was arrested, the evidence was bagged and then the subject was transported to the detention center and charged with shoplifting.

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• On May 26, an officer on patrol noticed a vehicle traveling with no rear lights. He initiated a traffic stop, and the driver gave him his license and the paperwork for the vehicle since he had just purchased it. Upon running the driver’s information, it was discovered that his license had been suspended. The driver was then arrested, transported to the detention center, and charged with driving under suspension and given a warning for the tail lights.

• On May 26, an officer on patrol observed a vehicle sitting at a stop sign. It was the only vehicle there and had sat there for long time. When the driver finally crossed over the main highway, he appeared to have accelerated quickly away. The officer then pursued the vehicle.

After the suspect made a few turns onto other streets and also drove on the wrong side of a street, the officer initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle failed to stop and continued driving for approximately another half mile. Once finally stopped, the officer approached the male subject driving the vehicle. Another officer then arrived on the scene to provide assistance. The officer suspected that the suspect was intoxicated, so he asked the driver if he had been drinking, to which he replied, “Yes.”

The officer then had the driver perform a series of sobriety tests, which he all failed and demonstrated a high level of impairment with each one. The officer had noticed a large bottle of an alcoholic beverage in the driver’s side floorboard. He seized it, noticing that it had only about one quarter of the liquid remaining and placed it on the hood of his patrol vehicle to capture it on his in car camera for evidence.

The subject was then arrested, placed inside the assisting officer’s patrol car and taken to the detention center for Data Master testing and housing. The subject agreed to submit a breath sample for testing and was advised of his implied consent right. Once completed, the subject was charged with first-offense driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration and open container.

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